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    posted 111 days ago

    I mean, cool and all, but what if I try to draw Antisthenes on a comic?

    posted 123 days ago

    Hi! Excuse me, what does the checkered pattern mean in Anthistenes?

    posted 146 days ago

    I looked at your self insert on PCBA, you seem to be very interested in ancient Greek literature (especially Sophocles), but I know little about ancient Greek literature and art, only a few This tragedy. So can you comment on the various ancient Greek writers you know?

    posted 150 days ago

    Only later, I think many things can be changed, and I don't think communism conflicts with human self-liberation. Even so, I don't think that just because some things can change, I would be considered an idealistic utopian, because I still believe that people should go their own way, which is the key to liberation. As for the interpretation of Stirner, because I never think that Stirner is a completely nihilistic person, and after reading Stirner, I read Nietzsche and Deleuze, and think that their Theory can be a good supplement to Stirner, so my interpretation of Stirner will be relatively more positive.

    posted 150 days ago

    In addition, just looking at my argument with you, I think the main difference between me and you is the issue of nothingness, because obviously, you are more nihilistic than me, and you don’t believe in other aspects other than life changes will help people. In fact, think about it, in China, at least when I get along with my leftist friends, I am obviously more nihilistic than them. Because I never thought that the class struggle was the most important thing, and I never thought that the vanguard could lead people to liberation. And because of my own statements about Stalin and Mao Zedong, I often had conflicts with them. So much so that for a long time, I stayed away from communism and Marxism, because I believed that liberation could only depend on oneself, not on others.

    posted 150 days ago

    By the way, I kind of want to stop arguing. On the one hand, I have a lot of things to do recently, and I am unlikely to spend a lot of time arguing with others. On the other hand, I don’t like arguing with others. For me, I just wanted to say what I think. I actually don’t really care about whether other people think the same way as me. After all, I think everyone has their own path. I won’t want to kill others just because they don’t follow the same path as me.

    posted 150 days ago

    In addition, I must say that, first, I do not advocate a complete return to primitive society, at least I am not opposed to technology, I personally want to combine the two; second, I also know Stirner's Three stages of change theory, but I think, but I think Stirner’s three stages of change theory and Nietzsche’s three stages of change theory do not conflict, mainly I think the children they mentioned do not refer to the same thing; third, you I agree that Deleuze is very contradictory, but I don't think there is anything wrong with this contradiction. Because Stirner also said: "I do not presuppose myself, because I am every moment just positing or creating myself, and am I only by being not presupposed but posited, and ... only the moment when I posit myself; that is, I am creator and creature in one"

    posted 151 days ago

    My previous reply was actually not finished, because I had no traffic on the VPN at the time, and then I went to do other things. I will add the last paragraph now: In addition, I am against dividing people by ideology. Marx said in German Ideology: "Communism should not be established for us.situation, is not the reality should adapt to it.ideal. What we call communism is the kind that eliminates the existing situation.realisticExercise. The condition of this movement is produced by the existing premise." I said earlier in my reply to you about Dostoevsky and ts Eliot that although both men were Christian conservatives, They should not be seen as Christian conservatives only, because I think their own ideological choice is because they see the oppression brought about by the development of civilization, so they choose to realize the return of religion to civilization. The resistance to development, this concept itself is expressed through their works and generates a liberated value (similarly, this process also includes the processing and production of reality by a desire machine). Therefore, what is important is not what a person's ideology is, but what this person's thought can produce. Their thought itself is a seed, and what this seed can grow is the key. In my opinion, as long as a person chooses his own way of liberation in his own way, then I will support him.

    posted 151 days ago

    In addition, I don't know if you have read Deleuze's books, but I think you should not, because I think if you have read Deleuze's books, then you can easily understand my idea. In terms similar to Deleuze, I am a desire machine, and I process everything I come into contact with in reality into various products through this desire machine. So in fact, what I said is not a purely conceptual thing, on the contrary, it is something produced by my own processing of reality and matter, that is to say, what I call freedom, liberation, and infinity The existence of the world is based on reality, not ideas.

    posted 151 days ago

    Secondly, you said that I am too idealistic, and I pay too much attention to ideas rather than real things. I think this is a misunderstanding of my ideas. I don’t know if I didn’t make it clear or you didn’t notice (because actually I'm basically referring to the idea by the inside, and the reality by the outside, since I'm not a serious philosopher and don't pay much attention to the use of philosophical terms). In fact, even in my reply to you, I have mentioned the importance of reality to me more than once. For example, I mentioned that the formation of my ideas depends on my observation of people and things in real life. When I mentioned the structure of my inner world and the various roles I played, their inspirations all came from outside without exception, from the real world, precisely because I saw a lot of things from the real world, I was able to construct such a world in my heart to play so many roles; the last example is that when I say that the world contains all, the world itself is also a world that contains reality, and I should also As I said to you, it is not enough to build such an infinite world internally, I must also create such a world externally in reality.

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