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    Howdy partner! I'm a Brazilian egoist, big fan of queer militancy and stuff

    My Political Journey

    Apolit.png ---> Laicism.png ---> LiberSocDemA.png ---> Leftpop-0.png ---> Trot.png ---> Libsoc.png ---> AnSynd.png ---> Egocom.png

    Apolit.png Apolitical times

    No one is born political, i was no different, and for like a relatively long time i was just completely apolitical and just cared about gaming and stuff.

    Laicism.png Skeptic anti-religion phase

    My first step into politics however, came alongside my loss of faith, raised catholic i began gradually losing my faith and completely became an atheist by the time i found the skeptic side of youtube, that came alongside politics too, and i became generally anti-religion although never fully believing in state atheism, from here i also developed a preference for materialism as well as a dislike for authoritarian system and a strong belief in free speech.

    LiberSocDemA.png Libertarian yet leftist phase

    Continuing along that thought of free speech and anti-authoritarianism i began really identifying with libertarian politics although more in the civil sense not the market sense, as i remained very pro social welfare and against the privatisation of needed resources like healthcare or education, this was also my anti-sjw phase, although i wasn't very right-wing i still saw feminists as silly and non-binary people as not real, that however was mostly due to being uneducated on the subject as i still held that generally feminists ideals should be upheld, that LGBTQ people deserve rights and such, although that progressivism came from a want for the state to not intervene in people's business as opposed to coming from a belief in liberationism which would be the position i would hold in the future.

    Leftpop-0.png Anti-Capitalist non-socialist phase

    From there i would eventually start disliking capitalism and viewing it as an unfair and authoritarian system that should be opposed, although i still believe it could only be reformed as it is the most viable system even if it sucks, my anti-authoritarianism would develop into a strong anti-elitism and a very favorable view of populism also i became more progressive as i got more educated on progressive issues, although still holding some spooks from my anti-sjw phase.

    Trot.png First Communist Thoughts

    Internet radicalisation would lead me eventually to holding communist position and embracing revolutionarism, although i was never a ML i did develop a favorable view of Cuba and other socialist movements, i was mostly just a democratic communist that believed that communism must be democratic for it to really help the people, i was still strongly anti-authoritarian although i did believe that a revolutionary state should be establish which should transition into communism.

    Libsoc.png Not quite there yet

    I eventually realised that State socialists will not bring the most good possible and that they tend to be quite authoritarian, so i started reading and discussing other stuff which eventually led me to become a very close to anarchist libertarian socialist though i didn't really have much knowledge of anarchist theory so i didn't believe an anarchist society could actually work, also i started to care way more about individualism, which is a thing that i already did but kinda dropped it a little bit during my communist phase.

    AnSynd.png Full Radicalisation

    With the pandemic i became much more actively involved in discussing politics and it became an interest of mine and with that i also ended up discovering Vaush and Noam Chomsky which led me to adopting Anarcho Syndicalism, that coupled with me exploring my sexuality and gender made me change my view on progressivism from "as long as its not hurting anymore" to "We should for the liberation of all oppressed people's against the patriarchy/heteronormative society" other things went into but that essentially got me to being very radically progressive, as well very much a marxist, i started hanging out in anarchist communities and generally just felt like that was the logical conclusion of my ethic system and phylosophy.

    Egocom.png Io as they are now

    I really always kinda held egoist views in a certain way, my philosophical stance on life and my ethic system were already pretty similar to egoistic beliefs, i just hadn't heard of the ideology yet so i couldn't really orient myself, but eventually while hanging around anarchist circles i discovered Egoism, very much agreed a lot with it and that led me to adopt it as my ideology, some more theory and drifting away from marxists later and its full on egoism time


    Theory i've read front to back

    Theory i'm reading

    Theory i plan to read


    Feel free to recommend below any theory you think i should read, though please do it in this format:

    Political Tests

    DVEquality.png Equality 80.6% / 19.4% Property DVProperty.png (Socialist)

    DVCoordination.png Coordination 54.9% / 45.1% Commerce DVCommerce.png (Intervening)

    DVDominion.png Dominion 19.4% / 80.6% Anarchy DVAnarchy.png (Decentral)

    DVPermission.png Permission 83.3% / 16.7% Restriction DVRestriction.png (Tolerant)

    DVInclusivity.png Inclusivity 86.8% / 13.2% Supremacy DVSupremacy.png (Inclusive)

    DVHeritage.png Heritage 16.7% / 83.3% Novelty DVNovelty.png (Progressive)

    Closest match: Libsoc.png Left-Libertarianism - Minsocf.png Left-Minarchism - Egocom.png Ego-Communism

    Federal.png Federal 55% / 45% Unitary Unitary.png (Neutral)

    Democr.png Democracy 95% / 5% Authority Authority.png (Fanatic Democratic)

    World.png Globalist 93% / 7% Isolationist Isolation.png (Fanatic Globalist)

