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    Neolibertarianism is an economically Cap.png right-wing, moderate Libright-yellow.png libertarian, and culturally Cultcenter.png variable, albeit usually, Trad.png right-leaning ideology who is the child of Libertarian.png Libertarianism and Necon.png Neoconservatism. His beliefs stem from the concept that negative rights are largely incompatible with a strictly limited government, and thus, he is generally supportive of government involvement in society as long as it "promotes greater liberty". The most generally distinguished of these policies Neobert believes "promote greater liberty" are foreign military interventions, which puts him at odds with the majority of the people within Libertarian.png his quadrant while being very friendly to Necon.png Neoconservatism.

    On this wiki, he is used to representing the ideology of conservative commentator Shapirocube.png Ben Shapiro, over large disagreement on whether he's a Libcon.png Libertarian Conservative[3](which he self-describes as), or a Necon.png Neoconservative[4](for his strong support of American foreign interventionism).


    The first neolibertarians used the term in response to the Iraq War. Distancing themselves from the generally anti-war response of the mainstream Libertarian.png libertarian movement, neolibertarians proudly set out their reasons for supporting the War on Terror and an effort to secure the freedom of the Iraqi people.

    While most libertarians tend to adopt isolationist positions on issues and matters of war, neolibertarians range anywhere from ambivalent to strongly for intervention: The Hussein.png Iraq War, and to a lesser extent, the U.S. Invasion of Cball-Taliban.png Afghanistan represent ongoing disputes between these factions.

    Another key difference is in regards to domestic policy, where neolibertarians are strong advocates of incrementalism, i.e. making many small changes over time. By contrast, mainstream libertarians tend to advocate for drastic, almost-immediate policy changes.

    Despite getting along better with Necon.png Neoconservatism, they have arguments with them as well. Where neoconservatives strongly support the building of capitalist states after defeating/overthrowing non-cappies by force, neolibertarians are more concerned with letting Cap.png Capitalism operate after any military victory. If capitalism is allowed to operate, they argue, the former subjects of militarily defeated governments will naturally arrange governments (whatever the form) that are, if only out of political expediency, more friendly to their subjects' newfound economic freedoms, and therefore, much less likely to jeopardize the benefits, which neolibertarians believe capitalism offers.


    Goldwaterian.png Goldwaterianism

    Kogos.png Kogosianism

    Kogosianism is the ideology of youtuber and digital influencer Paulo Kogos, known for representing the small Brazilian Ancapf.png anarcho-capitalist community. Despite considering the state institution illegitimate, Kogos is opposed by many libertarian thinkers for seeking to incorporate unorthodox ideas into the anti-state discourse, such as Mil.png militarism, Bolsonarism - alt.png Bolsonarism, and advocacy for an increased authority of the Catholic Church.

    Kogos is an avid admirer of the Middle Ages and anything related to this epoch; at times, he had uttered his desire for society to function along the lines of that time, and supported the reorganization of military Crusades in Europe to fight the Muslim 2.png "invaders". Also, he believes that liberalism, under the guise of liberty, has enslaved society via the authority of the state, as it made the people vulnerable to indoctrination when the "moral values" were replaced by "libertinism". These positions made him gather popularity and tens of thousands of followers from conservative online groups, fact that made libright politics known in the Brazilian internet.

    Shapirocube.png Shapiroism

    Neobert.png Phoenix Foundation

    Phoenix Foundation is a libertarian foundation, that has several attempts (sometimes ever violent) to create independent to create Libertarian states in Bahamas and Pacific Ocean. In 1972 the Foundation began to construct a platform in the South Pacific. Part of a reef, normally a metre below sea level at high tide, was piled high with sand and a small stone platform was erected carrying the flag of the Republic of Minerva—a golden torch on a blue background. Claims of Tonga was recogonized by South Pacific Forum in September 1972. A Tongan expedition was sent to enforce the claim, arriving on 18 June 1972. The Flag of Tonga was raised on 19 June 1972 on North Minerva and on South Minerva on 21 June 1972.

    How to Draw

    NATO Design

    Flag of Neo-Libertarianism

    Neolibertarianism is usually represented with a gold and black version of the NATO flag.

    1. Draw a ball with eyes
    2. Fill it Gold
    3. Draw a compass in black.
    4. Repeat it 4 times clockwise
    5. Draw a circle around the shape you have created

    And you're done.

