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    Utopian Socialism clipped to UtSoc is an umbrella term for any type of Soc-h.png socialism which rejects Ormarxf.png Marx's concept of ScientificSoc.png 'scientific socialism' and material dialectic. Utopian Socialism isn't necessarily 'utopian' in the common sense, (although it oftentimes can be), and may involve a varying degree of pessimism about the nature of humanity. Saint-Simonianism.png Henri de Saint-Simon, CharlesFourier.png Charles Fourier, Marketsoc.png Robert Owen, and Proudhon.png Pierre-Joseph Proudhon are examples of socialist theorists who were regarded by Marx and Engels as Utopian Socialists.


    BourgConSoc.png Bourgeois Socialism

    Bourgeois socialism or conservative socialism was a term used by Ormarxf.png Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in various pieces, including in The Communist Manifesto. Conservative socialism was used as a rebuke by Marx for certain strains of socialism, but it has also been used by proponents of such a system. Bourgeois socialists are described as those that advocate for preserving the existing society using various means to only eliminate perceived evils of the system. Conservative socialism and SocRight.png right wing socialism are also used as a descriptor, and in some cases as a pejorative, by Libcon.png free-market conservative and Libertarian Capitalism.png right-libertarian movements and politicians to describe more Regulationism.png economically interventionist strands of conservatism. The Marxist view is such that the bourgeois socialist is the sustainer of the current state of bourgeois class relations. In the Principles of Communism Engels describes them as "so-called socialists" who only seek to remove the evils inherent in capitalist society while maintaining the existing society often relying on methods such as Welf.png welfare systems and grandiose claims of Left Reformism.png social reform.  Opinions vary as to whether if bourgeois socialist is actively protecting or intentionally excusing the current order, but the common thread is that they are in objective fact preserving it. Rather than Abolitionism.png abolishing class divisions, they wish to simply raise everyone up to be a member of the bourgeoisie to allow everyone the ability to endlessly accumulate capital without a working class. In The Communist Manifesto, Marx and Engels use philanthropists, monks ("temperance fanatics") and reformers as examples of this type of socialist that they saw as opposed to their own aims. In expressing its views on the subject, Marx explicitly referenced Mutalist.png Pierre-Joseph Proudhon's The Philosophy of Poverty, stating the following about bourgeois socialism:

    The Socialistic bourgeois want all the advantages of modern social conditions without the struggles and dangers necessarily resulting therefrom.

    Bourgeois socialists are considered as Lumpenproletariat.png working for the enemies of communists by preserving the society that communists seek to overthrow thus Engels claims that communists must continuously struggle against them.

    Utopianism2.png Utopianism (Thomas More)


    Fourier.png Fourierism



    Utopian Socialism usually does not analyse any ways of getting to her goals, or achieving them. Instead, she imagines her idea of a perfect society, usually based on some sense of morality or justice.


    Acts like a hippie. Loves the Beatles, especially John Lennon. Very peaceful and hates conflict.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Utopian Socialism
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    2. Color it red
    3. Draw a yellow circle in the centre
    4. Slightly off the circumference of the circle, draw 8 yellow wide triangles pointing outward, making the rays of a sun
    5. Add the eyes and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Red #ED1F29 237, 31, 41
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    Further Information




    1. William Godwin was an early Socialist and a Proto-Communist, with his thought largely influenced by Socialism writings of Robert Owen and Charles Fourier.




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