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    UserWiki:Pirate Tails

    Pirate Tails - is a polish person that is in this wiki.


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    Ideological Journey

    Apolit.png -------> Athcon.png/Ultranat.png -------> Lib.png -------> World Federalism2.png -------> Pinkcap.png/Bhl.png -------> Soclib.png -------> LibZion.png -------> Nalib.png/Soclib.png/Kak.png -------> NSL.png

    Answers from open polls I made about me

    Best and worst parts about my ideology?

    • Avelicius.png Avelicius - Best: Nation.png Nationalism, Clib.png Economics and Basedism.png almost everything
    • - Best: Nation.png Nationalism and Isolationist.png Foreign Policy Worst: Lib.png Liberalism
    • GenShrekf.png Comrade Shrek  - Best: Nation.png Nationalism Worst: Lib.png Liberalism
    • Affiliated-New.png Affiliated  - Best: Prog-u.png Progressivism Worst: Lib.png Liberalism
    • Polfaxicon.png Polfax - Best: Basedism.png Almost everything Worst: Moder.png Too Moderate
    • DualPlay.png DualPlay  - Best: Agnostic.png Agnosticism Worst: Anticommunism.png Anti-Communism and Cap.png Capitalism
    • SomeCrusade.png SomeCrusader1224 Best:Nation.png Nationalism and Cap.png Capitalism Worst: Prog-u.png Progressivism
    • PagTheo.png Pantheon  Panth.png - Best: Fed.png Decentralisation and Civlibert.pngCivil Libertarianism Worst: Euroscept.png Europhobia and Cap.png Capitalism
    • Pinksoc.png Marsvner  - Best: Prog-u.png Progressivism Worst: anything else
    • MATTball.png Matteel  - Best: Prog-u.png Progressivism and Nation.png Nationalism and Civlibert.png Civil Libertarianism Worst: Clib.png Economics and Isolationist.png Isolationism
    • Hamburger.png JonahF2014 - Best: Nation.png Nationalism Worst: Lib.png Liberalism
    • TheFed (New).png TheFedGuy101  - Best: Foreign Views & Government Views Worst: Cultural Views (though I like certain parts like Free Speech, Cultural Preservation, & to certain extents, Civil Libertarianism)

    What am I Known For?

    Which figure most matches my political beliefs?


    Mega Yes-icon.png

    • BeryAbLib.png BeryAb
    • Typicalfan.png TypicalFan
    • Duke.png Aaron
    • YellingLiber.png YellingYowie
    • SrDeyvidIcon.png Deyvid
    • EpicConIcon.png Patrick
    • Hydronism-icon-by-SchizoACC.png Hydro567
    • 1121.png SomeRandomDude
    • Ashley.png Ashley
    • Mikolayism Pixel2.png MedicsChaotics
    • Ethwelball.png oRange
    • Polfaxicon.png Polfax
    • Hamburger.png JonahF2014
    • Whiztale.png Whiztale
    • Paspac.png Fluffy
    • MATTball.png Matteel
    • Xenoassemblage.png Xeno


    • DualPlay.png DualPlay
    • TDRH.png ThatDudeRightHere
    • Higga.gif Nazor
    • Clover.png Bsaheed527
    • Ingbert.png YankeeDoodle71
    • Anarcho-Immortalism.png Anit-Death Guy
    • File:Councilguy2.png Councilguy
    • MossadTest.png Mossad
    • SomeCrusade.png SomeCrusader
    • Venizelos.png ArGyro
    • Dsa.png Yori7
    • USLibertarians.png NotADopeMan
    • Syntridem3.png Applethesky
    • Glencoe.png Glencoe
    • Uzar icon bigger.png Uzarash
    • OwfBall.png Owfedcdl
    • M99.png M99
    • Baconsalad123 Icon.png Baconsalad123
    • GenShrekf.png Comrade Shrek


    • NatDem.png Black drone
    • Statlibertarian.png SuddenWriter
    • ImmorThought.png Immorxy
    • LeninisBasedsmall.png Big Chungoid
    • KaiserKlaus.png KaiserKlauserMouser
    • TharMonarch.png Tenwingedpiegion
    • Panth.png Pantheon
    • Ktech-icon.png K-Tech
    • Technototball.png BERNHE


    • PATS.png Nekoqing
    • Jao2.png Jao
    • SQC.png YugoslavPartisan
    • ML.png Comrade345
    • Ukraiana.png Ukraiana

