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    ftosorciM Federation

    Political Parties and Organizations

    Banned Organizations

    • Any anti-government organization[1] (1976-1991)

    Historical Organizations

    Leaders/Presidents of ftosorciM Federation

    Heads of Government

    Chairman of the Council of Ministers

    Other Politicians


    ftosorcimish Patriotic Songs

    Authcap.png Military Dictatorship Era (1976-1991) Strato-Antifurry.png Authoritarian Conservatism.png

    • Arriba el levantamiento militar (Long live the military uprising)

    Rzeczpospolpotita Polpotska

    Political Parties and Organizations

    Banned Organizations

    Leaders of Polpotska

    General Secretaries of the Democratic People's Party of Polpotska

    Other Politicians


    Polpotska Patriotic Songs

    • Glorious Eleventh of November (Chwalebny Jedenasty Listopada)

    Tuvalu Ulterior (my unironized version)

    Political Parties and Organizations

    Historical Organizations

    Leaders of Tuvalu Ulterior



    UCKUW (alt)

    Main article: UserWiki:ftosorciM/UCKUW (alt)


    1. including socialists, liberals, communists, anarchists, social democrats, etc
    2. Ruling party during 1969-1976, banned and persecuted/repressed after 1976 coup d'etat alongside other (mostly leftist) anti-government movements.
    3. 3.0 3.1 Shortly (if not immediately) after the 1974 coup d'etat which made Gergobel Rozo leader of Tuvalu Ulerior, many internal purges and strong government-military involvement started in the 2 main political parties. The Pro-Goat Party was renamed to Socialist Pro-Goat Rape Party in January 1975, it adopted Marxism-Leninism as its ideology, and it was the dominant political party during most of Gergobel Rozo's government; the Anti-Goat Rape Party was not renamed, but it adopted a marxist-leninist and agrarian socialist ideological line.
    4. Brothels were reopened, oligarchs had ties with prostitution, etc.
    5. Many (if not most) oligarchs under Erto's government where female.


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