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    Paternalistic Conservatism

    Paternalistic Conservatism (PatCon) is a economically center to center-left policies, cuturally centre-right to right-wing ideology which combines SocialConservative.png social conservatism with Regulationism.png economic interventionism, under the belief of Patern.png Paternalism and Community.png Communitarianism. Consistent with principles such as duty, hierarchy and organicism, it can be seen an outgrowth of Tradcon.png Traditionalist Conservatism. Paternalistic Conservatives support neither the individual nor the state in principle, but are instead prepared to support either or recommend a balance between the two depending on what is most practical thus making them civically moderate. Paternalistic Conservatism was first formed in the 19th century as a response to the social unrest of the industry revolution, which caused conservatives to move away from classical economics and individualism and start to advocate for more state intervention, regulation and support of the welfare state, before starting to embrace Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberal economics in the 80s after the rise of Thatcher.png Margaret Thatcher. Patcons adopt policies similar to Socdem.png Social Democracy or a Soccap.png Social Market Economy.


    Cball-France.png France

    Main article: Gaullismicon2.png Gaullism

    Cball-Germany.png Germany

    Main article: Bism.png Bismarckism

    In Germany, the paternalistic conservative movement primarily stems from the policies of Bism.png Otto von Bismarck as the chancellor of the German Empire, mostly in the 1880's. These being insurance-based welfare systems outlined in Health Insurance, Accident Insurance, Old age and disability insurance, Worker's protection and Children's Protection acts of 1883, 1884, 1889, 1891 and 1903 respectively.

    In the May of 1863, back when Bismarck was the Prime Minister of Prussia sent a letter to the Socdem.png social democrat Ferdinand Lassalle which started a series of political meetings between the two.[4]

    Cball-Poland.png Poland

    In Poland there's a strong divide between conservative view of economic policy, both of them being generally based on an opposition to ML.png communism of the previous PRL era. The primary of those while favouring a somewhat capitalistic economy that is very strongly controlled by the state, expressed by the Law and Justice PartyPiS.png, and the secondary one favoring laissez-faire economics, as expressed by the Konfa.png Konfederacja Coalition.

    Cball-UK.png United Kingdom

    Paternalistic Conservatism originally stems from the United Kingdom in the 1840's from the works of Benjamin Disraeli and from the wider Onenatcon.png One-Nation Conservative movement, although who did not gain significant power until the 1870's. Disraeli's terms in office can be said to be the Britain's first real shift away from laissez-faire economics and it's modern welfare system.

    Another major moment in the history of British paternalistic conservatism is the post-war consensus between the Labour and Conservative Parties, which was an agreement between the both parties to both support Keynes.png Keynesian economic policies and the welfare state.

    The Cball-UK.png Social Democratic Party in the UK has a similar outlook to that of a Paternalistic Conservative.

    Peter Hitchens is a controversial writer and journalist known for his staunchly socially conservative views, such as being opposed to same-sex marriage and the trans community. As a former Soc-h.png Socialist however, he still retains social democratic views on economics.

    Cball-Romania.png East Balkans Cball-Bulgaria.png

    In other European countries, such as Cball-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria and Cball-Romania.png Romania, the major social democratic parties tend to incorporate social conservative and moderate nationalist/patriotic views into their platforms, and can as such be viewed as a form of paternalistic conservatism or conservative social democracy.

    Cball-Ukraine.png Ukraine

    In Ukraine, PatCon can be seen in YuTymoshenko.png "Fatherland". Though the party officialy presents itself as Libconserv3.png liberal conservative, Cdem.png christian democratic and Civnat.png liberal nationalist, they support the expansion of social security, lifting the moratorium on land sales, are against the sale of agricultural land and strategic enterprises and even support raising tariffs for housing and communal services for the population, though previously the party was against the latter.

    Cball-US.png United States

    William Jennings Bryan was an American politician who supported Lpop.png populist economic views, such as regulating corporations and free silver, while holding conservative social beliefs such as creationism and Confed.png states' rights,although he strongly supported Suffragette.png Women's suffrage He was running for presidency in 1896, 1900 and 1908 as a Demcr.png Democrat against McKinley.png William McKinley and Taft.png William Howard Taft, respectively, but lost. He was also influenced by Jeffersondem2.png Jeffersonian Democracy.

