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    Postgenderism is a culturally Ultraprogressivism.png far-left and Transh.png transhumanist ideology. It seeks to abolish the gender binary, as it sees it as repressive and arbitrary. It not only wants to abolish social gender roles but also to make biological sex obsolete through Transh.png transhumanism by using biotechnology and neurotechnology.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Postgenderism
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it in purple.
    3. Draw a lavender circle with a stump at the bottom.
    4. Add the eyes; make one of them robotic.

    You're done!



    • Ormarxf.png Marxism - Extremely based analysis, the nuclear family IS an oppressive power structure!
    • Transh.png Transhumanism - The best way to get rid of gender.
    • Falgsc.png FALGSC - LGBT and transhumanist. Based!
    • Xenofeminism.png Xenofeminism - Doesn't get more based than a feminist who's also a gender abolitionist that wants to achieve their goals with technology.


    • Fem.png Feminism & Menslib.png Men's Liberation - I like that you support equality for all genders, but getting rid of the concept of gender is more logical.
    • Anqueer.png Queer Anarchism - Awww so cute, but as I said above, getting rid of gender is simply better.
    • POSTHUMANISMICON.png Post-Humanism - Too extreme even for me, and your misanthropic tendencies scare me.


    • Pat.png Gender Mat-0.png - Cringe and must be destroyed.
    • Diarchy.png Diarchy - DOWN WITH THE BINARY!

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