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    Peronism, or Justicialism, is a center to left ideology, statist, populist, and sometimes considered Sec.png authoritarian, mostly because of certain means of indoctrination it uses/d. It's usually a culturally progressive ideology, but may vary, and is considered to be very similar to some sorts of Socdem.png Social Democracy (with many of its basis being re-distribution of wealth, giving more power to unions, Protect.png protectionism, etc.) but overall it's a very vague ideology that varies a lot from each time it's been put in practice, even by Peron himself.

    Altough, as stated previously, it tends to be left-wing, in certain ocassions modern Peronism has adapted a lot of different ideologies, such as Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberalism, Conserv.png Conservatism, Socdem.png Social Democracy and Lpop.png Left-Wing Populism to adapt to the changing (and largely unstable) political environment of Argentina, and gain popular approbation (usual behavior among populist ideologies).


    Kirch.png Kirchnerism

    Kirchnerism is an economically center-left to left, culturally moderate to progressive ideology that believes in low external debt, industrialization and developmentalism. Kirchnerism has five main economic tenets:

    • Take no measures that increase the fiscal deficit.
    • Take no measures that increase the trade deficit.
    • Accumulate reserves in the central bank.
    • Keep the exchange rate very high to stay competitive and favor exports.
    • Pay off the external debt and do not acquire new debt.

    These can be summed up as: keep exports higher than imports, favor high exchange rates and pay off outstanding debts

    Menem.png Menemism

    Menemism comes from the policies made by President Carlos Menem. He is economically Right-Wing and culturally Right, and may vary from Right-Unity or LibRight (generally). In general it is based on:

    Montoneros.png Tendencia Revolucionaria


    ArgentineAnticommunistAlliance.png Triple A



    They hate Argrad.png Argentine Radicalism, despite some big similarities, since they're their main political rivals.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Peronism

    Drawing Peronism requires a few steps:

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw a Light-blue line and fill the right part with the same color and the left part with white.
    3. Draw the Justicialist symbol
    4. Add the eyes, and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Light-blue #74ACDF 116, 172, 223
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255



    • Authdem.png Authoritarian Democracy - Democracy is good as long as I'm the one to get elected.
    • Socauth.png Social Authoritarianism - I like where this is going...
    • Synd.png Syndicalism - How I got to power.
    • WelfChauvin.png Welfare Chauvinism - Finally someone who gets me!
    • Long.png Longism - Pretty much my American equivalent.
    • Welf.png Welfarism - Keeping books on social aid is capitalistic nonsense.
    • Protect.png Protectionism - Gotta P R O T E C T the national industry.
    • Fash.png Fascism - My influential father who influenced my economic views very much. Benito was epic ngl.
    • Cfash.png Clerical Fascism - "Justicialism is a new philosophy of life: simple, practical, of the common people, and profoundly Christian and humanist." Also, I gave harbor to Ustase.png Pavelic.
    • Pop.png Populism - We need support from our folks, whatever the cost!
    • Keynes.png Keynesianism - The govt go spenddd,
    • Franco.png Francoism - He let me spend my exile in his country.
    • Kak.png Kakistocracy - I appointed my third wife who didn't even get middle education as VP. What can possibly go wrong?


    • Guevara.png Guevarism - Good friend, but what's all this foco stuff?
    • Socdem.png Social Democracy - I like labor parties though they seem to be very mild when compared to me. Many of these people in my country claim to be the REAL left wing Peronists they fight a lot with these other Socdem.png Peronists.
    • Patcon.png Paternalistic Conservatism - I liked the tories back when they actually cared about the common man. Many of these people in my country claim to be the REAL right wing Peronists they fight a lot with these other Patcon.png Peronists.
    • Cap.png Capitalism - I don't despise you but you have to be really well-controlled by really powerful unions, labor laws, tariffs, etc... and pay lots of taxes.
    • Lpop.png Left-Wing Populism - Too much left-wing for my tastes, other than my kirchnerist side.
    • Kirch.png Kirchnerism - You're very progressive, and very left-wing... I don't know what to think about you...
    • Nazi.png National Socialism - Thanks for all the gold and talented refugees such as Skorzeny, but why the antisemitism?
    • Esofash.png Esoteric Fascism - I harbor you, but you really scare me. Don't look up Jose Lopez Rega.
    • Leftnat.png Left-Wing Nationalism - We're pretty similar but you want to establish socialism instead of just limiting capitalism and nationalizing certain services. Also you should stop putting bombs everywhere...
    • Sec.png Authoritarianism - People keep confusing me with you. No, I am not a dictator, I'm a conductor.
    • Caudillo.png Caudillismo - For the last time I'm not a dictator I'm a CONDUCTOR know the difference!
    • Soc21.png Socialism of the 21st Century - My Menemist side wants to kill you but my Kirchnerist side loves you. Idk what to say...
    • Conlib.png Conservative Liberalism - On my federalist side you are alright.
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberalism - Fucking capitalists, you destroyed Argentina!!! Though my Memenist side likes you.
    • Antcent.png Anti-Centrism - I know my party has meant and means a lot of different things, but we're not that extreme.
    • Liberalconservative.png Liberal Conservatism - Although you are a fake conservative, I'll tolerate you because of my Macrist side... PERO LAS MALVINAS SON ARGENTINAS!
    • Whitesup.png White Nationalism - Now, I'm not a racist. All I'm saying is that, unlike Mexicans, who came from the Indians, and Brazilians, who came from the jungle, we Argentinians came from boats from Europe.
    • Nacionalismo.png Nacionalismo - My... let's say antiquated father. I started as his secretary of labour before rising above him.
    • Nalib.png National Liberalism - At least you are a soveranist also again Menem like you.


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    1. No kidding, she dropped out after 5th grade of school
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