    Long.png Huey Long was another famous paternalistic conservative. Like Bryan, Long had Lpop.png populist economic views, expanding social programs, infrastructure, and education in Louisiana and proposing the famous “Share Our Wealth” program, which Long saw as a better alternative to the “insufficiently radical” New Deal. However, Long also implemented conservative and religious social policies, such as skirting the separation of church by supporting parochial schools and cracking down on “immoral” gambling dens across the state.

    While the RepubUS.png Republican Party have been primarily staunch supporters of Marketeconomy.png Free-Market Capitalism and Fiscon.png Fiscal Conservatism since the rise of Reagan.png Ronald Reagan, recently there has been a few who favor a more Community.png Communitarian and mildly state interventionist approach. The two prominent examples being Senator Josh Hawley and FoxNews.png Fox News host Tucker Carlson, with the latter having criticised Austrobert.png right-libertarian economics and having said "the free-market is not a religion".

    The Demcr.png Democrats also have some politicians who are considered to be more conservative on social issues than economic ones and support some form of ideological Community.png Communitarianism, most commonly in RuralDem.png rural areas. Notable examples include Joe Donnelly, Paleoliberal.png Bob Casey Jr., and Jon Bel Edwards.

    Cball-Italy.png Italy

    In Italy, some Paternalistic Conservatives resemblance can be found in "Left-leaning factions" of Lega Nord, Fratelli d'Italia and rarely in some people inside Forza Italia.

    Cball-Ireland.png Ireland

    Aontú is a political party in Ireland that carries syncretic politics carrying a socio-culturally conservative platform alongside a social market economy which has a heavy resemblance to the idea of paternalistic conservatism. The leader of the party is Cball-Ireland.png Peadar Tóibín.

    Cball-Botswana.png Botswana

    Paternalistic conservatism in Botswana exists in the form of the Khama.png Botswana Democratic Party, which was founded by the country's first president and prime minister, Seretse Khama. Under Khama's leadership, the country went through fast economic growth and positive social changes. It remains the country's largest party in its National Assembly.

    Argentina.png Argentina

    Main article: Pron.png Peronism

    Peron, founder of the Justicialist Party, installed a sort of right-wing socialism in Argentina during his first period in the presidency, beginning in 1946. It combined generous Government welfare programs and a large economic role for the state with religious conservatism and respect for private property.

    Cball-Brazil.png Brazil

    In Brazil paternalistic conservatism can arguably be used to describe the policies of Getulism.pngGetúlio Vargas before the Estado Novo and after being reelected, as he pushed for many social democratic policies such as welfare, higher minimum wage among other worker reforms while being both paternalistic and very conservative in his policies, in the modern day paternalistic conservatism can be seen in part manifested in some parts of the Brazilian Social Democracy Party like with presendential candidate João Doria, aside from that in Brazil social democratic economics tend to be popular while conservatism is too leading to paternalistic conservatism being a somewhat influential ideology in certain parts of the country, although recently the right has turned more to liberalism.


    Although Paternalistic Conservatism is in favor of intervention in the economy when necessary it is not in favor of a command economy. Paternalistic Conservatism and Long.png Longism are currently the only two Authleft.png Authoritarian Left ideologies that do not identify as Soc-h.png Socialist of any kind and should be portrayed being irritated when they are called that. Rather, their beliefs meant to provide an alternative to socialism with Pop.png Populist economics. Paternalistic Conservatism and Long.png Longism both favor moderately regulated and populist market capitalism with a moderate to strong welfare state. Culturally, Long.png Longism is influenced by biblical teachings while Paternalistic Conservatism can vary in its support of religious institutions (most of the time, however, there is strong support for religious institutions from Paternalistic Conservatism).


    PatCon will act a bit of a "conservative boomer" as compared to other Social-Democratic balls and emphasizes on acting proper and hard-working.

