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    Nation.png National identity

    Unlike most cultural nationalists I am progressive (not in a SJW way) because a stale culture will die out and progress is the way to develop it. Ethnonat.png Ethnic and Racenat.png Racial nationalists are assholes who think having their genetic makeup justifies killing people with different DNA. Ultranat.png Ultranationalism is good for national liberation (see: Stepan Bandera), but needs to calm down after the nation is fully liberated and is bad when used to justify Imp.png Imperialism.

    ESME.png Economy Fiscon.png

    I believe in guaranteed unemployment and employment benefits (the latter is supposed to give a bigger advantage). Doing so gives those who lost jobs a safety net and also encourages people to work. The budget must be balanced. One of the main purposes of the state is to prevent Corp.png monopoly. Cybercr.png AI may be used for regulating the economy. Healthcare must be universal. The medical and arms industry must be nationalized, as some things cannot be left to the "free market". Tariffs on imports must be abolished and we must adopt free trade. All drugs (including hard ones, such as cocaine) should be legalized for anyone at least 18 years old and taxed.


    To have a right to run for president, PM, deputy or get appointed as a cabinet minister, you must complete a test. This is done to ensure politicians will be merited. Communists and kleptocrats are to be fully prohibited, with full lustration of followers of these systems, maybe even criminal prosecution. All politicians retire at 50, to prevent senility.

    Tucn-EcoAuth.png Ecology

    Fines are not enough. AnEn.png Polluters should be sentenced to a lifetime of cleaning up waste or get the death penalty. Close the coal mines, and end fracking and oil drilling. Some places must be made car-free (it was a great success in the center of Odesa). All houses must have solar panels, renewables should be subsidized. Every shop must use paper instead of plastic bags. A carbon tax is not enough, we need to tax other gases by their GWP. I am authoritarian to polluters.

    Krit.png Justice system

    After an acquittal, the trial must continue until the true culprit is revealed. The death penalty (allowed to be viewed by the masses) is to be used for:

    Ectrans.png Technology

    Automation is mandatory if the job is unsafe, with the replaced workers receiving free education in arts, programming or other non-automated jobs. Technology must be eco-friendly (solar-powered trams and green lines for example).

    Cball-EU.png Diplomacy

    Ukraine must join the EU and Schengen area, but not the eurozone. Monetary unions are cringe. Cball-South Korea.png South Korea - Real Korea!


    Don't care much. Disagree with some beliefs of User:Chcknwngs (specifically on EU), but still like him for his development of Cball-Ukraine.png Ukraine-related topics. Applethesky is a tridemist, so I like him because I like national progressives (like Sun Yat Sen, Teddy Roosevelt, Petlyura and Kemal). My foes are LeninIsbased and ProletarianBanner (all are Utopian tankie trash) and folower of Russian Naratives Noel21231. Unsure about Pantheon's mega-combined ideology. Melkor is pretty cool (just stop being so absolutist, a constitutional monarch is better).

    Fictional country of Rugelia

    Important events: Founding by Savitic the unifier (984), First collapse and introduction to Christianity (1011-1045), Reunification by Milovark I (1045), Purge of the nobles by Jonavica the Vicious and the start of absolutism (1554), Constitution of Jovacin IV (1887, suspended by Milovark X in 1930), Rugelian bubble pop (1929-1931), First Rugelian civil war (1931-1935), Stralovic coup (1936), "National faith campaign" (1938), Second collapse (1960-1968), Reunification treaty (1968), Modern Rugelia (1969-)


    PagTheo.png Pre-Christian Rugelia model/ Savitic the unifier thought (984 - 1011):

    Monarch.png Kingdom of Rugelia model (1045-1931):

    Soc-h.png Revolutionary Alliance (1931-1935)


      • Syntridem3.png Applethesky2021  - Yugopart even believes Gaddafi supported 'direct democracy'. He also believe Stalin and Mao were democrats.
        • PagTheo.png Pantheon  - You should inform yourself better about the Political system of the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, it was flawed but rather democratic than undemocratic. Stalin and Mao definitely didn't practise democracy though.

    KaiserKlaus.png KaiserKlausMouse : Based
    KaiserKlaus.png KaiserKlausMouse : Merry Christmas :)
    KaiserKlaus.png KaiserKlausMouse : I hope you're okay.

