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    Totalitarianism is a hyper-authoritarian ideology that believes that believe opposition parties should be banned, the state should permeate all facets of society, and that society must be run for the state by the state. He despises Dem.png Democracy and civil liberties and believes dissent should be harshly punished. He is a more extreme form of Sec.png Authoritarianism, and is usually very Nation.png nationalistic, although not always.


    Systems similar to Totalitarianism has been around since antiquity. Examples include Sparta where the state controlled the way of life for the lower and upper classes.

    Nazi.png Adolf Hitler in Germany, Stalin.png Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union, Fash.png Benito Mussolini in Italy, Mao.png Mao Zedong in China, Showa-kanmuri.png Emperor Hirohito in Japan, Polpot.png Pol Pot in Kampuchea, and Juche.png Kim-Il Sung in Korea are leaders that have commonly been regarded as being totalitarian.

    The origins of modern Totalitarianism as an ideology are debated. Philosopher Karl Popper believed its roots lie in the Hegelian conception of the state, and even more so in the theories of Ormarxf.png Karl Marx, while philosophers Theodor W. Adorno and Max Horkheimer of the Frankfurt.png Frankfurt School argued it is rooted in the Monkeyzz-Enlightenment.png Enlightenment.

    The term "totalitarianism"'s first recorded use was in the early 20th century.

    Bolshevism ball.png Soviet Union Stalin.png

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    Cball-Italy.png Italy Fash.png

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    Cball-Germany.pngGermany Nazi.png

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    Cball-Japan.png Japan Showa.png

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    Cball-Romania.png Romania Cfash.png Cball-SRRomania.png

    Main Articles: Cfash.png Clerical Fascism and Natcom.png National Communism


    Cball-Albania.png Albania Hoxha.png

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    Cball-China.png China Mao.png

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    Cball-North Korea.png North Korea Juche.png

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    Cball-Mongolia.png Mongolia Stalin.png


    Cball-Hungary.png Hungary Hun.pngStalin.png

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    Cball-Guatemala.png Guatemala JorgeUbico.png

    The state of Guatemala under the rule of General Jorge Ubico has been considered Totalitarian. John Gunther, an American journalist who visited the country in 1941 stated it was "a country 100 percent dominated by a single man". He added "He has spies and agents everywhere, and knows everyone's private business to an amazing degree. Not a pin drops in Guatemala without him knowing about it." Ubico himself is said to have compared himself (positively) to Adolf Hitler.

    Cball-DominicanRepublic.png Dominican Republic RafaelTrujillo.png


    Cball-Haiti.png Haiti Duvalier.png

    Duvalier, being a highly paranoid man, led a state generally considered to be totalitarian. His power led him to make some rather odd decisions usually under the guise of some kind of "VooDoo" knowledge. One instance was alledgely ordering the murder of every black dog in Haiti under suspicion that one of his political opponents transformed into one. Under his rule a secret police force known as the "TonTon Macoute" (Translated as Uncle Gunnysack), itself named after a Haitian Bogeyman character was to infiltrate just about any organization in the country and would often make people suspected of the smallest crime disappear, sometimes operating in broad daylight.

    Cball-SocialistBurma.png Burma/Myanmar Burmasoc.png

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    Cball-Cambodia.png Cambodia Polpot.png

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    Cball-Turkmenistan.png Turkmenistan Niyazov.png


    Cball-IRAfghanistan.png Afghanistan Natcom.pngCball-Taliban.png

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    Cball-Iraq.png Iraq Hussein.png

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    Cball-Eritrea.png Eritrea IsaiasAfwerki-PFDJ.png


    Cball-Isis.png The Islamic State Jihad.png

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    Cball-Uganda.png Uganda IdiAmin.png




    Post-Totalitarianism is an ideology that advocates for extreme totalitarianism without any connections to the left or right or for any large moral/ethical purposes in favour of having a totalitarian government simply because it is the only future humanity has. It also distances itself from ideologies such as Ingsocf.png Ingsoc that exists purely to harm the human race.

    Personality and Behavior

    Totalitarianism is a dictator and loves the works of Hegel. He often goes on about his love for Hegel and is one of the few ideologies that can read Hegel and understand what he's saying.

    Totalitarianism also loves surveillance people and Cleaning Political house, raids and support state power very much. His hand is covered with the rooting out of dissidents.

    Totalitarianism hates when people call him a devil, especially when you are in LibUnity.

    Totalitarianism takes parts of liberty and the media in return for unity, that will let Totalitarianism's power overtake.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Totalitarianism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw a yellow circle with a red circle inside of it
    3. Draw 5 arrows around the yellow circle
    4. Draw eyes and then you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Black #202020 32, 32, 32
    Yellow #FFC912 255, 201, 18
    Red #FF0000 255, 0, 0




    • Ingsocf.png Ingsoc - Son, that's a bit too far. Dad said the same thing to me.
    • Ford.png Fordism - Just Ingsoc on soma.
    • Antot.png Anarcho-Totalitarianism - What is this? You want to run a state without... have to enforcing it?
    • Most statist ideologies - At least you people have a state. Expand it though.


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