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    Neo-Enlightenment or Neoiluminism an Economically Far-Right (he follows a mix of the non-ancap branch of the Austrobert.png Austrian School of Economics and Clib.png Classical Liberal economics), libertarian, and culturally varied ideology.


    Neo-Enlightenment philosophy is generally recognised as following four principles:


    The Truth is a criterion and an objective, in which you use to judge all facts and phenomena according to the rules of thought, as highlighted by Kant.


    Order, in this case, refers to multiple related elements that form a coherent and structuring set. The order guarantees balance, but it is important to remember that this type of order is not intentional, as Hayek explains.


    He has Liberty as the basis for his ethics, morals, and politics.


    Wisdom encompasses practical and theoretical aspects of human reason, dealing with the quality of following principles linked to rationality in praxis, and also refers to the abstract and procedural capacity that remains consistent, that is, surrounded by logic. Kant in his first two Critiques perfectly exemplifies what this motto encompasses: the detailed - critical - dissection of theoretical reason and practical reason.

    Besides that, he also advocates for Freedom, Rule of law, Market economy, Decentralization of Power, Democracy, Intellectual Honesty, and Education.


    Stylistic Notes

    • He argues a lot with Ancapf.png ancap about taxation.
    • He's very formal.
    • He reads as much theory as a LeftCom.png Left Communism does.
    • He's usually complaining about stuff.
    • Thick Brazilian Accent

    How to Draw

    Flag of Neo-Enlightenment

    The design for Neo-Enlightenment ball is based on the symbol of the neoiluminismo movement.

    1. Draw a blue (#1f2135) ball with eyes.
    2. Draw in gold, a circle which has a torch rod inside it.
    3. Around the circle, in the same colour, two crossing olive leaves.
    4. Beyond the circle, in the place corresponding to the torch rod, draw a fire.

    And you're done.




    • Ancapf.png Anarcho-Capitalism - We agree on Capitalism, but taxation isn't theft, for God's sake. Also, stop making videos making fun of me (I'm talking about you, Fhoer).
    • Nrx.png Neo-Reactionary - My opposite (except we do both like Kant and Austrian school of economics).
    • Reactlib.png Reactionary Liberalism - Weird, but acceptable nonetheless.


    Further Information





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