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    Polcompball Wiki


    Before the Polcompball Wiki

    If you’re interested on my history before I joined the Polcompball Wiki, click here.

    Joining the Polcompball Wiki

    One day, when I was looking about, I realized that Miraheze owned other wikis aside from the Polandball Wiki. I was very interested in them. After browsing through the Companyball Wiki and finding boredom in it, I decided to take a look at the Altcentr.png Polcompball Wiki. I was instantly absorbed. I found ideologies to be vastly interesting. In the beginning of my Altcentr.png Polcompball journey, I just browsed over pages without an account.

    First Edits

    Once in my account, I decided to create my first edits. I started off with my UserWiki. I added the Infobox and such. And then realized my good friend, TheElectricBomb.png TheElectricBomb was on the wiki. Once I found out about this, I was drawn even closer to the Altcentr.png Polcompball Wiki. I then decided to make icons and edit other pages.


    I love the Altcentr.png Polcompball Wiki so much that I am using my time for the Polandball Wiki on it! deeply! I hope to make wonderful memories on here and to become friends with some of the users. I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner!



    • Ukraiana.png Ukraiana - We’re both on the right and we have some similar beliefs. I expect us to become great friends.

    People I Have a Good Opinion On

    • AshleyHere.png AshleyHere - We don’t have the same ideologies but AshleyHere.png AshleyHere is very nice and has a good personality.


    • Everyone Else


    • None

    Icons I’ve made


    • Cball-France-Beret.png France (Beret) Cball-France-Beret.png
    • Female.png Female Female.png
    • Male-icon.png Male Male-icon.png
    • Saturn.png Saturn Saturn.png
    • Jupiter.png Jupiter Jupiter.png
    • Earth.png Earth Earth.png
    • Mars.png Mars Mars.png
    • TheElectricBomb.png TheElectricBomb TheElectricBomb.png
    • Roblox.png Roblox Roblox.png
    • Virginia.png Virginia Virginia.png
    • Zedroball.png Zedroball Zedroball.png


    • Aquarius.png Aquarius Aquarius.png
    • Pisces.png Pisces Pisces.png
    • Aries.png Aries Aries.png
    • Taurus.png Taurus Taurus.png
    • Gemini.png Gemini Gemini.png
    • Cancer.png Cancer Cancer.png
    • Leo.png Leo Leo.png
    • Virgo.png Virgo Virgo.png
    • Libra.png Libra Libra.png
    • Scorpio.png Scorpio Scorpio.png
    • Sagittarius.png Sagittarius Sagittarius.png
    • Capricorn.png Capricorn Capricorn.png



    Feel free to ask as many questions as you’d like!

    Q: LeninisBasedsmall.pngLeninisbasedOrthlen.png: what's your ideology nerd
    A: Cball-France-Beret.png Cheebow8 - I’m pretty conservative.

    Q: Ukraiana.png Ukraiana - Why do you like froggie

    A: Cball-France-Beret.png Cheebow8 - Oh, I like France because when I was first entering the Countryball community, I was learning French.

    Q: AshleyHere.png AshleyHere - Why are you conservative?
    A: Cball-France-Beret.png Cheebow8 - I was raised conservative. I am also very, very religious.


    You may add as many comments as you’d like.

    AshleyHere.png AshleyHere - Can you add me to your relations?

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