    Mil.png Militarist 24% / 76% Pacifist Pacifist.png (Pacifist)

    Sec.png Security 4% / 96% Freedom Liberty.png (Fanatic Freedom)

    Equality.png Equality 92% / 8% Markets Markets.png (Fanatic Equality)

    Atheism.png Secular 88% / 12% Religious Religious.png (Extreme Secular)

    Prgess.png Progress 84% / 16% Tradition Trad.png (Extreme Progressive)

    Assimil.png Assimilationist 4% / 96% Multiculturalist Multicult9a.png (Fanatic Multiculturalist)

    Closest match: Libsoc.png Libertarian Socialism

    Revolution.png Revolution 80.9% / 19.1% Reform Reformer.png (Very Revolutionary)

    Scientific.png Scientific 76.6% / 23.4% Utopian Utopianism.png (Very Scientific)

    Central.png Central 1.7% / 98.3% Decentral Decentral.png (Extremely Decentralist)

    Internat.png International 91.1% / 8.9% National National.png (Extremely Internationalist)

    Party.png Party 21.2% / 78.8% Union Union.png (Very Unionist)

    Productivity.png Production 26.4% / 73.6% Ecology Nature.png (Ecological)

    Consrv.png Conservative 11.8% / 88.2% Progressive Progrssive.png (Very Progressive)

    Closest match: Aneco.png Eco-Anarchism

    Reformism.png Reform 100% / 0% Conserve Conservat.png (Progressive)

    Protectionism.png Intervention 90% / 10% Laisse-Faire Lfree.png (Interventionist)

    Dictatorship.png Authority 7.5% / 92.5% Constitution Constitution.png (Anarchist)

    Particular.png Particular 57.5% / 42.5% Universal Universal.png (Neutral)

    Theocrat.png Theocratic 0% / 100% Seperation Separation.png (Secularism)

    Acellarate.png Accerlate 62.5% / 37.5% Decelerate Decell.png (Neutral)

    Race.png Assimulation 5% / 95% Multiculturial Raceequality.png (Multiculturalism)

    Closest match: Geolib.png Geolibertarianism

    Moderatelibval.png Moderate 1.7% / 98.3% Radical Radicallibval.png (Anarchism)

    Leftunitylibval.png Left-Unity 66.7% / 33.3% Lib-Unity Libunitylibval.png (Left Co-Operation)

    Centralizedlibval.png Centralized 17.5% / 82.5% Decentralized Decentralizedlibval.png (Decentralized)

    Nation.png Localist 15.6% / 84.4% Globalist World.png (Interventionalist)

    Traditionalistlibval.png Traditionalist 0% / 100% Progressive Progressivelibval.png (Liberationist)

    Reformlibval.png Reform 26.6% / 73.4% Revolution Revolutionlibval.png (Striker)

    Marketslibval.png Markets 53.1% / 46.9% Planning Plannedlibval.png (Regulatory)

    Closest match: Ancom.png Anarcho-Communism

    Vanguardism.png Demagogue 62.5% / 37.5% Technocrat Technocracy.png (Popular)

    Statesoc.png Planned 12.5% / 87.5% Market Marketsoc.png (Laissez Faire)

    Natcom.png One country 12.5% / 87.5% Global Globnat.png (Universal)

    Tankie.png Military 65.6% / 34.4% Peace Pac.png (Militarist)

    SyndieSam.png Proletarian 65.6% / 34.4% Peasant Agsoc.png (Worker)

    Intercult.png Uniform 15.6% / 84.4% Diverse Multicult.png (Tolerant)

    Consocf.png Traditional 0% / 100% Neoteric Pinksoc.png (Revolutionary)

    Leftpop-0.png Populist 78.1% / 21.9% Elitist Blanqui.png (Populist)

    Closest Match: Orthlen.png Orthodox Leninism

    AV-Individual.png Individual 100% / 0% Collective Altcollective.png (Atomized)

    AV-Market.png Market 12.5% / 87.5% Planned Planned.png (Planned)

    Essentialist.png Essentialist 0% / 100% Constructivist Constructivist.png (Constructivist)

    Pragmat.png Pragmatic 70.8% / 29.2% Idealist Idealval.png (Pragmatic)

    Universal alt.png Universal 59.4% / 40.6% Particular Particular alt.png (Balanced)

    AV-Ecological.png Ecological 37.5% / 62.5% Industrial Industrialval.png (Balanced)

    AV-Politicised.png Politicized 54.2% / 45.8% Apolitical Apolitval.png (Balanced)

    Religiousaltval.png Religious 0% / 100% Secular Prgess.png (Atheist)

    Futvalue.png Futurist 58.3% / 41.7% Historic Histval.png (Neutral)

    Altruity.png Altruity 73.3% / 26.7% Avarice Avarice.png (Utopian)

