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    Polish Falangism (Polfal), also known as National Radicalism, is a Polish ultranationalist ideology which is economically third-position, civically totalitarian, culturally far-right and very anti-semitic.


    National Radical Camp (1934)

    Polish Falangism was birthed from the National Radical Camp, a splinter group of the right-wing EndecjaPix.png National Party, on 14 April 1934 by the more extreme youth who were fascinated with Nazi.png Nazi Germany. The organization on several occasions attacked leftist political organizations and the police, supported "class solidarity", anti-semitic laws such as the nationalization of Jewish-owned businesses and encouraged riots against Jews. The Polish government banned the party just three months after its formation.

    After Outlawing (1935)

    Following the banning of the National Radical Camp, two splinter groups were formed, both of which organizations were officially illegal as well: RNR-Falanga and ONR-ABC. The former of which was more prominent than the latter and extreme than the original. Their ideology was based off the Flang.png Falangism in Spain, but with a much more central focus on Catholicism. They were also adamantly critical of Cap.png Capitalism and supported the revocation of Jewish citizenship.

    During the German occupation, the Falanga and ABC were a small force in the resistance movement. They were not supportive of the mainstream Polish Underground State. They would eventually merge into the Konfederacja Narodu, a far-right alternative to the Moder.png Moderate and ML.png Communist leaning movements. In the end, the Soviets occupied Poland and many members became enemies of the state.

    Modern Day (since 1993)

    The National Radical Camp was revived in 1993 as a far-right movement, like its historical predecessors. It retains much the same beliefs and is labeled as a Fash.png Fascist and Nazi.png Neo-Nazi group.

    Personality and Behavior


    How to Draw

    Flag of Polish Falangism
    1. Draw a ball and color the inside dark green.
    2. Using white, draw a minimalist hand holding a sword, known the as the Falanga or Phalanx, in the center of the ball. Optionally, draw it upside-down as a reference to Polandball.
    3. Draw the eyes.

    You're done!

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Dark Green #006E4E 0, 110, 78
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255





    Further Information




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