    PagTheo.png Pantheon  - Damn, an unironic Banderite.

    Only in the context of national liberation. Read the ideology page. I would become more moderate once Ukraine is fully free (pre-2014 borders). Bandera was an ultranat because it was the only choice left.

      • PagTheo.png Pantheon Panth.png - National liberation is possible without being an Ultranationalist. Also add me to your relations pls.
      • Nfan.png - I know a lot of things he did were motivated by irrational rage against those who divided Ukraine. Even if he knew he could not win, he would at least ensure he would be feared posthumously and inspire others to follow him. Even today, the Russians feel fear when Bandera is mentioned.

    DualPlay.png DualPlay  - I created your icon Nfan.png Fitting.

    LeninisBasedsmall.png Leninisbased556 Orthlen.png: are you gonna add me fash

      • You are already added com
    • Syntridem3.png Applethesky2021  - Nfan, what do you think about anti-Soviet imperialist commies like Vasyl' Shakhrai and Tito?
      • Nfan.png Better than ML. Tito was also authoritarian, but he booted that cringe Rankovic. Nagy was good because he wanted real democracy in Hungary.
    • Omega.png Omega1065 - You seem fine tbf, even though you do the Fun Police with the editings certain times. Cheers for you, buddy. Do you want to add me?
    • Syntridem3.png Applethesky2021  - Thoughts about Symon Petliura and Mykhailo Hrushevsky?
      • Nfan.png Petliura was a good national progressive who was slandered by MLs. Hrushevsky was a great historian, but a mediocre leader.
      • Syntridem3.png Applethesky2021  - Do you have discord?
    • Nfan.png No
    • Syntridem3.png Applethesky2021  - Nfan, what do you think about Alexander Shumsky? The Ukrainian natcom.
      • Nfan.png - He tried to keep the language alive, but still enforced to Soviet model. Bringe.
    • Syntridem3.png Applethesky2021  - Nfan, what do you think about moderate MLs like Kosygin and Liu Shaoqi?
      • Kosygin was certainly softer than Brezhnev but worse than Khrushchev (still an opponent of national liberation). Shaoqi was basically a standard ML inside a Maoist system and a martyr for dengists.
        • Syntridem3.png Applethesky2021  - What do you think about Khrushchev and Brezhnev? A lot of Ukrainians are nostalgic about them even though hatred against Stalin is near universal. For Brezhnev’s case, I guess it’s probably because hes ethnic Ukrainian, and for Khrushchev, it’s probably because he gave Crimea to Ukraine.
      • Brezhnev betrayed his culture and language for the sake of a book written by a long-dead bearded guy. Khrushchev gave Crimea and denounced Stalin, but still suppressed ACTUAL democratic reformists, such as Nagy.
    • Syntridem3.png Applethesky2021  - What do you think about the Ukrainian natcom Shelest and Socialism With A Human Face?
      • Nfan.png - Shelest was not even a natcom, he still wanted to keep Ukraine Soviet. Socialism with Human Face is as good as Nagy (see above).
    • Syntridem3.png Applethesky2021  - What do you think about Ukraine’s poor economic performance, right-wing extremist violence, and kleptocracy after the collapse of the USSR and economic transition? Was the economic transition really worth it?
      • Nfan.png - Kleptocracy was in Ukraine even before they quit USSR. and Ukraine is cleaning up since 2014, with the oligarchs getting weaker. Violence may be justified if its against Yanuk.png tyrants and Vatnik.png occupiers (the KMT you like did fight back against the Qing and the Showaists after all). The economic transition is not over yet.
      • Syntridem3.png Applethesky2021  - Is it true living standards were better in the USSR?
      • Nfan.png - No. The housing was crappy and neglected. There was no remote delivery and everyone had to wait in lines due to inefficient logistics.
    • PagTheo.png Pantheon Panth.png - There were many Showa Statists that supported a Universal Monarchy under the Japanese Emperor Hakkō_ichiu
      • Nfan.png - What an unusual self-contradiction. Showaism is all about Japanese chauvinism. Universal monarchy goes against the very concept of nation-state. Why would a Showaist shed national pride in favor of globalization? (It's not just about the monarchy, it's about culture and ethnicity).
    1. De facto control during the civil war
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