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    Mexican Fascism is an Trad.png Culturally Far Right, Fash.png Fascist ideology that resides in the upper left half of the Authunity.png Authoritarian Unity section of the political compass.


    Mexican Fascism looks up to the Second Mexican Empire as the nation's golden era, praising its high-ranking Conservative.png conservative politicians and Emperor Maximilian I. It rejects the Republicanismpix.png republic as a failure that is to blame for much of the nation's long-standing problems and a model based on imported Cball-France.png French ideas incompatible with the CBall-Mexico.png Mexican nation.

    Coupled with its praise for the Second Empire is Irridentism.png Irredentism seeking to restore the borders of the First Empire. It rejects the Cball-US.png United States' ownership over the territories ceded to it following the Mexican-American War as well as Texas, and it also wishes to reintegrate Central America into the country. The American border question leads it to also harbor wider Anti-Americanism.png anti-american sentiments manifested as a desire to vanquish Anglo-American influence from the country and its culture.

    Its economic model is third-positionist in character and based on Distributist.png Distributism, with an emphasis on workers' rights and rejection of both Cap.png Capitalism and Ormarxf.png Marxism. In addition, it calls for a withdrawal from international trade deals, organizations and banks.

    Mexican Fascism cherishes PanHisp.png Pan-Hispanism and the nation's Cball-Spain.png Spanish heritage, yet also places a high value on the cultures of the indigenous peoples, seeking to revitalize them in order to achieve greater national unity and promoting the racial and cultural mixing between Spanish and indigenous civilizations as a cornerstone of the Mexican national identity. However, this doesn't stop the ideology from manifesting itself as staunchly anti-immigrant.

    The rest of the prevalent rhetoric is one hostile towards foreigners, World.png Globalism, leftists (especially Ormarxf.png Marxists), the Gay.png LGBT community and Zio.png "anti-nation minorities". Militants of the ideology proclaim an opposition to violence and illegal activity, seeking to achieve their ends through persuation and popular support.
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