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    National Democracy also called Endecja (clipping of Narodowa Demokracja) is a Polish democratic nationalist political movement.



    The first national democratic movement arose in the early twentieth century, under RomanDmowski.png Roman Dmowski. It opposed the Leftnat.png Polish Socialist Party, in that instead of advocating for a revolution against the partitioning powers, it preferred a gradual change and smooth transition into independence. Therefore, it was against the 1905 Revolution, and even sided with the Imperial Forces in the uprising. With the beginning of WW1, the Endencja supported Russia in return for promised autonomy, with Dmowski even being part of the Duma.

    Interwar Poland

    In the interwar period, supporter of national democracy, Eligiusz Niewiadomski assassinated the first President of Poland, Freemason .png Gabriel Narutowicz. In 1926, following the elections, the Endencja entered a coalition with the Polish People's Party. However, the elections turned out to be a disaster, as Pilsudski.png Jozef Pilsudski, former leader of the Polish Socialist Party declared the election null and void, and staged a military coup. He went on to establish an autocracy, under a non-partisan bloc known as Sanacja.png Sanation. The National Party became the main opposition against the military junta. Due to this, many of its leaders were arrested. In 1938, following the death of the original founder RomanDmowski.png Roman Dmowski, the party underwent a, albeit informal and the party retained its unity, split. One faction, the more radical one and headed by Jedrzej Giertych, and a more moderate one, with no leader. However, the whole party opposed the Annexation of Zaolsie and proposed military assistance to Czechoslovakia.

    WW2 and Communism

    Following the invasion of Poland and the collapse of the Second Polish Republic, the National Party created its own resistance movement, the National Armed Forces, which was created in cooperation with the ABC.png National-Radical Camp "ABC". Eventually, the Endencja left the National Armed Forces and merged with the PolishPartisans.png Home Army. Following the war, the Party relocated to London. It was opposed to Communism and recognised the Polish Republic government-in-exile.


    Following the collapse of the Polish People's Republic, the National Party relocated back to Poland properly. However, its popularity dropped, and although it still exists, it barely has over 0.5% support. The main National Democratic Party in Poland was the League of Polish families, under Roman Giertych, the grandson of Jedrzej. It was strongly eurosceptic and very nationalist. However, Giertych distanced himself from Endencja's heritage, and left politics in 2007, while the League eventually softened and became a Nalib.png National Liberal and pro-european party. The last remaining party (there are still active organisations, although they are usually Far-right, most notably the All-Polish Youth), is the National Movement, led by Krzysztof Bosak. It is part of the Confederation coalition.

    Stylistic Notes

    If you are drawing in WWI, he will be strongly pro-Russian, but still nationalist. If you are drawing in the interwar period, add a banner or armband with the Polish flag If you are drawing a member of the NSZ, he may be seen shooting everyone.

    How to Draw

    Flag of National Democracy
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill the left half white and the right half red.
    3. Draw a black letter N on the white side.
    4. Draw a white letter D on the red side.
    5. Add the eyes.
    6. (Optional) Draw it upside-down (as a reference to Polandball)

    Personality and Behaviour

    Natdem is very nationalist. He memorised all of Dmowski's books and likes to be a member of marches. His favourite food is Kielbasa. He was a member of the NSZ, but was captured and sent to POW camps and tried to escape 33 times (a reference to Jedrzej Giertych, who did do so). He is hated by everyone except for Witos.png PSL to his hate of Pilsudski.png Pilsudzki, but that does not bother him. He is very religious, and if under arrest he may be seen lying down in a position on a cross for the whole night. If not, he will go to church every day and sing Polish religious songs like "Boże, coś Polskę".




    • Farm.png Agrarianism - I killed your 1st president... But we still could create a coalition, PSL-"Piast".
    • Nazcap-Hat.png National Capitalism - Great economic policy, but too authoritarian, undemocratic and racist. Even for me.
    • Korwinism-Pikselart.png Korwinism - Polish right-winger compatriot and coalition partner... But you should be more democratic.
    • Korona.png Braunism - Another faithful compatriot and coalition partner... But you are too anti-democratic and wtf? Why are you a monarchist? We don't have any candidates for the Polish throne LOL.
    • Zio.png Zionism - HOW DARE YOU NOT ASSIMILATE INTO OUR CULTURE, WE HAVE BEEN PROTECTING YOU FROM Monarch.png ABSOLUTE COUNTRIES! We sheltered you from the Nazi scum though.
    • Austrobert.png Austrian School - Heydel was great.
    • Agrnac.png National Agrarianism & Indust.png Industrialism - "A balance should be sought between agricultural and industrial production." - Roman Rybarski.
    • LDP(Japan).png Japan LDPism - Friends from the Far East but War interventionism isn't a smart idea...
    • Lib.png Liberalism - Listen "friend", love free-speech, don't have anything against liberalism and I am friends with some Konfa.png but opening borders for masses won't make any ones lives in Poland better. Be more like Konfa.png Korona.png them Korwinism-Pikselart.png Skuteczni.png rather then PO.png Nowoczesna.png them Agreement.png Wiosna.png.
    • PolFal.png National Radicalism - Dictatorship is cringe and because of you people think that "we are Chauvinists too" but I have to admire your love for Lechia.


    • Hcon.png LGBT Conservatism Homocon.png - You are incompatible with society. It is impossible for you to be conservative. And no, Bosak doesn't have anything to hide!
    • Fash.png Fascism - Kinda cringe.
    • Sanacja.png Sanationism - Carthusian Bereza, never forget!... At least we both oppose the Nazis and commies though.
    • Nazi.png Nazism - He literally killed between 1.8 and 1.9 million Polish civilians!
    • Stalin.png Stalinism - Same as the above and genocided 2 million Polish people.
    • Natbol.png National Bolshevism - Two guys above combined? THE WORST NIGHTMARE!!!
    • Natdem.png Phlillipine National Democracy - No, Not THAT "National Democracy", you filthy commie!
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberalism - Shut up, Wałęsa!
    • Altr.png Alt-Right - Calling yourself a "conservative" and a "nationalist", yet conserve only riots and totalitarianism? Worthy opponent for progressives.
    • Prog-u.png Progressivism - You won't win, Punk!
    • Putin.png Putinism - No hands on Poland, Katyń praiser! We still won't bend to Ukraine, though. Where is my money?!
    • Esosoc.png Esoteric Socialism - That's what Pilsudski.png He was.
    • Zelensky.png Zelenskyism - Unapologetic and ungratefull freeloading leech! Some of our members like you tho

    Further Information


    (Note: Most texts about the national democratic movement aren't translated)

    RomanDmowski.png Roman Dmowski

    Other authors

    Works from outside perspective









    1. Kościoł, naród i państwo (Church, Nation and State)
    2. Gospodarka narodowa (The National Economy), Adam Doboszyński
    3. Upadek myśli konserwatywnej w Polsce (The Fall of Conservative Thought in Poland), RomanDmowski.png Roman Dmowski
    4. Polityka i gospodarstwo (Politics and Economics), Roman Rybarski)
    5. Roman Rybarski, Damian Koniarek]
    6. Adam Heydel – polski „austriak” w metodologicznym boju, Wojciech Paryna
    7. "Kumpel" in Polish means "Buddy". Kumpel=Buddy, Kumple=Buddies.
    8. "Beat Bolshevik in his every form, 'cause this is your greatest enemy today." - A fragment of a Polish anti-Bolshevik song; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQdiSpA8h60


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