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    Ideological Journey

    Apolit.png/Lib.png/Dem.png --> Soclib.png/Envi.png/Humanismpix.png --> Cybercr.png/Socdem.png/Radcent.png --> Socgeo.png/Socliber.png/Existentialism.png --> Libms.png/Socgeo.png/Absurd.png ---> Geolibsoc.png/Indlibsoc.png/Absurd.png ---> Awaj.png/Geomut.png/Situ.png ---> Demcon.png/Geomut.png/Post-an.png ---> Anego.png/Geomut.png/Postsitu.png ---> Egocom.png/ExistPhenom.png/Postsitu.png



    • Heraclitus.pngHeraculitus (535-475 BC)
    • Tao.pngLao Tzu (571-400s BC)
    • Diogenes.pngDiogenes (404-323 BC)
    • Ockhamism.pngWilliam of Ockham (1287-1347)
    • Philan.pngWilliam Godwin (1756-1836)
    • Hegel.pngGeorg Hegel (1770-1831)
    • Schopenhauer.pngArthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)
    • YngHeg.pngLudwig Feuerbach (1804-1872)
    • Anego.pngMax Stirner (1806-1856)
    • BakuninHeg.pngMikhail Bakunin (1814-1876)
    • Karl Marx.pngKarl Marx (1818-1883)
    • AnYng.pngEdgar Bauer (1820-1886)
    • Ormarxf.pngFriedrich Engels (1820-1895)
    • Nietzsche.pngFriedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)
    • Indlibsoc.pngOscar Wilde (1854-1900)
    • Freud.pngSigmund Freud (1856-1939)
    • Goldman.pngEmma Goldman (1869-1940)
    • Existentialist Anarchism.pngFranz Kafka (1883–1924)
    • Heidegger.pngMartin Heidegger (1889-1976)
    • Ego-Existential.pngHerbert Read (1893-1968)
    • Socan2.pngAldous Huxley (1894-1963)
    • Marcuse.pngHerbert Marcuse (1898-1979)
    • Lacan.pngJacques Lacan (1901-1981)
    • Adorno.pngTheodor W. Adorno (1903-1969)
    • Sartre.pngJean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980)
    • ExistFem.pngSimone De Beauvoir (1908-1986)
    • Camus.pngAlbert Camus (1913-1960)
    • StructMarx.pngLouis Althusser (1918-1990)
    • Meta-Anarchism.pngGilles Deleuze (1925-1995)
    • Poststruct.pngMichel Foucault (1926-1984)
    • PostMarxism.pngJean Baudrillard (1929-2007)
    • Poststruct.pngJacques Derrida (1930-2004)
    • PostMarxism.pngFélix Guattari (1930-1992)
    • Debord.pngGuy Debord (1931-1994)
    • Situ.pngRaoul Vaneigem (1934-???)
    • Postsitu.pngJean-Pierre Voyer (1938-???)
    • Žižekism.pngSlavoj Žižek (1949-???)
    • Anpostleft.pngBob Black (1951-???)
    • Post-an.pngTodd May (1955-???)
    • Postfem.pngJudith Butler (1956-???)
    • Acidcomf.pngMark Fisher (1968-2017)
    • Post-an.pngSaul Newman (1972-???)


    • Tao.pngTaoism (571 BC-)
    • YngHeg.pngYoung Hegelians (1835-1846)
    • Frankfurt.pngFrankfurt School (1923-)
    • Existentialism.pngFrench Existentialism (1930-1980)
    • Situationalistinternationalism-icon.pngSituationist International (1957-1972)
    • Poststruct.pngFrench Post-Structuralism (1967-2004)


    You can see my full ideology on my PCBA page HelloThere314Icon.pngHelloThere314ism


    Feel free to add questions

    Q: File:Ultro.png LordCompost86  - Have you ever heard the sound of a rubber ball breaking a window?

    Q: Bacon - how many digits of pi can you recite? My record is on my wikipage.

    Q: - Is this a question?


    This is all based on ideology and philosophy, I might like someone a lot personally but disagree substantially on ideology.