    Ironically he calls his dad socdem a boomer because of how boomers created the hippies. He does the same for conservative leaning neoliberals.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Paternalistic Conservatism
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    2. Fill it Blue
    3. Draw a white rose
    4. Add the eyes and you're done!
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    • Tradcon.png Classical Conservatism - I am an outgrowth of you. Defend the little platoons!
    • Onenatcon.png One-Nation Conservatism - You take a lot of my ideas!
    • Cdem.png Christian Democracy - A great friend of mine! Christianity, based! Democracy, also based!
    • Bism.png Bismarckism - One of my oldest and bestest friends. And I can't thank you enough for pretty much pioneering the modern day welfare state.
    • Conserv.png Conservatism Con-t.png - Based cultural views. I'm your key to winning the working class vote. Focus on the values of the working class and we can reconcile.
    • Long.png Longism - Fellow AuthLeft non-socialist. I'll say it again, we're not socialists!
    • Nordmodel.png Nordic Model - Great brother with great ideas! But why are you so progressive?
    • Eccon.png Eco-Conservatism - Economic regulation to protect the Environment? Social Conservatism? All perfect. Plus, Nixon increased welfare spending and proposed a form of basic income.
    • Progconf.png Progressive Conservatism - We carry a lot in common but you are quite broad so I ain't too sure. You're ok I guess.
    • Community.png Communitarianism - You are also quite similar to me, but you are more general and I'm more specific.
    • Natcon.png National Conservatism - Based!
    • WelfChauvin.png Welfare Chauvinism - The more modern, ultranationalist equivalent to me. You take things to the extreme. But you are based and redpilled as the youth say.
    • Orlib.png Ordo-Liberalism - A liberal who likes order. And his Soccap.png economic system is quite based! Definitely has my respect.
    • Rockrep.png Rockefeller Republicanism - Similar to above but even better.
    • PiS.png Kaczysm - Our Polish brother.
    • Social corpratism.png Social Corporatism - Fellow enjoyer of communitarian economics.
    • Necon.png Neoconservatism - PiS, George W. Bush, and Alvaro Uribe expanded the welfare state. You should spend less on warfare and more on welfare tho


    • Sanacja.png Sanationism - Respect for The Marshal! PIS loves you but for your time you were progressive.
    • Libcon.png Libertarian Conservatism - Libertarianism... really? How are you going to preserve culture through a minimal state and hyper-individualist economy?
    • Soclib.png Social Liberalism - You may be a liberal, but that new deal of yours is pretty cool.
    • Socdem.png Social Democracy - Based economic views but can you stop hanging out with Prog-u.png Progressivism, please?
    • Liberalconservative.png Liberal Conservatism Libconserv3.png - Not bad, but the economy is a bit too deregulated for me.
    • Consocf.png Conservative Socialism - We are quite similar, but why are you sympathetic to Marxist ideals?
    • Cap.png Capitalism - I like your markets and competition stuff but for the love of god, follow my regulations and pay your taxes!
    • Yellsoc.png Yellow Socialism - You're alright in some ways, but can you tone down the antisemitism?
    • Socliber.png Social Libertarianism - Ugh, progressive and libertarian. But you do propose welfare and some regulation, so not that bad after all.
    • Trumpism.png Trumpism - Early in your campaign you promised cheaper healthcare and decent economic protections. Why didn't you follow up on that?
    • Nalib.png National Liberalism - We both liked Brexit. That's about it.
    • Rpop-tinfoilhat.png Right-Wing Populism - We have one or two things that overlap, but overall you're a mixed bag.


    • Prog-u.png Progressivism - Yeah, I don't like you and your performative activism. Darn hippie!
    • Conlib.png Conservative Liberalism - You might be culturally conservative but your free market policies will corrupt our society with Pinkcap.png decadance, fake conservative.
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberalism - I remember back when I was the dominant ideology in the Tory Party, until you came in with all your privatization, ruining the post-war dream! I hate how you took over right-wing politics in the late twentieth century! Also, most of your followers are degenerate SJWs nowadays.
    • Pinkcap.png Pink Capitalism - Progressivism and unfettered capitalism, ugh!
    • ML.png Marxism–Leninism - Bloody Tankie! Though I agree that some aspects of capitalism are degenerate, communism is an absolute abomination!
    • Mao.png Maoism - Aren't you just ML.png Tankie again?
    • Juche.png Juche - Madness!
    • Nazi.png Nazism - NO. JUST NO.
    • Nazbol.png National Bolshevism - Are you not just Nazi.png that psycho again?
    • Libertarian.png Libertarianism - I AM NOT! A! SOCIALIST!!
    • Korwinism-Pikselart.png Korwinism & Reactlib.png Reactionary Liberalism - MFs called me a "commie with a cross".
    • Klep.png Kleptocracy - Fuck you, Kleptocratic Scumbag ! Based PSD, PIS, PSDB and Nixon though
    • Neolud.png Neoluddism - No! Not that Ted Kaczynski.png Kaczynski!

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