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    Monarchism is an ideology that believes in a government with a monarch at the head. Monarchs are rulers who govern a country until they die or are abdicated and hold titles like king or queen. Monarchism can be in any quadrant as most ideologies authoritarian or libertarian, conservative or progressive, economically left or right, can have a monarch if they want to.

    The child of Tribal.png Tribalism, he is one of the oldest ideologies in the Polcompball canon, being born at the cradle of civilization itself (possibly born even 12,000 years ago).






    Monarch-template.png King Culture

    On the internet there are some men-focused movements and groups which are opposed to the ideas of both Mansphere.png Manosphere and Menslib.png Men's Liberation. It dislikes Mansphere.png Manoshere's toxicity and hatred towards women and its usual non-traditional and one sided view of relationships. It does, however, also dislike, even more, Menslib.png Men's Liberation's attempt to "free" men from traditional masculinity and its general progressivism. Instead it wants men to embrace Trad.png traditional masculinity and work on self-improvement. It is generally against the "modern wester lifestyle" and wants men to free themselves from modern degeneracy, such as pornography and extreme consumerism. Work out and read good litterature (such as Christy.png the Bible or Nooc.png philosophy) is what it believes men should do instead of partaking in the lifestyle which western society promotes.


    • Monarchism will take on characteristics of a stereotypical king or queen (which depending on your view might be anything from a warrior hero to lazy, inbred, sexually deviant, pious, entitled proto-bourgeoisie).
    • He uses divine right to rule and believes that God has ordained them their reign. Even though some monarchs are secular, they often believe that religion is necessary to unify the people.
    • He has hundreds of mistresses/concubines/harem which usually hang out in his castle (or bedroom).
    • He fights a lot with Feud.png Feudalism, which sometimes gets violent.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Monarchism
    1. Draw a ball with eyes
    2. Fill it with purple
    3. Add a crown on top (Gold for the crown, and red for the jewels)

    And you're done!

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Purple #B83DBA 184, 61, 186
    Gold #FEE400 254, 228, 0
    Red #FF0000 255, 0, 0


    Fellow Monarchs



    Further Information



    Examples of Monarchies and Royal Families


    Online Communities



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