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Gold #FFDA2C 255, 218, 44
    Black #141414 20, 20, 20

    Torch Design

    Flag of Neo-Libertarianism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill it with blue
    3. Draw a yellow torch
    4. Add eyes
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Blue #002395 0, 35, 149
    Gold #FAC421 250, 196, 33


    Stylistic Notes

    Neolibertarians are often made fun of by other libertarians because of their support of foreign wars and their willingness to pay tax to the state. Subsequently, they are sometimes called "Bootlickers."


    Freedom Spreaders

    • Necon.png Neoconservatism - My main role model! Well, plus the statism. Iraq was not a mistake!
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberalism - Best economic ideas.
    • Zio.png Zionism - Israel is the only free country in the Middle East and our greatest ally against the terrorists.
    • Obj.png Objectivism - The only other one in my quadrant who agrees with me on the Middle East and Manifest Destiny.
    • Hcon.png LGBT Conservatism - The terrorists want to throw you off a roof? Not if we blow them up first!
    • Girondi.png Girondism - You're almost at the peak of basedness.
    • Mesocon.png Pragerism - I love your videos!
    • Sternenko.png Sternenkoism - Ukrainian pal!

    Temporary Allies

    • Libertarian.png Libertarianism - You only hate me because of my foreign policy.
    • Libcon.png Libertarian Conservatism - We... kind of "get along". Barry Goldwater was extremely based and Ron Paul is a piece of garbage.
    • Ancapf.png Anarcho-Capitalism and Agorismf.png Agorism - WTF?! If there is no state, then who will maintain the military?!
      • Ancapf.png - Private defence companies, obviously!
      • Agorismf.png - Would you like to buy a McNuke or two, sir?
    • Minarchist.png Minarchism - I like how you want to use the state to secure freedom, but why don't you want to secure greater freedom?
    • Bhl.png Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism - Quit it with the Progressivism.
    • Trumpism.png Trumpism - I like how you defeated ISIS, supported Israel, and made tax and regulation cuts; but that's about it.
    • Rpop.png Right-Wing Populism - You can be pretty annoying except when PopHawk.png not CappyPop.png. Also,don't use my symbol in vein!
    • Altl.png Alt-Lite - We have common enemies and friends but please be less like Altr.png them Plcn2.png.
    • Reactlib.png Reactionary Liberalism - Same for you, I'll vote Israel Shaked's New Right for sure.
    • 3way.png Third Way - Spending money on welfare instead of warfare is bad idea.
    • Zehut.png Feiglinism - Fellow libertarian Zionist, but what do you mean you hate NATO?
    • Zemmour.png Zemmourism - Another weirdew.

    NAP Violators

    • Altr.png Alt-Right - You hate Israel, you're against the war, and you're overall just downright unpleasant. Also, stop harassing my younger sister.
    • AltBert.png Alt-Right Libertarianism - You have guts for accusing me of being a faker. Come on, you're just like the guy above but you pretend to hate the state!
    • Baath.png Ba'athism - Iraq is free! How do ya like that, Hussein.png Saddam? What do you mean it got worse?
    • Cball-CSA.png Confederatism - You got some nerve calling yourselves "freedom lovers" when you made your own country so you could keep black people in slavery.
    • Muslim 2.png Islamic Theocracy - We're gonna replace you with sweet freedom, one way or another.
    • Jihad.png Jihadism - They say they want to kill me for being free, and I take that quite seriously.
    • Paleolib.png Paleolibertarianism - When you're so non-interventionist that you unironically support tyrants like Assad, Putin and Xi. Such a libertarian thing to do. /s
      • Paleolib.png - I do not want to aid them, I only oppose taking action against them because it is imperialism.
      • Neobert.png - If you're not my friend, then you are my enemy.
    • Nalib.png National Liberalism - They only want people in their own country to be free, but I want to bring freedom to all people in all countries!
    • Ormarxf.png Marxism - Screw all them commies!
    • Soc.png Socialism - Screw those commies too.
    • ML.png Marxism–Leninism - Screw you in particular!
    • Natbol.png National Bolshevism - Screw you even more!

    Further Information

    Online Communities



    1. Goldwater was consistently opposed to segregation, only opposing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 because he viewed some parts as unconstitutional.
    2. [1] (not actually a real ben shapiro tweet)
    3. https://youtu.be/QB2drJIWI7Y
    4. https://youtu.be/bzycqlMjxDs
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