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    Person Dignity Theory

    Person Dignity Theory is an Authunity.png Authoritarian Unity and Trad.png Culturally Right ideology created and developed by a Vietnamese Politician named Ngô Đình Nhu. It was the official ideology of the Personalist Labor Revolutionary Party in Cball-SouthVietnam.png South Vietnam, in opposition to the Hochi.png Communist Party of Vietnam.

    Foundations and Beliefs

    The "Three Theories" that made up the ideology are:

    Persondignity.png Personalism

    Person Dignity Theory places much emphasis on the human condition. It believes that a country should be led by a charismatic leader.

    Community.png Community

    This ideology states that each individual has obligations to serve the community. It seeks to preserve the family unit, Nation.png the nation, Community.png society, Humanismpix.png humanity, and Envi.png nature.

    Spirit.png Spirituality

    This ideology opposes both economic materialism (consumerism) in Cap.png capitalism and dialectical materialism in Ormarxf.png communism. It favors the spiritual fulfilment of human beings, as opposed to being instruments of production. It believes the Markets.png market must not just serve the individual, but should also be subordinated to the common good, and the community as a whole. For this reason, Person Dignity Theory views a Soccap.png social market economy as an ideal compromise.



    How to Draw

    Flag of Person Dignity Theory

    Drawing Person Dignity Theory should be very simple:

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Separate the ball in a vertical line
    3. Color the left half of the ball with red
    4. Color the right half of the ball with green
    5. Draw the 3 red stars in the right half that makes the upside down triangle position
    6. Draw the eyes and it's finished.
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Green #0DA400 13, 164, 0
    Red #DA251D 218, 37, 29



    • Soccap.png Social Capitalism - My economic system.
    • Ilminism.png Ilminism - South Good, North Bad!
    • RightKMT.png Tridemism - TAIWAN #1!
    • WelfChauvin.png Welfare Chauvinism - Welfare and Nationalism? Come and join the Can Lao Party!
    • React.png Reactionarism - Just extremely preserving Vietnamese culture.
    • Crusadism.png Crusadism - Killing "infidels" and Hierarchism! I would be a "modern day", counterpart of you.
    • Catheo.png Catholic Theocracy - He is marvellous but says that I'm too hateful and not Christian.
    • Altr.png Alt-Right - Fellow Nationalist from abroad and online hater of commies. Why does he like me so much?


    • Necon.png Neoconservatism - Thanks for supporting me against Hochi.png him, but why did you let me get overthrown just because I wouldn't listen to all of your orders?
    • Strato.png Stratocracy - Thank you for killing the Bud.png Buddhists but why did you shoot me?
    • Cdem.png Christian Democracy - Just remove the second part.
    • Polpot.png Pol Potism - Fellow Reactionary, you fought the the northern traitors and killed Buddhists but you hate Christians, and you are a commie maniac so yeah.
    • Dengf.png Dengism - Hates Mao, somewhat culturally right, supported Pol Pot, instead of the Northern scum and Anti-Buddhist but a filthy Anti-Catholic.


    Further Information


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