    • HelloThere314Icon.png HelloThere314 (Egocom.png/ExistPhenom.png/Postsitu.png) - Duh.
    • File:Ultro.png LordCompost86 (Anego.png/Philan.png/Antideo.png) - Philosophical Anarchism is based, and you were the one who got me to an accurate analysis of egoism.
    • Affiliated-New.pngAffiliated(Anin.png/Post-an.png/Meta-Anarchism.png) - Page is pretty bare but you're a fellow Deleuze lover!
    • ChronicNietzsche.pngChronicLuna(Nietzsche.png/Anin.png/Anticiv.png) - Nietzschian philosophy is amazing and we agree a lot on politics. Very based.
    • Azathoth.png Azathoth (Post-an.png/Existentialist Anarchism.png/CountEn.png) - Existentialism is based, only going off what others say as your page is bare.
    • TipuiSmall2.pngTipui(Philan.png/Existentialist Anarchism.png/Nietzsche.png) - A mix of individualist and collectivist philosophies, paired with egoism is great.
    • (Bahnsen.png/Lacan.png/Ins.png) - The dialectic consists of the object and the negation of said object. Synthesis is the resolving of said contradiction between the object and its negation. You claim that there is no end to these dialectics, that there is no final synthesis. This synthesis is what defines objects, as for heraclitus the river is made of different waters. Thus dialectics are the main facet for the definition of objects. If we are to claim that there is no synthesis and rather constant contradiction, then what is to define us, what is to define anything? Thus, instead of my framework, where the dialectic is placed above the void of the unique, the dialectic itself is what constitutes this undefinable nature. Interesting, to say the least.


    • Ioist.png Io (Egocom.png/Ultraprogressivism.png/Nietzsche.png) - Ego-communism as a political goal is generally good, as the synthesis and deteritorialization of the poles of ontology requires an effort not only from the ego but from the outside as well. Your ethics though have some problems, hedonism is fine as an exorcism of self interest, yet placing any moral value makes one a slave to desire.
    • Clover.pngBsaheed527(Egomut.png/Anpostleft.png/Post-an.png) - Post-Leftism generally is pretty good as it seeks to move beyond the ideological boundries of leftism. Besides that your ideas don't seem that constructed, though mutualism is alright as an economic framework, though it can easily turn into a commodity system if one lets oneself be sucumbed to the spectacle of the market.
    • Postniv.pngNiveous Laccolith(Anpostleft.png/Neolud.png/Anego.png) - Neoluddism makes good critiques, but has the wrong solutions. Besides that all the other philosophy and political stuff is based.
    • Arthurwp soulism.pngArthurwp(Egocom.png/Synthesisanarchy.png/Anpostleft.png) - LordCompost's critique of you confusing economic property for hegelian property is certainly correct. Besides that you're a fellow ego-com and post-leftism is good. Pretty good, though some of you're positions don't have much expressed justification
    • SituBlart.pngBlart(Situ.png/Synd.png/Acidcomf.png) - Syndicalism, even only in practice, creates a structure that creates some abstraction of communitarianism, which in the sensablilty of Voyer is inherantly embroiled in spectacle, wich you claim to go against. Your conception of spectacle is narrow, failing to see the capitalist mode of spectacle as a subset of a larger concept. However it is nice to see a fellow situationist.
    • (Meta-Anarchism.png/CybNil.png/Anego.png) - The problem I have with you is the same problem of most who follow meta-anarchism, they deny desire as already free. It is only oneself who adds an object to ideological desire, and what does meta-anarchism do? It seeks to liberate ideological desire by allowing all to their objects, not by denying the object of desire, freeing desire to simply itself. Overall, it's still better then the vast majority of ideologies.


    • Ashley.pngAshleyHere(Socan2.png/Aneco.png/GE.png) - Your ideology is fine, basically an average anarcho-narcho with a bit of individualist flair. Could be worse.
    • GIFSolarwave+.gifSolarwave(Platformism.png/MarxistHumanism.png/Ectrans.png) - Anarcho-Communism is alright, but platformism is cringe.
    • NguyenreichismIcon.pngNguyenreich(Councom.png/Ormarxf.png/Gender Accelerationism.png) - Best orthodox marxist on here by far. While I'm personally an anarchist, I've always held a respect for council communism and left communism in general. Your understanding of dialectics in the marxist sense has the same problems of Marx's understanding of dialectics, that being the placement of survival on a purely material plane, associating the production focused nature of capitalism to apply to all stages of society. Along with that the problem of the ideolization of some state of society still stands, with revolution being advocated. Overall alright.


