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    Universal Monarchy is a theoretical system of governance in which a single Monarch.png monarchy is taken to be the source of legitimacy over all other states and polities, be the monarchy Abmon.png absolute or Conmon.png constitutional. As such universal monarchy can be identified as an ideology that is World.png globalist in nature while otherwise not sharing much ideologically with contemporary globalists.


    Across history, colonial empires have arisen in the case of Europe once the feudal age ended the age of discovery and absolutism began in this time kingdoms would centralize their governments and expand through colonial projects


    He loves talking about geopolitics & historical empires from the past as such he wants to imitate them by expanding his empire into what is known as the "universal monarchy" trough preaching a pan-nationalist message used to civilize what he sees as savage or technologically backward nations however he fears that trends of ethnolinguistic nationalism could lead to civil war in his colonies & the fall of his empire.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Universal Monarchism
    Universal Monarchism's designs are based on a flag that the Reddit user u/CenturioFabio made to represent a pan-monarchist movement which he posted on r/monarchism under the title "My Take on a Pan-Monarchist Flag".
    1. Draw a ball with eyes and fill it purple.
    2. In the middle draw a gold draw a fleur-de-lis.
    3. Around the fleur-de-lis draw a golden wreath.
    4. Draw a crown on top of the ball.

    And you should be done.




    • Res Publica.png Roman Republicanism - You inspired me to expand my empire but this "republic" stuff is weird.
    • Christy.png Christian Theocracy - Why wait for Jesus to return to have a global monarchy? Dante Alighieri was based though.
    • Tribal.png Tribalism - Primitives ripe for civilizing! (But Genghis Khan was really based)


    • Feud.png Feudalism - Join the empire now!
    • Trot.png Trotskyism - World communism and permanent revolution? My ass! The king's army is going to squash you for what have you done with the Romanov Dynasty!
    • 3princ.png Tridemism, Absoc.png Arab Socialism, Khom.png Khomeinism and Kemal.png Kemalism - Republican and nationalist? Looks like you will be my next victims.

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