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    UserWiki:Christian Man

    I am a economically center, civically moderate, anti-globalist, communitarian, democratic, and culturally conservative ideology influenced by distributism and populism.

    My Atlas page (Where I spend a decent chunk of my time): https://talkelections.org/FORUM/index.php?action=profile;u=30720



    • Distributist.png Distributism - My preferred economic system. Everyone should have the right to own their property.

    Distlib.png Distributist Libertarianism
    Basically me but without protectionism and populism.

    Pron.png Peronism
    My friend from Argentina. I just wish you didn't hangout with Nazi.png.

    Socliber.png Social Libertarianism -- I like Yang

    Directdem.png Direct Democracy
    - The best way of governance


    • Christy.png Christian Theocracy - Your heart is pure and you have great intentions, but I like democracy and religious freedom.
    • Altl.png Alt-Lite - You take things too far, but at least we both hate the elites.
    • Conserv.png Conservatism You're not bad I guess, but why don't you want to help poor people?
    • Cap.png Capitalism - You're alright but stop exploiting workers. Also economic and workplace democracy are good things.
    • Guildsoc.png Guild Socialism- My socialist counterpart and we both love guilds.
    • Consocf.png Conservative Socialism My more liberal counterpart. Just wish he wasn't so statist and progressive.

    Isolationist.png Isolationism - I hate war too, but sometimes it's necessary to send troops in for peace. After all if Eisenhower hadn't liberated Nazi Germany, who knows what could've happened.

    • Natcon.png National Conservatism A bit fiscally conservative for my likings but you have some good ideas too.
    • Jacksonian Democracy.png Jacksonian Democracy - Good ideas on banking and the 1%, but why did you have to kill the Native Americans?
    • Dsa.png Democratic Socialism - We both love democracy and Bernie had a few good ideas.
    • Libsoc.png Libertarian Socialism - You're a socialist but we love liberty.
    • Liberalconservative.png Liberal Conservatism - Too capitalist and globalist for my likings, but we both like Ike.
    • Envi.png Environmentalism - Your heart is in the right place but there are many union jobs that you want to kill.
    • Plcn2.png Paleoconservatism -You're great and all but why do you hate welfare? Anyways, you're better than Necon.png
    • Trumpism.png Trumpism - I liked your tariffs and you kept us out of war, but why didn't you follow through on your infrastructure proposal, economic protections, or universal healthcare plans?
    • WelfChauvin.png Welfare Chauvinism - A more extreme version of myself. Why can't legal immigrants get welfare though?
    • Lpop.png Left-Wing Populism- Your heart is in the right place but why do you have to be progressive?
    • Rpop-tinfoilhat.png Right-Wing Populism - Too xenophobic and racist.

    Leftnat.png Left-Wing Nationalism - Nationalism is good, but I'm not a left-winger.

    • Libertarian.png Libertarianism--Great ideas on deregulation and liberty but you're a cultural liberal.
    • Necon.png Neoconservatism - How about bringing our troops home instead of defending a country that hasn't had an attack in decades. Also stop with your warrantless surveillance. On the other hand you like Israel too.


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