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    M4RKAru is an user of the Polcompball community. He joined through the old fandom wiki.

    Known For

    • Uploading comics to the subreddit which don't support or hate any specific ideology.
    • Being a content moderator.


    He first joined the old fandom wiki. His first contact with it was when he was looking for information on some obscure ideologies.

    Then, he joined the r/Polcompball subreddit and the Discord server. He mostly lurked in the subreddit and commented in the wiki, until the wiki got moved to Miraheze.

    Then, he became more active in the Discord server, and got approved to post comics in the r/Polcompball subreddit. His first comic achieved more than 1,000 upvotes in 24 hours.

    However, he became more and more inactive in the discord server until he just abandoned it. He then became a little bit more active in the wiki.

    In March 4, 2022, he abandoned Reddit.

    He is currently a content moderator in the PCB and PCBA wikis.


    • The more you know, the more you argue. The more you do, the less you argue.

    • If you aren’t tolerant to the intolerant, what do you have left? Being tolerant to those of your ideology only, while you try to achieve the growth of your party? Supremacism.

    • I hate the “centrists want half genocide” strawman. It implies that you can only find genocide and evil in one side of the political spectrum, to which centrists apparently get half of their influence, which is ignorant.

    • Intellectuals don’t restrict themselves to think in one side of the spectrum. That is like restricting yourself to use one side of the body.

    • Here’s a classic: It’s better to trust in yourself while nobody trusts you than not trusting in yourself while everyone else does.

    • Humans are born equal, but it is the last time they are so. However, they must be treated equal for the sake of fairness and justice.

    • Democracy is a mean to an end, and with all its downsides, it shouldn’t be thought of as an objective.

    • Equality isn’t a bad objective to pursue. The failed ideologies quoted by anti-capitalists are just doing it wrong.

    • I appreciate the great thinkers of the libertarian right and how influential they were, but those markets whon't regulate themselves!

    • Economy may be made up, but the scarcity that economy is meant to fight against is very real.

    • No ideology is inherently opposed against the environment. Looking at you, Bookchin.

    • A world united under a perfect ideology would be beautiful, but also kind of boring, wouldn’t it?

    • In today’s complicated world, direct democracy (as govern by and for the people) is unreachable, although desirable to some degree.

    • The life in capitalist society is one of continuous cost for the mere act to live. However, every being requires effort to keep alive, effort capitalistically represented by money.

    • A place where your effort does not equal the economic output, or where the cost of living is unreachable, or where the cost of living outweighs the benefits, is one that needs reform or abolishment.


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