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    Zoroastrian Theocracy

    Zoroastrian Theocracy (ZoroTheo) is an Authunity.png authoritarian, Trad.png culturally right-wing ideology that is predominantly Zoroastrian and is ruled by a Zoroastrian leader. Unlike most theocracies, in which conversion is mandatory, they didn't want to force it on their inhabitants. Zoroastrian Theocracy went on to greatly influence the JewTheo.pngChristy.pngMuslim 2.png Abrahamic Theocracies, starting with JewTheo.png Jewish Theocracy, who he is proud to call a homie.


    It all started during the rise of the Achaemenid Empire. The Achaemenid Empire's main religion is Zoroastrianism and were founded by Cyrus the Great. Cyrus the Great didn't want to force it on his citizens, which is one of the only theocracies that doesn’t have compulsory conversion.

    After the fall of the Achaemenid and Alexandrian Empires, the Greco-Persian Seleucid Empire was formed, followed by the Sasanian Dynasty, the last Zoroastrian Empire.

    Zoroastrian Theocracy continued to become the main ideology of all Iranian empires before the rapid expansion of Islam took over the areas of Zoroastrianism. Iranian empires after the collapse of the Three Caliphates are Shia.png Shia Theocracies. Zoroastrianism is still practiced today, but the religion is no longer common.


    Zoroastrianism believes that the world is in a constant struggle between the good god Ahura Mazda and the Evil spirit Angrya Mainyu and it is the duty of Humans to do good and thereby help Ahura Mazda to defeat Angrya Mainyu.

    Personality and Behaviour

    He loves Queen and especially Freddie Mercury.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Zoroastrian Theocracy
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw a vertical tri-color in red, yellow and blue.
    3. Draw 2 blue 7-point stars on each side in the middle.
    4. Draw a white Faravahar in the middle.
    5. Draw a white hat (optional)
    6. Add the eyes, and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Dark Red #A90303 169, 3, 3
    Yellow #FED206 254, 210, 6
    Blue #003897 0, 56, 151
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255



    • Unimon.png Universal Monarchism - "I am Cyrus, King of the World, Great King, Mighty King, King of Babylon, King of Sumer and Akkad, King of the Four Quarters, the son of Cambyses, King of Anšan, grandson of Cyrus, descendant of Teispes, of an eternal line of kingship, whose rule Bêl and Nabu love, whose kingship they desire for their hearts' pleasure."
    • Imp.png Imperialism - "I am Cyrus who won the Persians their empire."
    • JewTheo.png Jewish Theocracy - Once, two beliefs can co-inside in one rule.
    • Monarch.png Monarchism - We have once ruled the world together.
    • Multicult.png Multiculturalism - I may be an imperialist, but I also recognize the value of diversity and treating every group equally as long as they pay their taxes.


    • Christy.png Christian Theocracy - You may have stolen our land, but not enough to call you a heretic.
    • Cball-Byzantine.png Byzantine Model - We were enemies but I still remember when we signed the treaty of Eternal Peace together...
    • Shia.png Shia Theocracy - Some of your traditions are similar to mine, but you're still related to Muslim 2.png him.
    • Pahlavi.png Pahlavism - The Celebration of the 2,500th Anniversary of the Founding of the Persian Empire was pretty based, ngl. But why did you teach children in school that the Zoroastrian clergy caused military defeats against the Arab invaders?


    Further Information




    Portraits and Artwork


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