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    Postcolonial Feminism

    Postcolonial Feminism is a Prgess.png culturally left, anti-colonial, feminist ideology. It criticizes the Libfem.png mainstream feminist movement, as it sees it as being focused entirely on women in the West. It analyzes how racism and the sociopolitical consequences of colonialism have affected women in postcolonial countries. It seeks to bring aspects of anti-racism, black feminism, and indigenous and third world feminist movements into the mainstream, Western feminist movement.

    It opposes the use of the term "Women" as a single, universal group, as doing so causes women to only be categorized by their gender, and not their class, race or ethnicity.




    BlkFem.png Black Feminism

    See: Blacknat.png Black Nationalism

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it with Black.
    3. Draw a white Venus symbol in the center of the ball.
    4. Add a white bow atop its head.
    5. Add in eyes with eyelashes and you're done!



    • Fem.png Feminism - The second gender must be liberated across the world.
    • Native.png Indigenism - Indigenous women must not be victims of imperialism and exploitation any longer
    • Zapa.png Neozapatismo - Thanks for fighting to help protect indigenous women!
    • Demcon.png Democratic Confederalism - The Womens Protection Units truly are my ideal praxis!
    • Soc21.png Socialism of the 21st Century - Helps indigenous women a lot, so is based.
    • Dawronoyeicon.png Dawronoye - Indigenous Syriac women are truly some of the most oppressed in the Middle East, that's why the set up the Beth-Nahrin Women's Protection Forces together.


    • Pacfem-1.png Pacifist Feminism - Though a fellow feminist, you say your magick is based on secret indiginous ceremonies, but you are actually just a weird white girl with a candle collection.
    • Confem.png Conservative Feminism - While we both agree that forcing western liberal standards and values down people's throat is bad, you should stop being such a Karen.


    • Libfem.png Liberal Feminism - The experiences of first world priviledged liberal upper-middle class white women do not represent all the women of the world.
    • Imp.png Imperialism - Imperialism and colonial exploitation is the #1 oppressor of women across the world.
    • Racenat.png Racial Nationalism - I don't think that I have to explain why racism is bad.

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