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    If you add youtube channel, deviantart profile, subreddit and so on base ideology alignment on their political and ideological opinion, not behaviors or character. If this person is smart/stupid/black/jew it doesn't mean he is technocrat/kakistocrat/black nationalist/zionist, kid.


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    1. Treats Dora the Explorer like a Messenger of God.
    2. I'm not kidding, just click me to read this article. (at your own risk)
    3. Desactivated his account while blaming everyone for the mistakes.
    4. Large amounts of Trump supporters have occupied the subreddit since the banning of r/The_Donald and similar subreddits.
    5. Contains graphic videos and images (especially IRL gore)
    6. The subreddit has a large userbase of people who are not actually inclined towards Libertarianism.
    7. Subreddit dedicated to a variety of political and non-political propaganda, but there are a lot of communist apologists in the comments.
    8. Ranging from liberals and conservatives to monarchists and fascists.
    9. The subreddit has taken on a much more conspiratorial character due to the large amount of vaccine-sceptic posts.
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