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    Noocracy ('Rule of the Wise') also called Epistocracy ('Rule of the Knowledgeable')[1][2] is a system of government within which authority is delegated to people based on their knowledge, those people traditionally being philosophers. The concept has its origins in Ancient Greek philosophy and the concept of 'The Philosopher Monarch.png King'. A notable example of a noocracy was the Caesar.png Roman Empire during the reign of Marcus Aurelius, who contributed to the philosophy of Stoicism.


    The first attempt to implement Noocracy was Pythagoras' city of the wise which he planned to build in Italy together with his followers. Another example of Noocracy is philosopher kings, examples of philosopher kings are Dion of Syracuse, Marcus Aurelius, Khosrow I, and Matthias Corvinus.


    Noocracy believes in a system of governance where decision-making is in the hands of philosophers, these philosophers could be philosopher kings. Philosopher kings are rulers who possess both a love of wisdom, as well as intelligence, reliability, and a willingness to live a simple life. Noocracy also criticizes democracy for the irrationality of voters and that the average voter doesn't have the necessary knowledge to decide on means to achieve their political aims.

    Personality and Behavior

    • They usually represent whatever philosopher you want to represent in your comic,
    • They love to read works on philosophy,
    • They despise the Roman emperor Commodus.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Noocracy
    1. Draw a ball,
    2. Fill it with yellow,
    3. In the centre of the ball, in grey, draw a circle with a space on its bottom connected to two vertical lines on its upper half,
    4. Below this shape, again in grey, draw the same shape but inverted on its bottom half,
    5. Add the eyes, and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Yellow #EAC313 234, 195, 19
    Grey #333333 51, 51, 51




    • Ingsocf.png Ingsoc - I think you're taking the "the average citizen can't make the right decision" idea just a little too far.
    • Arist.png Aristocracy - They are pompous and foolish, but they do have the right idea about who shouldn't rule.
    • Cybercr.png Cyberocracy - You're smart but too unwise to actually hold power. You need to grow older and gain more experience before you are a worthy heir.
    • Cosmic.png Cosmicism - You are wise, my child, and filled with an admirable desire for philosophy and progress, but you are also filled with too much dread.


    • Dem.png Democracy - I find your system too flawed to be sufficient for the people.
    • Kak.png Kakistocracy - By what basis do you believe the mentally daft to be just rulers of a state?
    • Senatorialism (Tentacles).png Senatorialism - Eldritch abomination. Conceptual impossibility. Your very existence violates the laws etched into the universe.
    • Ochlo.png Ochlocracy - Your system is an abomination.

    Further Information




    1. Epistocracy, Wiktionary
    2. Votes of No Confidence by Jerediah Purdy



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