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    GEANVB - Literally a pardo Brazilian who became interested in politics after an improvement in the quality of life. The first time I saw polcompball was in the countryball community, which I was initially not interested in at first, but became interested after seeing some political compass memes (I was an MBL-style retarded libtard).


    Economic Views

    I believe in a free market economy with little state interference and fiscal conservatism, but not necessarily ending social aid, especially in third world countries, so I support something similar to Auxílio Brasil (even though I don't like Bolsonaro). I also support investments in technology, the end of various monopolies caused by the state, the Kuznets Environmental Curve on the eco-capitalist issue and that capitalism at one time or another will meet both progressive and conservative demands. In general, my economic views are based on the mixture of theses by Celso Furtado and Ludwig von Mises. I strongly reject slavery and child labor, I believe that this is an almost irreparable stain on the history of humanity, I also reject the types of economic flat earth, such as the flat economy, corporatism and others.


    Garimpeiro has to fuck off and it's over. The land they get is illegitimate, as it uses aggression, killing of indigenous people, destruction of other legitimate properties and countless other factors. They throw toxins into the water and generate serious health crises, you just have to research and see what they do in the Yanomami tribe, cruelty even to children.

    My solution would obviously be to distribute their land, arrest them and arm the Indians, in addition to arresting Ricardo Salles.

    The Crisis of Neoliberalism

    Neoliberalism will inevitably collapse, especially after the 2008 crisis, when the US government burned banks and companies with public money, with several current companies and banks becoming loss-making. This situation is unsustainable in the long term, because if a similar crisis comes, the effects will be more catastrophic, due to the number of loss-making companies and ghost companies.

    The main problem is that, if the US enters an economic crisis, the whole world will also enter, in a gigantic snowball of disgrace, which not even China will escape (just look at Evergrande). I don't know how it will happen, a world war, a pandemic, I don't know, I just know that we experienced something slightly similar in 2020.

    Economic Flat Earths

    • Central.png Planned Economy - Literally an inefficient monopoly that justifies itself through state violence. How is a state, with millions of different people, going to be able to meet every need of each individual, instead of them achieving this with micro-entrepreneurship? Simply with state violence or food trafficking, just look at some examples like Cuba (Fidel), North Korea, USSR and others.

    In general, the planned economy is not a serious economic measure, which is only defended by militants who only defend it through jargon.



    I believe that unions and government should be completely separate, that is, I am against repression and regulation, but I am also against favoritism laws and state unions. I believe that if the government repressed unions in a violent way, it would end up increasing and people with bad intentions would arrive in the market, generating that outdated stereotype of capitalism. I also believe that if the state created favorable laws and gave a lot of power to the unions, it would end up having bad union laws and that often harm the worker, disguised with good intentions, in addition to attracting malicious and opportunistic people (Latin America).

    Social Views


    Racial Issues

    I am completely against racism and any discriminatory policy and that all countries that have adopted it end up reaching the purest tyranny, as in the case of Nazi Germany, Equatorial Guinea, Apartheid and countless other examples. The grand replacement theory is something I don't believe, because I believe that Muslims will also stop reproducing as they get rich, just compare the birth rate of Saudi Arabia (18) with that of Sudan (32).

    In general, racism sucks, Interculturalism looks interesting and multiculturalism manifests itself in a strange way in some countries (in Brazil, the Syrian Islamic refugee is a friend of the Protestant pardo).

    Women's Rights

    I believe in women's suffrage and I am completely in favor of equality between the sexes, but that this would only be guaranteed if the state stopped intervening in people's individual freedom. I am against radical feminism, as it consequently takes away women's freedom if they want to have a more traditionalist life, in addition to the fact that most are SJW militants, boring as hell and also radically transphobic (even for some Alt-Lites). Liberal Feminism is just cringe and unnecessary, plus the empowerment is fake and most of the time it's just for personal interests (Hillary Clinton is horrible), even if the idea of individualism for women is something based. Other ideals that I support are laws to protect women against aggressors, rapists, etc., but I am against abortion (I support something like the Brazilian constitution about it) and "equal pay" laws (but it ends up generating more unemployment for women).

    Nation and Foreign Policy

    Civil Views

    Political Journey:

    (Apolit.pngPatcon.png ----> Kak.pngBolsonarism - alt.png ----> Econlib-alt.pngPinkLib.png ----> Altl.pngSocneocon.pngProgSocauth.png ----> Ancapf.pngUrb.pngPinkcap.png ----> GEANVB.png)

    A canceled plan

    Yeah, the plan was cancelled, I hope Bunisoc is banned, he's very incompetent and a bad administrator, the normal PCB's Forestcryptid.





    1. I can't guarantee my sexuality because I've never dated and I feel little sexual attraction, but the few times I've had it I could perhaps classify myself as Bix.pngBi/Pansex.pngPan.
    2. PvZ is literally a game of a farmer using an array of weapons (machine gun plants and etc) against invaders with no individuality, plus no sign of government other than the tyrannical Dr. Zomboss (this is all a meme, okay).


    • Stalin is culturally left silly.
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