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    This page is about ideologies considered so extreme, they lie beyond the boundaries of the traditional Political Compass. For the ideology about rejecting on-compass ideologies, see Anti-Realism.
    Anti-Realism: Off-Compass Political Ideologies by TheLegend2T

    Ideologies that are Off The Compass, collectively known as off-compass ideologies, are ideologies recognized within the PolCompBall community to be so radical, they exist beyond the limits of the Political Compass. These ideologies take the axes of the Political Compass to their logical extremes, such as extreme authoritarianism in the form of Orwellian totalitarianism or extreme laissez-faire capitalism manifesting as Social Darwinism.

    The Off-Compass designation originates from the common understanding of the Political Compass as possessing a finite scope, with Marxism–Leninism (or Stalinism), Authoritarian (or National) Capitalism, Anarcho-Communism and Anarcho-Capitalism representing the four corners of the Political Compass. Ideologies with more extreme characteristics than these are consequently regarded as off-compass ideologies.


    Off-compass ideologies received limited recognition before their popularization within the Polcompball community in 2020, although early Political Compass memes acknowledged Ingsoc and Egoism as being off-compass with respect to the civic axis.

    The earliest known Political Compass meme including off-compass ideologies features Egoism and Anarcho-Individualism as off-compass anarchists.

    Communalism and Social Darwinism were developed by Monkeysszz to represent the off-compass economic left and right wing respectively. Ingsoc, Egoism, Communalism and Social Darwinism feature on the r/politicalcompassmemes post Always bigger fish, representing off-compass unities. This post was later cross-posted on r/polcompball by TheGhostofInky.

    Monkeysszz and StormTiger2304 subsequently designed and developed five more ideologies that were considered off-compass on the statist, economic and cultural axes: Hive-Mind Collectivism (Totalitarian Communalism), Kraterocracy (totalitarian Darwinism), Soulism (Egoist Communalism), Avaritionism (Egoist Darwinism), and Anti-Realism. The off-compass ideologies with respect to the technological axis, Primal Primitivism and Post-Humanism, were designed by ErinIsHere. Other notable, community-developed off-compass ideologies that do not represent axial extremes, for example Senatorialism.


    Realicide, or Grej, is a fanmade spin-off of Jreg's Centricide series, voiced and directed by ErinIsHere, featuring illustrations by mothsprite and music by Farthys. The series focuses on Ingsoc, Egoism, Communalism and Social Darwinism uniting to eliminate on-compass ideologies despite their stark mutual differences.

    Axes examples

    • Off-compass Left/Socialism - Rejects not only private property but also personal property. Ideal example is Communalism
    • Off-compass Right/Capitalism - They wants to legalize murder, theft, torture, which should lead to survivor of the strongest. They often but not always wants to privatize everything. Ideal example is Social Darwinism and Avaritionism
    • Off-Compass Libertarian - They want to not only abolish government but also all laws, morality, and other things that limits individual freedom. Ideal examples are Egoism, Anarcho-Nihilism and Post-Anarchism.
    • Off-Compass Authoritarian - That ideologies wants totalitarian state that controls entire life of their citizens, advocates mass surveillance, extreme censorship (including abolishing words like "freedom"), constant war (not always) and very punitive justice like tortures and public executions. Best example is Ingsoc, Neo-Bolshevism and Death Worship.
    • Off-Compass Primitivism - Simply it wants to reject everything made by civilization and return to animal state. Best example is Primal Primitivism
    • Off-Compass Technology - They want to reject biological life and replace it by artificial intelligence. Best example is Post-Humanism.
    • Off-Compass Progressivism - They want to destroy all culture from past and rewrite it. Best example of it is Noveltism
    • Off-Compass Traditionalism - They want to recover all culture from past and reject everything that is new. Best example of it is Antiquitism.
    • Off-Compass Globalism - They want to unite entire world under one government, military, currency, bank, and so on. In future they want to unite galaxy, and if it's technically possible our Universe.
    • Off-Compass Nationalism - They believe that their nation is superior and can conquer, subjugate and genocide others. In future they may want go into space and conquer alien races.
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