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    Populism is a non-quadrant ball used to represent generic populism, without left or right connotations.

    It focuses on appealing to a large amount of people and their sensibilities, believing that what the masses want must be what the masses get. This will lead to society's prosperity and the wellbeing of all being raised as the people guide themselves.

    It can take on many forms, as it's only requirement is that it represents a movement by the people for the people. This causes it to have no real political affiliation. Though often is associated with democracies due to it's reliance on popular support.


    Populism has been an ever present force throughout history. Whenever the masses of a nation couldn't fulfill their needs, or otherwise got upset with the current state of affairs they rise up. Typically populism is within their movement, even if not the front and center ideology. Today we see it's influence primarily in politicians and their rhetoric. Appeals to the sensibilties and morals of a large group in society, as well as the creation of programs or works demanded by large groups in society, are hallmarks of a populist politician.

    From the Grain Dole in Rome, the many Peasant Revolts in Europe, American Independence, The Rise of Napoleon, the October Revolution in Russia, and the Fall of the Berlin Wall populism has stood throughout history. It's people driven nature ensures that as long as there are societies in need, it will proceed onwards.

    Cball-Italy.png Italy Fivestaricon.png

    Fivestaricon.png The Five Star Movement is an Italian political party. It has been the largest political party in government since 2018. They are a big-tent populist movement, having been both labeled as Lpop.png far-left and Rpop-tinfoilhat.png far-right by various media outlets because while they are generally pro-welfare including Universal Basic Income and very environmentalist, they are also moderately Euroskeptic and anti-immigration, though it was a member of the generally Rpop-tinfoilhat.png Right-Wing Populist EU parliament group "Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy" which was led by UKUKIP.png Nigel Farage.

    Cball-Ukraine.png Ukraine Sluhanarodu.png

    Zesluhanoradu.png Servant of the People is a Ukrainian political party, which is holding the most seats in the Ukrainian parliament since 2019. It is characterized as Radcent.png radical centrist, Soclib.png social liberal and at first Libertarian.png libertarian and Liberalsoc.png liberal socialist. Overall, the party eventually settled on Moder.png Centrism, but remains populist at its core.

    SotP's former leader, Oleksandr Korniyenko said:

    We are Modnat.png patriots and even Nation.png nationalists when it comes to protecting the borders of our country. We are Humanismpix.png humanists when it comes to protecting human rights. We are Libertarian.png libertarians when we open markets for land, alcohol, amber with transparent rights for all. We are Regulationism.png statesmen when it comes to tax discipline. We are Lib.png liberals when we defend human property and economic freedom. We are Liberalsoc.png socialists when it comes to protecting and providing for pensioners, veterans, everyone who needs it.

    Some of the members have even expressed pro-Russian views, but were either expelled from the party, changed their mind or immigrated to Russia after the 2022 invasion.


    Populism is a fairly laid-back ball that, nonetheless, considers itself a champion of the people and never support decisions that go against the wishes of the wider populace. Only really cares about something if others care about it, more of a go with the flow kind of guy.

    Obviously, says things that are very popular within the general populace, but once they're in power... well, it's a whole other story.

    How To Draw

    Flag of Populism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill it with white
    3. Draw a fist in black
    4. Add the eyes and you're done
    Color Name HEX RGB
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Black #141414 20, 20, 20



    • Rpop-tinfoilhat.png Right-Wing Populism - My right-wing son, who helps people through tax cuts, deregulation and preserving culture.
    • Lpop.png Left-Wing Populism - My left-wing son, who helps people through welfare, equality and taxing the rich.
    • Ispop.png Islamic Populism - My Muslim son, who helps people regarding Islamic affairs.
    • Populare.png Populareism - Power to the plebs!


    • Dem.png Democracy - Similar to me, but often results in corruption that I end up having to clear out.
    • Synclib.png Syncretic Liberalism - Good direction. But you still give platform to established politicians who don't really care about the people...
    • Ochlo.png Ochlocracy - Calm down will ye? Do you have any sense of respect? Also, you need to elect me to help the people rather than people helping themselves.
    • Auto.png Autocracy - Worse than Oligarchy. Tyrant! Abuser of power! But I sometimes become you during my fight against the elite.
    • Kak.png Kakistocracy - An useful idiot to manipulate


    • Corp.png Corporatocracy - You don't care about the people, you only care about your profits!
    • Klep.png Kleptocracy - Same as above, you steal people's money for your own personal gain! (What do you mean I helped you get into power?)
    • Oligarchy.png Oligarchy - You are killing us! (Wait, I helped Fake populist.png you too?! Oh god what have I done...)

    Further Information

    Wikipedia.png Wikipedia


    This list is for populist parties that present themselves as neither left or right wing in nature. Rpop-tinfoilhat.png Rightpop and Leftpop-0.png Leftpop Parties are on their respective pages only.

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