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    Not to be confused with the philosophies of Anton LaVey and The Satanic Temple known as SecSat.png Atheistic Satanism.

    Satanic Theocracy is a religious Authoritarian (usually, but not exclusively Left) ideology that worships Satan (Theistic Satanism). Its position on cultural axis is highly variable, the most common forms of Satanism are culturally left to far-left but due to the existence of Esofash.png Neo-Nazi Satanism (who's proponents are more likely to strive for a theocratic state) it can vary extremely.


    The "satanic cult" is largely a myth to come out of the Satanic Panic and there are only very very few examples of real satanic cults. Cults by definition are a form of governmental structure, so it is fair to say that closed cults can be cited as historical examples of the system's practice. However actually finding real satanic cults is way harder, currently there seems to be little to no actual evidence of physical and closed satanic cults ever existing in the real world, online cults like the neo-nazi JOS.png Joy of Satan however do provably exist and obviously work off the unquestioned assumption and authority of their version of Satan and their leader in the group's forum, comparing that to a proper government is a stretch however.


    Satanic Theocracy wants to establish a theocratic state with Satan or one of his demons as the head of state. Satanic theocracy is economically undefined and culturally either far-right or center-left to far-left. Those satanists more likely to strive for a theocratic state however, despite making up the minority of satanists, are those which identify as far-right and who work Nazi.png national socialist, Esofash.png racial esoteric, and similar ideas into their religious believes. Examples of which include the Order Of Nine Angles.png Order of the Nine Angles, which even performs satanic rituals towards Hitler directly.


    Satanic Theocracy is extremely edgy, especially around Christian polcompballs. He enjoys activities such as orgies, eating babies, listening to heavy metal, playing Pokémon, stanning serial killers, and worshiping Satan of course!

    How to Draw

    Flag of Satanic Theocracy
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill it with black
    3. Draw an upside down red pentagram in a circle (Pentacle)
    4. Add red horns
    5. Add red eyes and you're done!




    • StateathFedora.png State Atheism - He doesn't believe Satan exists, but better then being a Christcuck!
    • Esofash.png Esoteric Fascism - Also wants to get rid of the christcucks but pagan gods aren't Satan. And as Michael Aquino said, your Wewelsburg is a powerful place for our rituals.
    • PagTheo.png Pagan Theocracy - Hates christcucks but just worships pagan gods, not Lucifer.
    • SecSat.png Atheistic Satanism - HE STOLE MY NAME AND DOESN'T EVEN BELEIVE IN SATAN! At least he sometimes helps bringing people to the truth.
    • Nazi.png National Socialism - You cater to Christcucks which is cringe, but you also brought us the Order Of Nine Angles.png O9A and JOS.png JOS.
    • Altr.png Alt-Right - I love your hatred of the Semitic religions. If you could get rid of the trad christcucks in your movement, that'd be great.


    Further Information

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