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    Classical Social Democracy

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    ClassSocDem.png Classical Social Democracy is a movement that has its roots in the GerSPD.png Social Democratic Party of Germany, with most of the theories of it ranging from Ormarxf.png Marxian to even Lassalle.png reformist ones. In spite of this, social democrats are united in believing in the following three ideas, belief in itself being the representative of all non-capitalist classes, belief in the ultimate victory of socialism no matter what or which measure and the belief in the formation of an independent organization of the working class.


    Formation of the SPD

    Lassalle and Marx

    USPD and Rosa

    Becoming Social Democracy


    The beliefs of Social-Democrats are often very divided, ranging from reformism to pure direct action. In spite of this, they are all united in one common struggle, the construction of a mass workers movement to overthrow capitalism.


    Centmarxf.png Centrism

    Centmarxf.png The Centrists were a major faction within the SPD, which theory is mainly based on the works of Kautsky.png Karl Kautsky. While embracing revolution, they support parliamentarianism (as a tactic to get more popular). A fundamental belief of theirs is the concept of the merger formula, which emphasizes the importance of binding different socialist organizations both moderate and radical together to create a popular mass movement of the working class. This ties into their belief in the revolution coming from the proletariat rather than an outside source such as a vanguard party or bourgeois intelligentsia. A quote from Karl Kautsky's book "The Social Revolution" written in 1902 illustrates this concept "The social revolution must be the work of the proletarians themselves, because only they have the revolutionary energy required for it; because only they can fully comprehend the historical mission of their class; because only they will be interested in its complete emancipation; and because only they are capable of creating the free organisation of labour necessary for its realisation."

    Luxem.png Luxemburgist Left

    Luxem.png One of the many radical factions within Social Democracy centered around Luxemburg, the Luxemburgist Left is one of the more centrist-aligned ones. Embracing Social Democracy as the proletariat instead of a section of the proletariat, the Luxemburgist Left would advocate for the masses to "reconquer" the mass movements that have fallen to revisionism instead of rejecting those movements. Luxemburg would also believe in the idea of "economism", which assumes that capitalism will collapse through mechanic and economic factors that don't include the proletarit.

    Dutchgermanleft.png Bremen Left

    Dutchgermanleft.png Bremen Leftists, or Bremenists are a tendency within the Social Democratic Party of Germany that emphasises on the revolutionary role of direct action. Rejecting Kautsky's and Luxemburg's ideas that capitalism will collapse through economic means, the Bremenists advocate for a focus on mass action in working-class organisations and rejection of entryism and "taking over the state". The Bremenists would instead advocate for the abolishment of the state and the creation of a proletarian one. Alongside that, they would place special emphasis in the idea that the basis of reformism is the labour aristocracy and the rejection of national liberation.

    Behavior and Personality

    Classical Social Democracy is very contrarian and hates anyone trying to undermine the working class but Classical Social Democracy is often rather confused as it doesn't have a central program, so in conflicts between its children it tries to mend relations as best as possible.

    How to Draw



    Flag of Classical Social Democracy
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Dark Red #950000 149, 0, 0
    Coffee Gold #DA8E43 218, 142, 67
    Gold #FDBD59 253, 189, 89
    Beige #FBFD82 251, 253, 130

    The flag design of Classical Social Democracy is based on a old SPD banner and a simplified version of that banner. It has a dark red background, a coffee gold wreath, two golden hands shaking and a beige ribbon.


    Classical Social Democracy can often be seen holding old socialist flags when in action but when things are more calm it walks around with a wooden cane.


    1. Draw a ball,
    2. Fill the ball in dark red,
    3. Draw a coffee golden wreath
    4. Draw a beige ribbon at the bottom of the wreath
    5. Draw a pair of golden hands shaking in the center
    6. Draw two eyes
    7. And you're done
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Dark Red #950000 149, 0, 0
    Coffee Gold #DA8E43 218, 142, 67
    Gold #FDBD59 253, 189, 89
    Beige #FBFD82 251, 253, 130





    • JohnLocke.png Theory of Social Contract - This theory is very lovely, it has only one error: it is false.
    • Socdem.png Social Democracy - You betrayed everything you stood for. I hate you with every fiber of my being. I hate you.
    • 3way.png Third Way - You're just worse than the guy above, prepare for a bullet!
    • Bism.png Bismarckism - Lassalle sold us out, he undermined the workers movement by working with you by taking the institutions of the worker and making them the institutions of the State.
    • Nietzsche.png Nietzcheanism - Some dirty individualist intellectual who can never be in the workers' movement.



    Alternative designs

    Further Information

    Wikipedia.png Wikipedia


    1. In regards to analysis of monopoly capitalism



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