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    List of movements/Political Parties/Russia


    Federal Council

    Regional Parliaments

    Not Represented


    Bolshevism ball.png Soviet Union

    Cball-Russia.png White emigration

    Cball-Russian Empire.png Russian Empire

    Social Movements



    List of Leaders

    Only the most significant grand dukes/tsars are included.

    Rurik.png Princes of Novgorod

    Cball-KyivanRus.png Grand princes of Kyivan Rus' Rurik.png

    Princes of Novgorod Republic

    • Rurik.png Vsevolod Mstislavich Monomakh
    • Rurik.png Sviatopolk Mstislavich
    • Rurik.png Sviatoslav Olgovich
    • Rurik.png Rostislav Yurevich
    • Rurik.png Sviatoslav III Vsevolodovich
    • Rurik.png Yaroslav II Iziaslavich
    • Rurik.png Rostislav I Mstislavich
    • Rurik.png David Rostislavich
    • Rurik.png Mstislav Yurevich
    • Rurik.png Sviatoslav Rostislavich
    • Rurik.png Mstislav the Eyeless
    • RomanTheGreat.png Roman II the Great
    • Rurik.png Rurik II Rostislavich
    • Rurik.png Yury I Bogolyubsky (Giorgi Rusi)
    • Rurik.png Sviatoslav Mstislavich
    • Rurik.png Yaroslav the Red
    • Rurik.png Yaropolk Rostislavich
    • Rurik.png Roman I Rostislavich
    • Rurik.png Mstislav Rostislavich the Brave
    • Rurik.png Vladimir III Svyatoslavich
    • Rurik.png Yaroslav Vladimirovich
    • Rurik.png Mstislav Davidovich
    • Rurik.png Yaropolk III Yaroslavich
    • Rurik.png Sviatoslav III Vsevolodovich
    • Rurik.png Konstantin Vsevolodovich
    • Rurik.png Mstislav the Daring
    • Rurik.png Sviatoslav Mstislavich
    • Rurik.png Vsevolod Mstislavich
    • Rurik.png Vsevolod III the Big Nest
    • Rurik.png Yaroslav II Vsevolodovich (Yaroslav III)
    • Rurik.png Michael II of Chernigov
    • Imp.png Alexander Nevsky
    • Rurik.png Rostislav Mikhailovich
    • Rurik.png Andrey II Yaroslavich
    • Rurik.png Vasily Alexandrovich
    • Rurik.png Yaroslav III Yaroslavich
    • Rurik.png Dmitry Alexandrovich
    • Rurik.png Vasily Yaroslavich
    • Rurik.png Andrey III Alexandrovich
    • Rurik.png Mikhail Yaroslavich of Tver
    • Rurik.png Afanasi Danilovich
    • Rurik.png Yuri Danilovich
    • Rurik.png Aleksandr Mikhailovich of Tver

    Grand Dukes of the Grand Duchy of Moscow

    Cball-RussiaTsardom.png Tsars of the Tsardom of Russia

    Cball-Russia.png Russian Empire

    Tsar.png List of Tsars of the Russian Empire Tsar2.png

    List of Prime Ministers of the Russian Empire

    Cball-Russia.png Provisional Government of the Russian Republic

    List of Chairmen of the Provisional Government

    List of Prime Ministers

    Cball-USSR.png Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

    List of General Secretaries of the CPSU

    List of heads of state (1922–1991)

    Cball-Russia.png Russian Federation

    List of Presidents

    List of Vice Presidents

    List of Prime Ministers

    Name Political Party Term of Office
    Yeltsin.png Boris Yeltsin Moder.png Independent 1991-1992
    Gaidar.png Yegor Gaidar Moder.png Independent 1992-1993 (acting)
    Chernomyrdin.png Viktor Chernomyrdin Moder.png Independent 1993-1998
    Our Home – Russia
    Klep.png Sergey Kiriyenko Union of Right Forces April 1998-August 1998
    Rpop-tinfoilhat.png Evgeny Primakov Moder.png Independent 1998-1999
    Soclib.png Sergey Stepashin Moder.png Independent May 1999-August 1999
    Putin.png Vladimir Putin Moder.png Independent 1999-2000
    Unity-BlockBear.png Unity
    United Russia.png United Russia 2008-2012
    Kasyanov.png Mikhail Kasyanov Moder.png Independent 2000-2004
    Klep.png Victor Khristenko Moder.png Independent February 2004-March 2004 (acting)
    Klep.png Mikhail Fradkov United Russia.png United Russia 2004-2007
    Klep.png Victor Zubkov United Russia.png United Russia 2007-2008
    May 7 2012-May 8 2012 (acting)
    Medvedev.png Dmitry Medvedev United Russia.png United Russia 2012-2018
    2018-2020 (acting)
    MikhailMishustin.png Mikhail Mishustin United Russia.png United Russia 2020-present

    Further Information


    1. «The Movement in Support of the Army» ideologically consists of ML.png Marxism-Leninism, Ultranat.png Ultranationalism, Strato-Antifurry.png Stratocracy and Anti-Semitic.png Anti-Semitism
    2. «Essence of Time»'s ideology is a mix of ML.png Marxism-Leninism, Natcon.png Russian Nationalism and Orth.png Russian Orthodoxy. Their philosophy was influenced by Karl Marx.png Karl Marx, Lib.png Max Weber, Frankfurt.png Erich Fromm, Neomarx.png Antonio Gramsci, Ormarxf.png Alexander Bogdanov, Humanismpix.png Viktor Frankl and others.
    3. Princess Olga of Kiev was baptized under the name of Helena from the Catheo.png Roman Catholic Church
    4. Putin.png Putin and Medvedev.png Medvedev never actually ran for elections as member's of United Russia.png United Russia, but were both endorsed by the party and it's Unity-BlockBear.png main predecessor.


    1. "How Russia's political parties line up". BBC News. 6 March 2012. ‘‘Yabloko's ideology is a mix of liberalism and social democracy.’’
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