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    Welcome to my userpage! I'm Janx jestem polakiem and i think all authoritarian ideologies and transhumanism are stupid.

    Views on PCBW Members

    * = Have not met/interacted with person.


    no one because the communiuty overlap of countryballs and pcballs is small


    • Femboy.png Pirate Tails* - You're ok but i fucking hate the association of poland with femboys and likelikelike thats kinda likelikelike cringe!!


    • Neoairisu.png SumisuAirisu - kinda cringe and also kinda cringe so :thumbsdown: and also defends psychopatic maniacs' government so thats kinda cringe

    Political Journey

    Views on Polish Parties


    • Lewica.png Nowa Lewica (and Lewica in general) - social democracy or something is ok (iuts center-left though awhwa) but i've never heard of it since im not THAT into polish politics plus the only parties that get talked about in poland are PiS and PO so can't really judge it.


    • Piss.png PiS - Fuck you bitch! Also you claim to be "euroskepticist" yet when they pull out because of your bizzare dictator-like policies, you beg them to not do it! Plus you deal with Winnie the Pooh so suprised you're still in sejm.
    • PO.png PO - It's not the best and it's representatives are..... questionable to say the least.

    Views on Ideologies



    • Ormarxf.png Marxism - some OK-ish principles but the world would definetly not be ready for such a different ideology to dominate it.


    • Baath.png Assadism - Absolutely disguisting. Somewhat tries to be socialistic but fails miserably and is more like a dictatorship! It only fucks the people up and I can't say I'm suprised why the Syrian Civil War started.
    • Orthlen.png Leninism - Dictatorship disguised as socialism. That's all i can say.
    • MLM.png Maoism - Again, le shictatorship led by soulless "communists". And also, the "They broke off alliance even though who agreed had no control over it!!!!!11" thing might seem dumb, but Cball-Taiwan.png Chiang Kai-shek was still not the best person and April 12th was just unneccesary so i can't say i support their side on this.
    • Nazi.png Nazism - literally german supremacy Fash.png Fascism style
    • Fash.png Fascism - Let's unite Italy by fucking Italy over in the end!

    oh yeah and im a network sysop in ballmedia so oooooo fear me
    pbw userpage


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