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    Libertarian Marxism

    Libertarian Marxism (LibMarx) is an economically far-left, libertarian, revolutionary, internationalist and progressive ideology who supports worker ownership of the means of production and eventual transition into a stateless, moneyless and classless society as per typical communist and Marxist thought, however, he supports a decentralized approach where the working class lead the revolution themselves as opposed to acting with the aid of a vanguard party, and strongly emphasizes the libertarian and anti-authoritarian aspects of Marx's writings, specifically in his later work. It is almost always coupled with culturally left leanings.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Libertarian Marxism

    LibMarx's design is almost identical to that of Libertarian Socialism:

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw an alternating pattern of red and near-black stretching from the edge and meeting at the center, in ten segments
    3. Draw a hammer and sickle in yellow in the center
    4. Add the eyes and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Black #141414 20, 20, 20
    Red #FF0000 255, 0, 0
    Yellow #FFCF00 255, 207, 0




    • Authmarx.png Authoritarian Marxism - Could you please tone down the bootlicking of state capitalist countries? State capitalists are still capitalists
    • Orthlen.png Leninism - You had good intentions but you were still an elitist authoritarian.


    • Socdem.png Social Democracy - Backstabber!
    • Libertarian.png Libertarianism - Dumbass who doesn't understand the relations between the state and capital. Cringe.
    • Cap.png Crapitalism - Cringe System, needs state to function
    • Authcap.png Authoritarian Capitalism - Oh god, what?
    • Pinochet.png Pinochetism - Oh, god, NO STEP, NO STEP!
    • Stalin.png Stalinism - You're no Marxist, you're state capitalist, and if it weren't for you more people might actually take me seriously.
    • Juche.png Juche - You're somehow even worse. I really don't understand why so many self-proclaimed Marxists like to defend you.
    • Polpot.png Pol Potism - You disturb me.
    • Ancapf.png Anarcho-Capitalism - Cringe oxymoron.
    • Lassalle.png Lassalleism - "But the whole program, for all its democratic clang, is tainted through and through by the Lassallean sect's servile belief in the state, or, what is no better, by a democratic belief in miracles; or rather it is a compromise between these two kinds of belief in miracles, both equally remote from socialism." - Karl Marx, critique of the gotha program
    • Hoppef.png Hoppeanism - No.
    • Libertfem.png Libertarian Feminism - "HuRr DUrr ThE BeST wAY fOr WoMEn To Be LiBeRAted iS iF tHey GeT TheIR TiTS ouT fOr MonEeY!!!"
    • Mesocon.png PragerU - You idiots tell outright lies about Marx, you don't even bother to read his work.
    • Obj.png Objectivism - You don't want freedom, you want everyone to obey the orders of the bosses who you think are the greatest thing ever.
    • A whole load of political tests - NO, MARXISM IS NOT AUTHORITARIAN, DUMBASSES!

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    Red Plateaus


    Marx was not a "Statist"