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    List of movements/Fictional Parties and Movements/NationStates


    Systems of Government[1]



    Ranking Economy Civil Rights Political Freedom
    Highest Frightening Widely Abused Corrupted
    All-Consuming Frightening Widely Abused
    Powerhouse Excessive Excessive
    Thriving World Benchmark World Benchmark
    Very Strong Superb Superb
    Strong Excellent Excellent
    Good Very Good Very Good
    Fair Good Good
    Reasonable Average Average
    Developing Below Average Below Average
    Struggling Some Some
    Weak Few Few
    Fragile Rare Rare
    Basket Case Unheard of Unheard of
    Lowest Imploded Outlawed Outlawed




    Law & Order



    Individual Nation States

    Comrade Shrek’s nations

    General Heisenberg's nations

    Pantheon's Nations

    Silas's Nations

    Immorxius's Nations

    MedicsChaotics' Nations

    Heinrich Cheung's Nations

    ChineseSocialist/Nekoqing's Nations:

    Inexistent-User's Nations:

    Noel21231-icon.png Noel21231's Nations:

    Sykar Socialist's Nations:

    Kaiser Emperor Of Cheese Empire Nation

    Tomjazzy's Nations

    SomeCrusader1224's Nations

    Applethesky2021’s Nations

    Anti Winx's Nations

    DualPlay.png DualPlay's Nations

    Ukraiana.png Ukraiana's Nations

    TheFedGuy101's Nations

    Comrade Kretk’s Nations

    Io's Nations

    SIXTWOZERO's Nations


    1. Doesn't actually affect anything
    2. The two Haselgrads were once in a massive union, but split due to internal issues and international tension. The west has slightly liberalized since, but the east has taken the old ways into the extreme. West Haselgrad is older than the Easter separatist state, its government was formalized not too long ago and is still figured out in some ways.
    3. Initially the Survanadvipas were in one union, but since the socialist takeover in the administration, the five northern provinces (Tanjong, Rattanaklao, Sri Dharmaraja, Templergrad, Setul) decided to declare independence and established a constitutional elective monarchy, chosen among the Governors of the said provinces.
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