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    Ideological preferences


    A good ideology whose primary goal is forwarding tolerance and helping the underserved.

    Same as above but for women specifically. (Almost always)

    Same as above but for men. Also, has good discussion about men, actually relates to guys like me, and is probably the only progressive community with something to give to the average straight white dude like me other than stuff to do as an 'Ally' and to not be Part Of The Problem. Feminists didn't decide to tell men to do this stuff on a whim, but I worry it makes white dudes think Trad.png social conservatives will either do nothing to harm them or maybe even personally hoist them atop the patriarchy or something memetic like that if they take total power.

    Same as above, but in an economic sense.

    Same as above, but with unions doing the work of a direct Worker's Democracy. (Of course, unions aren't foolproof, but they work pretty well when allowed to.)

    Ironically based (LARP section)

    (I will put my actual opinions on these ideologies in the other tiers, mostly the bottom one. This tier is really just me deciding I'm gonna act like a cringe LARPer for a section no reason.)

    Based Conservationist Reactionary and Troll.png Malthusian Troll.png which acknowledges the planet is full and that a Troll.png massive reduction in the human population Troll.png is required for sustainable living in Earth at modern living standards.

    • Bolsonarism - alt.png Bolsonarism

    Fellow soyboy who prides himself on our national soy industry, which is the greatest soy producer and exporter in the world.

    Either a fellow Sexual Socialist who wants a fair and equitable distribution of women for all, or a Political Gayist who recognizes the Masculinity inherent to male-on-male relationships.

    Invented Sexual Segregationism and Bigoted Homosexuality with Female Separatism and Political Lesbianism, several decades before the online right.



    They took the term incel and thoroughly corrupted it away from the Bix.png Bi woman which coined it and away from the very reasonable meaning of "Unwilling virgin", a term which could have been applicable to nearly everyone in this and so many other communities made up of young dudes. Could you imagine if every dude that feels bad about being a virgin had a common label to identity themselves as and everyone could use that label to talk about men's sex struggles? They also grew out of the original MensLib movement of the 70s and destroyed it, leaving us with no progressive movements who actively vouch for men for 30-something years.


    Ayo just want to say your edits to menslib are absolutely based! Boys today need to be open about their feelings, such as it being accepted to hold hands and cuddle more, and to be more intimate with each other without it automatically being seen as sexual or romantic or taboo. Modern relationships with men kinda suck and leave out a lot of potential for genuine long-lasting genuine relationships and this not only affects other men but also mens potential to be close with women who often assume by default that any men who are trying to close with women are either gay or merely wanting sex. Also as someone who was sympathetic to the purplepill ideology until seeing the actual genuine sexism many manospheres participate in we need a mens rights movement that while shows women we are just as need as a gender revolution as they do. TLDR: Based edits all around you absolute lad. -AnAnonBoi123

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