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    Socialism is an ideology used to represent the broad range of ideologies that fall under the umbrella term of "Socialism". In the classical sense, socialism describes worker-owned means of production, heavily supporting worker coups, democratic self-management, and workplace democracy. But much of the conservative western world says that socialism is an authoritarian leftist ideology, in which a bureaucratic state controls the means of production, in a bureaucratic way. But the modern definition of the word socialism, popularised by European Socdem.png Social Democrats, and the Dsa.png Democratic Socialists of America, is "any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods." Socialism in the modern age advocates workers' democratic self-management, high taxation on the wealthy, nationalisation over key parts of industry, and preventing climate change. Socialism is always economically left, and culturally neutral however has found itself becoming synonymous with progressivism mostly in the west at the most recent times. But you do get ideologies like Consocf.png Conservative Socialism and more extreme ones like Strasser.png Strasserism and Nazbol.png National Bolshevism, that combine Socialist economics, with conservative cultural preservation, due to their shared Pop.png Populist standpoint.

    History (WIP)

    Socialism as a political movement is rooted in the French Revolution and Jack.png Jacobinism, although notable proto-socialist figures and movements existed before this. The first socialist thinkers were social critics and philosophers of the 19th century from Western Europe. These socialist thinkers followed what would later be dubbed, by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, Utsoc.png Utopian Socialism, due to their lack of materialist analysis and bourgeois nature. Among these thinkers were Charles Fourier, Henri de Saint-Simon, and Robert Owen. Despite all these thinkers being considered Utopian Socialists, their philosophies differed greatly in many ways, with Owen's ideology resembling Socialism in the modern sense more so than the other two.

    Robert Owen would go on to develop several socialist communes and villages, being the first to attempt to actualize a socialist society, though these projects were often on a small scale and subject to much criticism.

    In France, during the first half of the 19th century, socialist philosophers and politicians continued to popularize socialism. It is in France during this time that many socialists started to reject the gradualism and utilization of utopian communes of the older Utopian Socialists. The term "socialism" was first used in a French Utopian Socialist newspaper. There also emerged a Christsoc.png Christian Socialist movement in France led by Philippe Buchez. Moreover, during this time, French socialist literature, which would prove to be highly consequential, was being published, most notably What Is Property? by Mutalist.png Pierre-Joseph Proudhon.

    In the 19th century, Awaj.png Anarchism as a movement arose, and was incorporated into the socialist movement. This is seen with thinkers such as the aforementioned Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, whose socialistic anarchism was market-oriented, as well as with more communistic anarchists, like the Russian Mikhail Bakunin, who sought a Acol.png collectivist anarchist society which would utilize labor vouchers, as well as the prominent Ancom.png anarchist communist Peter Kropotkin, who sought a completely communistic society, devoid of any form of currency whatsoever. Anarchism when combined with socialist principles would later come to be known as Socan2.png Social Anarchism.

    Ormarxf.png Marxism, which arose from Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, became the most influential socialist philosophy in history. Marx and Engels ideas on philosophy, political economy, sociology and history were influenced primarily by Hegel.png George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Clib.png classical economists such as Adam Smith and David Ricardo, the earlier utopian socialists, and socialist ideals which arose in revolutionary France. Marx and Engels devised a materialist philosophy of history known as historical materialism, and called their form of socialism "scientific socialism" in contrast with utopian socialism. Marxism differed from Utopian Socialism in that it viewed history as a series of class struggles, and saw moving towards socialism within capitalism as futile, instead advocating for revolution.


    An artwork portraying a revolutionary holding a rifle with a red flag on it.

    Soc is usually portrayed as a stereotypical industrial-era unionized worker who really loves striking against Cap.png his boss and usually will follow the personality traits of the various types of socialism portrayed.

    How to Draw

    Socialism is a unicolour ball of Red, a colour associated with Socialism for a pretty long time. Especially in the form of "The Red Flag".

    Flag of Socialism
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw two eyes on the ball.
    3. Fill the ball red.
    4. (Optional) Add a white hammer to differentiate it from the Authleft quadrant ball

    And you're done.

