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    List of movements/Political Parties/Vatican City

    There are no political parties in Vatican City.


    Most popes fall under the Catholic Theocracy ideology and only the most significant are included.

    • St Peter.png St. Peter (Zio.png Shimon Bar Yonah) (approx. 30-68)
    • Klep.png Benedict IX (Cball-Italy.png Teofilatto III di Tuscolo) (1032-1044, 1045, 1047-1048)
    • Crusadism.png Urban II (Cball-France.png Odon de Lagery) (1088-1099)
    • Crusadism.png Eugene III (Cball-Italy.png Pietro dei Paganelli di Montemagno) (1145-1153)
    • Crusadism.png Innocent III (Cball-Italy.png Lotario dei Conti di Segni) (1198-1216)
    • GregoryIX.png Gregory IX (Cball-Italy.png Ugolino di Anagni) (1227-1241)
    • InnocentIV.png Innocent IV (Cball-Italy.png Sinibaldo Fieschi) (1243-1254)
    • BonifaceVIII.png Boniface VIII (Cball-Italy.png Benedetto Caetani) (1294-1303)
    • Multicult.png Clement VI (Cball-France.png Pierre Roger) (1342-1352)
    • AlexanderVI.png Alexander VI (Cball-Spain.png Roderic Llançol i de Borja) (1492-1503)
    • JuliusII.png Julius II (Cball-Italy.png Giuliano della Rovere) (1503-1513)
    • PaulIV.png Paul IV (Cball-Italy.png Gian Pietro Carafa) (1555-1559)
    • Pius IX.png Pius IX (Cball-Italy.png Giovanni Maria Mastai Ferretti) (1846-1878)
    • LeoXIII.png Leo XIII (Cball-Italy.png Vincenzo Gioacchino Raffaele Luigi Pecci) (1878-1903)
    • PiusX.png St. Pius X (Cball-Italy.png Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto) (1903-1914)
    • PioXI.png Pius XI (Cball-Italy.png Achille Ambrogio Damiano Ratti) (1922-1939)
    • PioXII.png Pius XII (Cball-Italy.png Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli) (1939-1958)
    • John XXIII.png St. John XXIII (Cball-Italy.png Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli) (1958-1963)
    • PaulVI.png St. Paul VI (Cball-Italy.png Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini) (1963-1978)
    • Papaj.png St. John Paul II (Cball-Poland.png Karol Józef Wojtyła) (1978-2005)
    • PopeBenedictXVI.png Benedict XVI (Cball-Germany.png Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger) (2005-2013)
    • Francis.png Francis (Argentina.png Jorge Mario Bergoglio) (2013-)

    Religious Orders

    Religious Orders do not have official ideologies, but there is often an ideological stereotype for each order, which may or may not be true depending on the specific order.

    Curia Factions

    These are existent, but unofficial, factions within the college of cardinals and the Church as a whole

    1. Not really an order, but they're listed under "Major orders in the Catholic Church" category on Wikipedia, so... (Secular Clergy)
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