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    Religious Rejectionism

    Religious Rejectionism is an ideology and the bastard child of Apolit.png Apoliticism from his college days, who was abandoned by his mother and adopted by a monastery. The son and father are extremely similar, as neither holds a political belief, though he has the excuse that he does not partake in politics because he believes it interferes with his religious practices.


    There are multiple religious reasons why one might reject involvement in politics, especially democratic politics:

    • The belief that the religious identity of a person should be their most important identity. As such focusing on secular politics goes against your religion.
    • The belief that sovereignty is ordained by divine right, and as such to mess with sovereignty is to mess with the divine.
    • The rejection of the legitimacy of the state one lives in based on religious reasons, therefore rejecting the politics of that state.
    • The belief that secular politics is a distraction from religious activities and that they should not get involved.

    There are some faiths that specifically reject participation in politics, including:

    • Jehovah's Witnesses
    • Baha'i Faith
    • Rastafarianism
    • Old Order Amish
    • Hutterites
    • Hellenism (who reject participation in politics which are deemed "not Athdem.png democratic" enough)
    • Shaykhiya
    • Christadelphians

    How to Draw

    Flag of Religious Rejectionism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw an outline of a castle tower from bottom to centre
    3. Draw the eyes



    • Apolit.png Apoliticism - My father, who I haven't seen since I was a kid.
    • Religious.png Religion - The reason I can't stand this political nonsense.
    • Secular.png Secularism - I like to keep my religious belief to myself and not affect anyone.


    • Theocrat.png Theocracies - Respects religion, but also wants political involvement.
    • Feud.png Feudalism - Sinful politics and all that, but he knows a good castle when he sees it.


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