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Red Pigment #ED1C24 237, 28, 36
    White #FFFEFE 255, 254, 254




    • Stalin.png Stalinism - I have many internal conflicts about you. On one hand, you defeated fascism and showed the world how powerful socialist countries can be. On the other hand, you are the reason why so many people in the west are scared of socialism and don't know what it really is!
    • Anego.png Anarcho-Egoism - You raise some valid points against capitalism, but then you complain about some of us being "dogmatic".
    • Welf.png Welfarism - People think I'm you because you care much for the poor, but you can only exist in capitalist societies. You also could go further.
    • Nazbol.png National Bolshevism - My crazy Nazi descendant.
    • Reactsoc.png Reactionary Socialism - My more utopian brother, like Utsoc.png our mother but for some reason very anti-Semitic and racist.
    • Distributist.png Distributism - So close to perfection. Just drop the whole private property thing and we're good.
    • Long.png Longism - Same as above.
    • Liberalsoc.png Liberal Socialism - You're a socialist but you're also a libtard so...
    • Soclib.png Social Liberalism - I mean, he is a liberal, but he did implement quite a bit of socialist-ish policy. Just please stop doing the whole capitalism thing, y'know?
    • Socdem.png Social Democracy - We have a complicated relationship. He thinks it's better to reform capitalism than to get rid of it, and nowadays a lot of people, especially in the US, think he's me even though we're not the same. But I can't blame them for that. After all, we both have similar values. You are better than the guy above though.
    • Nordmodel.png Nordic Model - Same as above.
    • Socauth.png Social Authoritarianism - Same as soclib and socdem, but more authoritative.
    • World.png Globalism - I don't like the unregulated international trade thing, but I like when you help the third world and I also like Globnat.png Socialist Internationalism (mostly).
    • Nation.png Nationalism - Nations divide the working-class, but you see the negatives of global capitalism and Leftnat.png Left-Wing Nationalism serves the nation's working-class.
    • Dengf.png Dengism - What is this? Deng, you are a dirty red capitalist. Also why is there such a high-income gap!? But it is still fun to use you to trigger crapitalists in the west.
    • Juche.png Juche - Wait, how are we even related?
    • Clib.png Classical Liberalism - I remember our good 'ol rivalries, good times.
    • Capcom.png Capitalist Communism - My weird child.
    • Yellsoc.png Yellow Socialism - Red socialism is better than yellow socialism, but at least you're better than capitalism.
    • Strasser.png Strasserism - Too anti-Semitic for my liking. But at least you're better than Nazi.png him.
    • Kemal.png Kemalism - We never forget Kadroist comrades.
    • 3princ.png Tridemism - We never forget Dr. Sun Yat-sen and Left KMT comrades. It's a shame that the modern-day KMT is full of capitalists.
    • ChiangKaiShek.png Chiang Kai-shek Thought - WHY THE HELL DID YOU HAVE TO MURDER LEFT KUOMINTANG MEMBERS??? What do you mean, you're a Socialist?
    • Dem.png Democracy - I am democratic. Socialism means "Democracy in the workplace" after all. Please ignore the Authoritarianism of some of my children Statesoc.png ML.png Stalin.png Mao.png Dengf.png .
    • Soccap.png Social Capitalism - Well I mean you are an abomination, but at least you are a nice one.
    • Socliber.png Social Libertarianism - You are on the thinnest ice imaginable. Like, I'm talking as thin as a bread ration.
    • Neosoc.png Neosocialism - "For though they offer us concessions, change will not come from above!" --- Part of 'The Internationale'.
    • Caesar.png Caesarism - My Ancient Roman Grandfather. At least you care about the people, but did you really have to be imperialist?


    • Nazi.png National ¨Socialism¨ - GERMAN FASCIST WHO STOLE MY FUCKING NAME!
    • Fash.png Fascism - I can't believe that you betrayed us, Benito. Fuck off already, you oppressive pig.
    • Ingsocf.png Ingsoc - You're just like this Nazi.png asshole minus the racism but even more tyrannical, plus all you want is power, you dystopia-loving bastard.
    • Ancapf.png Anarcho-Capitalism - FUCK OFF!!! YOU'RE NOT EVEN AN ANARCHIST!!!
    • Neoliberal.png Neoliberalism - Oh so I'M the one who hates the poor? You literally think that the British colonizing India was good. I'll see myself out on this one.
    • Plutocrat.png Plutocracy - Evil incarnate.
    • React.png Reactionarism & Feud.png Feudalism - FUCK YOU BOTH FOR WHAT YOU DO TO WORKERS! I AM NEVER BEING A SERF AGAIN!
    • Libertarian.png Libertarianism - Socialism is neither "when welfare" nor "when the government", you schizo! You also stole Libsoc.png their name!
    • Authcap.png Authoritarian Capitalism - Proof that Liberal Democracy.png liberal “democracies” are nothing more than rational dictatorships controlled by the bourgeoisie.
    • Thatcher.png Thatcherism - Ding dong the witch is dead!
    • Ecocap.png Eco-Capitalism - “Eco-Friendly Capitalism.” What an actual joke.
    • Necon.png Neoconservatism - You have the audacity to call me an oppressor while you overthrow democratically elected leaders and install bourgeois tyrants around the world. Even Dem.png he hates you. Just ask him!
    • Zelensky.png Zelenskyism - Fuck you Zelensky, you are just a puppet of AmeriKKKa and a ZioNeonazi in denial!!!

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