    Mega No-icon.png

    Test Results


    Top 10 Closest Matches

    1. Jeffersondem2.png Jeffersonian Democracy - 100.00%
    2. Liberty.png Libertarianism - 99.88%
    3. Libertarian.png Right-Libertarianism - 99.33%
    4. Hayek.png Hayekism - 99.28%
    5. Clib.png Classical Liberalism - 98.95%
    6. Helv.png Helvetic Model - 98.12%
    7. Minarchist.png Minarchism - 97.96%
    8. Minarchist.png Right-Minarchism - 97.85%
    9. Georgist.png Georgism - 94.00%
    10. Austrobert.png Austrian School - 93.84%

    Top 10 Furthest Matches

    1. Polpot.png Pol Potism - 0.00%
    2. Juche.png Juche - 0.00%
    3. Totalitarian.png Totalitarianism - 0.01%
    4. Esofash.png Esoteric Fascism - 0.05%
    5. Jihad.png Jihadism - 0.06%
    6. Natbol.png National Bolshevism - 0.10%
    7. DeFran.png De Francism - 0.12%
    8. Cfash.png Clerical Fascism - 0.22%
    9. Classfash.png Classical Fascism - 0.33%
    10. Euras.png Fourth Theory - 0.68%

    The Full List

    Pirate Tails Ideology


    Glencoe.png Glencoe13 - add me please
    PirateApol.png Pirate Tails  - Added, also add me back
    MATTball.png Matteel  - add me back please
    PirateApol.png Pirate Tails  - Added
    Ashley.png AshleyHere  - Add me?
    PirateApol.png Pirate Tails  - Added, Add me back.

    LeninisBasedsmall.png Leninisbased: add me libtard
    PirateApol.png Pirate Tails  - Added I'll beat you death you bolshewik JESZCZE POLSKA NIE ZGINEŁA!!!

    LeninisBasedsmall.png Leninisbased: thank you i'll be the one beating you calis de stupid libérale capitaliste Glencoe.png Glencoe13 - I changed ideology
    PirateApol.png Pirate Tails  - Yes, I saw that.

    PirateApol.png Pirate Tails  - Added
    DualPlay.png DualPlay  - I did a based test on my profile.
    PirateApol.png Pirate Tails  - Yes, I see. I also did your test on your profile. BTW nice to meet you old friend.

    Ashley.png AshleyHere  - update relations with me?
    PirateApol.png Pirate Tails  - Updated.

    KaiserKlaus.png KaiserKlausMouse : Re-add me? Also btw thanks for being the first person to add me to their userpage
    PirateApol.png Pirate Tails  - Added

    KaiserKlaus.png KaiserKlausMouse : Nah you won't be in megacringe for long, I'm re-writing my page.

    Yoda8soup.png Yoda8soup : Add me?
    PirateApol.png Pirate Tails  - Added, Add me back.

    Baconsalad123 Icon.png Baconsalad123 - followed u on twitter and requested friend on discord, follow me on twitter as well
    PirateApol.png Pirate Tails  - Nice ig.

    Distributist.png Silas: Add me?
    PirateApol.png Pirate Tails  - Added, Add me back.
    TheIced.png The Iced : Add me?
    PirateApol.png Pirate Tails  - Added, Add me back.

    User:Savvas1984- add me these are my ideology’s: Dsa.png/Nation.png/Statlib.png/Transh.png

    SamKibGuy icon .png SamKibGuy - Add me?

    PirateApol.png Pirate Tails  - All 3 of you added

    • Syntridem3.png Applethesky2021  - The DPP is not left economically. They are neoliberals pursuing ‘economic liberalizations’ in Taiwan. The modern day Kuomintang also does not wish to reclaim Mainland from the CCP.
      • Cflski.png AC-1001 :True, and KMT nowadays are self hater.
      • Syntridem3.png Applethesky2021  - The KMT is probably screwed with no young voter base. It could become an irrelevant small party full of nostalgists in the near future.
      • Noel21231-icon.png Noel21231 : Yeah, nowadays Kuomintang is more like a cuck, Chad Kai-shek is based AF. Anyway, add me if you can, PirateApol.png Pirate Tails .
      • Syntridem3.png Applethesky2021  - Chiang was pretty based, but he should have been more like Ataturk on cultural issues.
    • Black drone - Update my relation, Bro.

    Glencoe.png Glencoe13 - update relationship please.

    Statlibertarian.png SuddenWriter - Add me? Glencoe.png Glencoe13 - send me link to swordC videocommencing ideology change in 3,2,1…

    Noel21231-icon.png Noel21231  - Update relations? I shifted from Reactionary to Traditionalism. Pinksoc.png Marsvner  - Add me pls.


    1. I know it's not an language but I will induce it anyway
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