    • M99.pngM99(Synd.png/Bernst.png/Centmarxf.png) - The democratic economy and the fully democratic state, is far better the the system we have right now, yet it creates a rigid structure, appealing to things such as the dictatorship of the majority; this of course is far better the the dictatorship of the minority. As for your reformism, I agree that those who merely follow a sacred cause of revolution are misguided, yet those who follow reformism, while may achieving some things, are forever in a losing battle. Along with this, while conservatism is a cancer, the modern identity politics of liberal progressivism are awful and reduce the individual to pointless labels. Overall syndicalism outlines the right problems with the current economic model, but has the wrong solution.
    • Theghostofinky-sprite.pngTheGhostOfInky(Ancom.png/Platformism.png/Anqueer.png) - Anarcho-Communism is alright, though some of your positions seem quite rad libby, your page is quite bare so I can't make a definitive judgment. Platformism just places structure to the supposedly anarchic societies. The usual problems with social anarchism and revolution also apply, ideolizing some state of society over some ideal of minimizing highrarchy or whatever, instead of asserting oneself as ones own.
    • MrsVzrFlag.pngMarsis(Mincomball-icon.png/Ecosoc.png/Ecosoc.png) - Very intresting, a synthesis of the chaos apparent within us and a structured view of society. While very interesting, it falls to the pitfalls of any statist view and has many philosophical quarrels, all generally leading to the alienation of the individual. Also your critique of egoism is just laughable.


    • Yoda8soupnew.pngYoda8soup(Neo-Wolffism.png/Liberalsoc.png/Socgeo.png) - The economics of Wolff suck. Wolff assumes that the reasons behind capitalism's problem is the boss not the firm. Commodity production still goes on when the workers are behind the wheel. At least you're anti-authoritarian.
    • Neoairisu.pngSumisuAirisu(Demcon.png/Anqueer.png/Bckchn.png) - It always confuses me when anarchists praise Bookchin. Dude intentionally diverged from anarchism, and besides social ecology, most of his ideas are explicitly anti-anarchist. Then rojava is far better then the rest of syria, but thats not saying much.
    • SamKibGuy icon .pngSamKibGuy(Anti-AuthMarx.png/Orthlen.png/Globnat.png) - Kinda an ismism but anti-authoritarianism is good. With leninism, the party in the revolution may be seen as nesseasary without proper education of the proletariat, however Trotsky's deformed workers states theory is true, without proper influx of the proletariat, the party will deform into state capitalism. Plus the usual marxist problems also apply.
    • Duckf.pngDuck-Citizen (Postmodernicon.png/Volu.png/Mach.png) - The war of all against all never ended. This is true in the sense that political structures are a war of all against all, which seems to be the point you are making. You seek to enthral oneself in these power structures, or to merely create new ones in your voluntary associations, rather than distancing oneself from these structures entirely.


    • Panth.pngPantheon(Guildsoc.png/SocDist.png/Monsoc.png) - The guild system may be more cooperative then capitalism, removing exessive theft of surplus value, yet it is still a forced system, in wich one is subjected to diffrent economic deleuzian organs. Besides that progressive conservatism falls into the same problems as progressivism and conservatism, ideolizing some state of social relations. While all of the other systems, while I don't necessarily agree with them, have clear lines of logic, with your advocacy of monarchy I don't see that. Overall your justifications for everything are not included on your page so I can't make that clear of critiques besides just the positions themselves.
    • MATTball.png Matteel (Socgeo.png/Prog-u.png/Semidirect.png) - Quirky american progressive. Not much better than the status quo. Also you really misrepresent absurdism, what you follow is existentialism.
    • NeoML2.pngCynicalLibra(ML.png/Councom.png/Guevara.png) - Marxism-Leninism is cringe, but your incorperation of workers councils is good. Usual marxist problems as well, such as the ideolization of some state of being, all of which creates structure that only alienates the individual.


    • LeninisBasedsmall.pngLeninisbased556(DemML.png/Ecosoc.png/Progcom.png) - One of the better Marxism-Leninists, but Marxism-Leninism takes the already corrupted framework of leninism and takes away the cool.
    • GenShrekf.png Comrade Shrek (Natcom.png/Hoxha.png/Relsoc.png) - The worst part of Marxism-Leninism all combined into one ideology.
    • Ukraiana.pngUkraiana(Cfash.png/CivUltranat.png/Theocrat.png) - Your entire ideology goes against the christian morality. Christianity greatly includes compassion and sympathy, not total dominance in the form of fascism. While I may critique christianity as a sacred cause and a slave morality, you don't even follow christian morality, you're far worse!

