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    Xenofeminism (Xenofem or XF) is an economically and culturally far-left, civically neutral ideology, or arguably–political platform. She's extremely progressive, using technology as a way to destroy unjust hierarchies. She defends that a feminist must be both gender and race abolitionist where the concept of man and woman must disappear to make room for any sexual and personal plurality that every human being on the face of this world choose to have according to your personality and particular needs.


    Xenofeminism was created by the Laboria Cuboniks, a group of anonymous writers that use the same name. She criticized the moderation of liberal feminism, and the localism of modern anarchist movements.

    Foundations and Beliefs

    She argues that the only way that women can truly be equal, is by destroying all hierarchies. Because of that she is both gender and race abolitionist, seeing both of them as tools used by society for oppression of minorities. She is also anarchist, seeing capitalism as the biggest creator of unjust hierarchies, by putting class against each other.

    To achieve its goals, Xenofem wants to alienate technology, so it can be used to fight against oppressive institutions.

    Personality and Behaviour

    How to Draw

    Flag of Xenofeminism
    1. Draw a ball,
    2. Fill it with pink,
    3. Draw, in yellow, an 'X' just above the centre,
    4. Coming down from the intersection of the 'X', draw a yellow upside-down cross,
    5. Add two eyes, and you're done!
    6. (Optional) Add a bow, coloured dark pink, green, and blue in rows.
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Pink #FF42FF 255, 66, 255
    Yellow #FFD900 255, 217, 0
    Dark Pink #FF07A4 255, 7, 164
    Green #00E100 0, 225, 0
    Blue #0046FF 0, 70, 255



    • Soul.png Soulism - Let's destroy the laws of physics together!
    • Cyberfem.png CyberFeminism - Fellow tech-enthusiast that will use devices to help destroy gender.


    • Post-an.png Post-Anarchism - You are very intelligent, but you are too much melancholic to really help. You seem to like Postfem.png Post-Feminism too much.
    • Fem.png Feminism - You support equal rights for women, but lack the correct method and technology to be effective. Be more like Cyberfem.png her and we can be friends.


    • Cap.png Capitalism - I don't need to overwrite reality to get rid of you.
    • Mansphere.png Manosphere - Do I need to explain my hatred for you?

    Further Information




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