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    Hello everyone! This is a basic list of my positions on social, political, and economic affairs. For further elaboration, visit my self-insert page Braun Spencer Thought.






    • Eugen.png Eugenics
      • Cball-Iceland.png Icelandic Model
      • AntiAntiAbortion.png Pro-Choice
      • Fem.png Pro-Contraception
    • Gay.png LGBT Rights
    • Blm.png Police Reform
    • GRights.png Gun Rights

    Ideology Relations



    • Neolud.png Kaczynskism - Many of your criticisms of industrial society have stood the test of time and I admire your Amish-esque solution to the problem... But abolishing all forms of organization-dependent technology is going too far.
    • Distributist.png Distributism - We have similar economics and I like your agrarian character, but I'm not a fan of the Catholic Church and too many of you are Cfash.png him in disguise.
    • Polpot.png Pol Potism - There are probably better ways of achieving an agrarian vision without a totalitarian nightmare.
    • Strasser.png Strasserism - Same as above, but a moderate version of you without the racism or authoritarianism would be based.
    • Ancom.png Anarcho-Communism - I will work with you against authoritarians, but I can't get behind completely abolishing markets.
    • Ancapf.png Anarcho-Capitalism - Same with you, although I'd rather make the State more accountable than privatize its functions.


    • Nazi.png Nazism - Scum.
    • ML.png Marxism-Leninism - Filth.
    • Corp.png Corporatocracy - Vile.
    • PolState.png Donut Patrol - Fuck off.
    • Juche.png Juche - "The vanity and presumption of governing beyond the grave is the most ridiculous and insolent of all tyrannies."
    • Socdem.png Social Democracy - Please stop worshipping the right-wing authoritarian Keynes.png Keynes.
    • Hamiltonianism.png Hamiltonianism - Everything wrong with the United States can be traced back to Copeservatism.png cuckservatives like you bootlicking industrialists, bankers, landlords, and other such scoundrel.
    • Tradcon.png Toryism - You inspired Hamilton. That's enough for me to dislike you.
    • Conserv.png American Conservatism - Lol imagine bootlicking industrialists and bankers and then complaining about traditional values declining.
    • Klep.png Kleptocracy - What aristocracy, plutocracy, and oligarchy eventually leads to. Mexico and Russia both attest to this.

    Political Tests

    Sapply Values


    Political Compass










    User Relations

    Best Friends

    • Saturnalian.png Melkor - One of the greatest individuals I ever had the pleasure of meeting. He's always there for me and I'll forever be grateful for his friendship.
    • Xenoassemblage.png Xenosystems - Another wonderful person who I've known for quite some time.


    • MATTball.png Matteel - Not bad. Not bad at all.
    • Glencoe.png Glencoe - Your views are tolerable, but central banking is cringe.
    • Ashley.png AshleyHere - I'm still sympathetic to anarchism and you seem like a fun person to chat with.
    • Syndmut.png Liam 09 - Considering how many distributists favor guilds and decentralism, we may not be too different ideologically.
    • And3 .png And3 - I like your emphasis on small-scale production, de-industrialization, and gift economics; although I'm not a market abolitionist. Good ideology.
    • Nuoh Okita.png DarknightYuusha - You've been friendly to me and we aren't that different ideologically.
    • PagTheo.png Pantheon Panth.png - Yeah, your ideology is pretty neat; and you're an agreeable person in general.
    • TheFed (New).png TheFedGuy101 - Other than your conservative inclinations our views are identical.
    • Yoda8soupnew.pngYoda8soup - I'm happy to be acquainted with you, with based views to boot.
    • Amm1.png Am m - You have a neat ideology and you seem incredibly kind.
    • Silasf.png Silas - Based market socialism!
    • Mikolayism Pixel2.png MedicsChaotics - I'm not a fan of the authoritarian aspects of your "moderate Strasserism," but our views are pretty similar otherwise.
    • link:mh:polcompball:UserWiki:Councilguy Councilguy - Calling everything a spook is fun and all, but you should take a stronger stance on industry. City life suppresses the ego.
    • Novoscarlet.png ShadowRaiden/Scarlet - Revolution is unrealistic; it'd create the opposite of what you want. The best way to achieve social change is a cocktail of civil disobedience, violence, and electorialism. Other than that, your views are remarkably similar to mine.


    • Aldath.png Aldaðism - Your ideology is too authoritarian for my liking (you like North Korea!); but I enjoy discussing these topics with you regardless.
    • BoomerConserv-t.png Neo-Arctoism - I think conservatism fused with industrialism is self-contradictory, but you're not as bad as I thought.


    Further Reading

    Why I Call Myself a Distributist and not a Social Democrat or Market Socialist

    The Case for Geo-Distributism


    I will clear comments every so often.

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