    Dominant.png Dominant 39.8% / 60.2% Insular Insular.png (Ideological Pacifist)

    Self.png Self 108.8% / -8.8% Totality Totality.png (Anti-Societist)

    Stalwart.png Stalwart -0.9% / 100.9% Hedonic Hedonic.png (Post-Civilisationist)

    Closest match: Soul.png Ego Post-Humanism

    Altruity.png Altruity 79.7% / 20.3% Avarice Avarice 12wacky.png (Posadist)

    Cosmocracy.png Cosmocracy 76.3% / 23.7% Incognitism Incognitism.png (One-World Government)

    Self.png Self 105.4% / -5.4% Totality Totality.png (Anti-Societist)

    Morality.png Morality 1.5% / 98.5% Immorality Immorality.png (Psychotic)

    Chaotic.png Chaotic 115.0% / -15.0% Systematic Systematic.png (Total Chaos)

    Regressive.png Regressive 52.5% / 47.5% Replacement Replacement.png (Modern Technology)

    Egalitarian.png Egalitarian 125.0% / -25.0% Supremacist Supremacist.png (Post-Binarism)

    Nihil12wacky.png Nihilism 108.8% / -8.8% Esoteric Esoteric.png (Post-Religion)

    Universalism.png Universalism 25.0% / 75.0% Urbanism Urbanism.png (State)

    Ochlocracy 12wacky.png Ochlocracy 72.5% / 27.5% Aristocracy Aristocracy 12wacky.png (Elections)

    Panculturalism.png Panculturalism 96.2% / 3.8% Monoculturalism Monoculturalism.png (Panculturalism)

    Destructionism.png Destructionism 7.9% / 92.1% Irenic Irenic.png (Hivemind Pacifism)

    Ethnonat.png Monoethnic 7.8% / 92.2% Multiethnic Multicult.png (Ethnic Abolitionist)

    Cultural Nationalism.png Monocultural 7.2% / 92.8% Multicultural Multicult.png (Cultural Abolitionist)

    Ethno.png Favoritism 10.4% / 89.6% Equality Equality.png (Absolute Equality)

    Nazi.png Extinctionism 26.5% / 73.5% Coexistence Prog-u.png (Leaning-Coexistance)

    Ethplur.png Separation 19.1% / 80.9% Integration Multicult.png (Melting Pot)

    World.png Diplomacy 86.6% / 13.4% Isolation Isolationist.png (World Government)

    Accel.png Progression 80.8% / 19.2% Regression Decel.png (Ultraprogressive)

    Transh.png Transhumanism 72.1% / 27.9% Primitivism Anprim.png (Transhumanist)

    Gay.png Pro-LGBT 97.9% / 2.1% Anti-LGBT Homophobia.png (Extremely Pro-LGBT)

    Nation.png Nationalism 9.5% / 90.5% Anationalism Anat.png (Anti-Nationalist)

    Theocrat.png Religion 11.2% / 88.8% Secular Laicism.png (State Atheist)

    Essentialist.png Essentialism 14.0% / 86.0% Constructivism Constructivist.png (Extremely Constructivist)

    Equality.png Equity 79.7% / 20.3% Competition Darwinist.png (Equal)

    Awaj.png Horizontal 92.2% / 7.8% Hierarchy Sec.png (Anarchist)

    Lfree.png Demand 59.4% / 40.6% Regulation Regulationism.png (Permissive)

    Central.png Central 50% / 50% Local Fed.png (Neutral)

    Posth.png Automation 67.2% / 32.8% Employment Soc-h.png (Industrialised)

    Georgist.png Commons 90.6% / 9.4% Rent Property.png (Common Land)

    Monarch.png Birthright 9.4% / 90.6% Merit Merit.png (Meritocratic)

    Synd.png Unionized 87.5% / 12.5% Divided Cap.png (Trade Unionist)

    Closest match: Marketsoc.png Market Socialism

    Atheism.png Materialism 58.3% / 41.7% Spiritualism PagTheo.png

    Anego.png Egoism 74.2% / 25.8% Altruism Altruity.png

    Idealval.png Idealism 54.7% / 45.3% Pragmatism Pragmat.png

    Hedonism.png Hedonism 81.3% / 18.8% Asceticism Trad.png

    Nihil.png Nihilism 86.7% / 13.3% Moralism Morality.png

    Technocracy.png Rationalism 13.8% / 86.2% Romanticism CountEn.png

    StateathFedora.png Skepticism 81.3% / 18.8% Absolutism Athdem.png

    Nietzsche.png Nietzschean Equality.png Rousseaunian

    Ideologies of People I know



    IRL Friends

    Online Friends

    What political figure do i remind you of?

    Reasons i got suspended from Reddit

    Violentprog.png Bullying transphobes
    Violentprog.png Threatening violence against transphobes
    Violentprog.png Harassing a Bridget denier (transphobe)
    Vaush.png Saying the r word

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