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    Reactionary Modernism

    Reactionary Modernism is a culturally right-wing, pro-technology and in other aspects mostly varied ideology that is the son of React.png Reactionarism. Reactionary Modernism believes that the rejection of Prgess.png culturally liberal Enlightenment values and the support of technological advancement are not contradictory and sometimes can even be complementary.


    ReactPix.png Reactionary Modernism in Europe

    Jeffrey Herf coined the term ReactPix.png Reactionary Modernism in order to discuss the paradoxical European enthusiasm for Totalitarianism & Völkish nationalism, yet also wanted new technological & political innovations & concepts.

    Reactionary Modernism has also been explored as a theme in both literature, & in broader political culture in places like Great Britain, Romania, Greece, Sweden, and Spain.

    Reactionary Modernism has also been used to acknowledge the European philosophical, cultural & political thought during the time in which Fascism was on the rise.

    They are also often very spiritual, believing in many belief systems ranging from deism/pantheism to paganism to any of the Abrahamic religions, which they believe to be necessary for building a harmonious and strong society. They additionally emphasize on everyone abiding to the laws of nature.

    Modern Reactionary Modernism

    Herf believes that Reactionary Modernism can be seen in the current governments of Iran under the Ayatollahs and Iraq under Saddam Hussein. Extremist Islamist groups such as Al Qaeda also display elements of Reactionary Modernism.


    The term Reactionary Modernism was criticized by Thomas Rohkrämer who was qouted for saying "It is simply not strange, or 'paradoxical' to reject the Monkeyzz-Enlightenment.png Enlightenment & embrace technology at the same time', but a common practice in nineteenth- & twentieth-century Germany as well as in many other countries. Instrumental reason and technology are available for an endless number of different purposes, many of which are not humane, or enlightened"

    Roger Griffin also criticized the term by arguing that "Fash.png Fascism as an ideology and movement can be seen as proposing a radical alternative to Lib.png Liberal & Soc.png Socialist visions of what form modernity ideally should take. It represents an uncompromising rejection both of thorough-going liberalism and extreme 'modernism', whose logical culmination it sees as relativism, anomie, subjectivism, and the loss of definitive meaning and 'eternal' values. It is an attempt to re-anchor modern human beings within that highly modern phenomenon, the Totalitarian state through consciously manipulated historical, national & racist myth".

    Personality and Behaviour

    • He enjoys making reaction videos.
    • He is passionate about STEM and rejecting postmodern art.
    • Likes to complain about degeneracy.
    • Likes listening to synthwave and tries to be "aesthetic".

    How to Draw

    Flag of Reactionary Modernism
    1. Draw a ball,
    2. Fill it dark grey
    3. Inside the ball draw a grey gear
    4. Inside the gear draw a gold sword
    5. Draw the eyes, and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Dark Grey #2D2D2D 45, 45, 45
    Grey #7F7F7F 127, 127, 127
    Gold #FFC90E 255, 201, 14



    • Transh.png Transhumanism - Robot arms and healing cancer are cool. Maybe a side dish of eugenics as well.
    • Nrx.png Neoreactionarism - My internet friends.
    • Indust.png Industrialism - Technology is good & so is tradition. Reminds me of those good ol' Prussian days.
    • Antrans.png Technoprimitivism - Reject postmodernity embrace modernity.
    • Corptism.png Corporatism - Corporations working together to make our nation strong makes me happy.
    • Crusadism.png Crusadism - I bet with my technology we can take back the holy land!
    • Falun Gong Theo.png Falun Gong - Ah yes, GETTR, Sagebook and Youmaker social media platforms are good alternative for us!


    • Anprim.png Anarcho-Primitivism - Ooga booga ooga booga.
    • Showa.png Showa Statism - We're good friends but can you cool it with the eugenics and human experiments? We gotta keep good PR.
    • Natbol.png National Bolshevism - Good ideas but still a dirty commie.
    • Nattrans.png National Transhumanism - You're taking things too far.
    • Reactsoc.png Reactionary Socialism - I like your critiques of the Enlightenment but for the love of god, technology isn't THAT bad.
    • Reactlib.png Reactionary Liberalism - Would be based if it weren't for your awful economics.
    • Jihad.png Jihadism - So they say that you're a reactionary modernist huh? I never envisioned you that way but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. And no, I'm not going to watch your goat fucking snuff films.
    • Catheo.png Catholic Theocracy - You are based, I like Catholicism, but why do you always look at me with that confused face?


    • Kak.png Kakistocracy - The reason people still deny technology has helped society.
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberalism - Bad economics, bad environmental policy & bad social policy. You're the reason why our birth rates have declined.
    • Neolud.png Neoluddism - The industrial revolution & its consequences are based!

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