    HOI4 Mod I'm Working On


    • Vanguardism.pngVanguard Socialism
      • Orthlen.pngLeninism
      • Natcom.pngNational Communism
      • Statesoc.pngState Socialism
    • Impossible.pngPopular Socialism
      • Councom.pngCouncilism
      • Synd.pngSyndicalism
      • Libsoc.pngLibertarianism
    • Awaj.pngAnarchism
      • Socan2.pngSocial Anarchism
      • Anin.pngIndividualist Anarchism
      • Tribal.pngLawlessness
    • Socdem.pngSocial Democracy
      • Welf.pngWelfarism
      • Demsocstar.pngDemocratic Socialism
      • Leftpop-0.pngLeft-Wing Populism
    • Soclib.pngSocial Liberalism
      • Regulationism.pngRegulationism
      • Soccap.pngSocial Capitalism
      • Radlib.pngRadicalism
    • Conservative.pngSocial Conservatism
      • Natcon.pngNationalism
      • Necon.pngInterventionism
      • Progconf.pngProgressive Conservatism
    • Clib.pngMarket Liberalism
      • Libertarian.pngRight Libertarianism
      • Lfree.pnglaissez-Fairism
      • Fiscon.pngFiscal Conservatism
    • Reactcross.pngPaternal Autocracy
      • Monarch.pngMonarchism
      • Strato.pngStratocracy
      • Authcap.pngIlliberal Capitalism
    • Fash.pngNational Populism
      • Strasser.pngNational Socialism
      • Fut2.pngFuturism
      • Fash.pngFascism


    The Soviet Union

    • Orthlen.pngCommunist Party of the Soviet Union
      • Orthlen.pngThe Old Bolsheviks
      • Trot.pngThe Permanent Revolutionaries
      • LeftCom.pngThe Left Communists
      • Bukh.pngThe Right Opposition
      • Vpered.pngThe Social Futurists
    • Stalin.pngThe True Bolsheviks (Underground)
      • Stalin.pngThe True Center
      • Natcom.pngThe Nationalists
    • Agsoc.pngThe Social Revolutionaries (Underground)
      • Lpop.pngThe Left SRs
      • LeftSocauth.pngThe Right SRs
    • Demsocstar.pngThe Mensheviks (Underground)
      • Bernst.pngThe Left Mensheviks
      • Socdem.pngThe Right Mensheviks
    • Ancom.pngThe Russian Anarchist Federation (Underground)
      • Platformism.pngThe Platformist Current
      • AnSynd.pngThe Workers Opposituon
    • Soclib.pngThe Russian Democrats (Underground)
      • Soclib.pngPeace For Russia
      • Socdem.pngUnited Workers Front
    • Abmon.pngTsarist Exiles (Underground
      • Abmon.pngThe Absolutists
      • Conmon.pngThe Moderates
    • Fut2.pngThe Russian Futurist Party (Underground)
      • Vpered.pngThe Left Wing
      • Fut2.pngThe Right Wing
      • EgoFut.pngThe Esoteric Wing

    The United States

    • Soclib.pngThe Democratic Party
      • Soclib.pngThe New Dealers
      • Classprog.pngThe Progressives
      • Liberalconservative.pngThe Conservatives
    • Clib.pngThe Republican Party
      • Clib.pngThe Liberals
      • Conlib.pngThe Conservatives
      • Plcn2.pngThe Isolationists
    • Orthlen.pngThe Communist Party Of The United States
      • Orthlen.pngThe Orthodox Wing
      • Trot.pngThe International Wing
      • Deleon.pngThe Union Wing
      • Stalin.pngThe National Wing
    • SL.pngThe Silver Legion
      • Cfash.pngThe Orthodox
      • Plcn2.pngThe Moderates
      • Strato.pngThe Militants

    The National Socialist Republic Of Germany

    • Strasser.pngNational Socialist Party Of Germany
      • Strasser.pngThe Orthodox
      • Nazi.pngThe Right Opposition
      • Esofash.pngThe Esoteric Opposition
    • Councom.pngCommunist Party Of Germany (Underground)
      • Councom.pngThe Orthodox
      • Orthlen.pngThe Vanguardists
      • Natcom.pngThe Nationalists
    • Demsocstar.pngSocial Democratic Party Of Germany (Underground)
      • Demsocstar.pngThe Center
      • Bernst.pngThe Left
      • Socdem.pngThe Right
    • Cdem.pngGerman Democratic Front (Underground)
      • Cdem.pngThe Center
      • Soclib.pngThe Left
      • Patcon.pngThe Right

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