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    Tetrarchy was a political system in which four, powerful, wealthy authorities (usually monarchs) were the rulers, usually with direct, absolute power.


    The idea of Tetrarchy had started in the later years of the Third Century Crisis, with its adoption as the new governmental system instituted by the Roman Empire, it marked the end of the Third Century Crisis. There was a slight time of prosperity during its reign. But, its demise would come in 305, when both of the Emperor's 20-year-long terms had ended, and both abdicated, ending the Tetrarchy.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball and fill it red.
    2. Add an octagon with the angled sides being slightly longer
    3. Make a circle some distance from the octagon
    4. make a red square from the angled sides of the octagon(Should overlap the circle a bit)
    5. Color in the diamond shapes with the colors Pafia, thistle, lavender gray, and jungle mist in a clockwise order from top
    6. Erase the circle used to set the border of diamonds
    7. Add four eyes one in each diamond and you're done
    Flag of Tetrarchy


    He hates barbarians with all of his four hearts, he loves to spend time with his parents. He is most fond of Diarchy.png Diarchy, but he does think two rulers only is a stupid idea and considers it to be naïve. He doesn't seem to be very fond of crises or civil wars.



    • Diarchy.png Diarchy- My dad! I just think he has too/two few leaders to have an effective government.
    • Oligarchy.png Oligarchy - My other dad! I'm pretty much him, just a bit smaller.


    • Auto.png Autocracy and other single-ruler ideologies - You are a quarter of me. Get a few more leaders and we can be friends.


    • Dem.png Democracy - Fools! Only 4 should rule, not everyone!

    Further Information



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