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    posted 66 days ago

    Hello! Thank's for reaching out to me, now to answer that question that might be a bit difficult, as well, that really depends on your definition of "indigenous" as such is different for every indigenous nation and tribe, with many resorting to blood quantum, I myself am roughly an eighth Mohawk Haudenosaunee, with traces of Anishinaabe mixed in, so I would say overall, yes. I was partially raised in an indigenous family and household, so much of my culture and belief structure is based in indigenous thought. Though certain natives, such as those who are more based on ethnicity as the basis of one's indigenous identity, might scoff at the idea of my indigeneity and it's honestly a pretty big debate on what even defines and indigenous person in indigenous circles.

    Though their doubt is not entirely non-understandable on why some might think that I am "not indigenous" as I am actually incredibly light-skinned when compared to my siblings who I hardly look indigenous to many even including some native people. I and my family were also pretty isolated from a greater community so I am likely very unlike my other indigenous peers (partially because we're urban, partially because I isolate myself from the outside world for reasons I won't get into here). although it gets further complicated as I discuss my lineage, as I also have a widely diverse genetic and cultural background, meaning I have a great influence from many different cultures in my daily life, (sometimes being influenced by cultures I have no lineage to at all) to vastly simplify, a majority of my lineage is of another cultural group entirely, known as the Doukhobors who to vastly oversimplify, were essentially a group of radical religious pacifists in Russia, who fought against the state and were forced out of the country, only to be assisted by people such as Leo Tolstoy and Peter Kropotkin, some could even say they were a group of Proto-Christian anarchists, though throughout my childhood and teenage years, my dad taught me little to nothing about them, as he seems pretty ashamed of his heritage, and actually disliked them very much, even admitting when we left Canada for the US, that he was thankful that the Canadian government essentially re-educated and assimilated them. Though I am still proud of their struggle, and also greatly admire what my people both did in Russia and Canada even if they were by no means following the same religious views and philosophy that I myself do.

    To bring this back to your initial question, yes. Though it's a bit more complicated than just a simple "yes" or "no", though typically I am accepted as indigenous in most circles.

    posted 67 days ago

    You have opposite ideals to mine.

    posted 74 days ago

    yeah sure mayb! :3

    posted 113 days ago

    I see you are active on Polcompball. If you have any knowledge about philosophy, are you interested in helping edit Philosophyball Wiki? Link: philosophyball.miraheze.org

    posted 162 days ago

    Hey i need help Im starting a wiki but i need help Can you check it out Link: https://schoolballwiki.miraheze.org/wiki/Main_Page

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