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    Khrushchevism is an authoritarian left ideology consisting of a revision of ML.png Marxism–Leninism created by Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev with a primary focus on De-Stalin.png Stalinisation and subsequent relative liberalization of cultural policies and small parts of the economy, while preserving an authoritarian, one party, socialist state. Krushchevism also prioritizes the needs of the people over the state, emphasizing investments in agriculture and consumer goods over the military and heavy industry.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Khrushchevism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw a blue hammer and sickle
    3. (Optional) Draw a cob of corn
    4. Add the eyes and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Blue #0085E5 0, 133, 229
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255



    • Corn.png Corn - My very best friend, Corn is love, Corn is life!
    • Castro.png Castroism - Thanks for storing my missiles.
    • Hochi.png Ho Chi Minh Thought - The South will fall!
    • Menshevik.png Menshevikism - You guys had good ideas tbh.
    • Trot.png Trotskyism - A martyr of Stalin's regime and a former ally.
    • Juche.png Juche - You prefer me over Mao right? Please say so. Still too extreme
    • StateathFedora.png State Atheism - Stalin betrayed the revolution by hanging out with Orth.png that opium dealer, continue the crackdown on the church!
    • Orthlen.png Leninism - Reject Stalin, return to Lenin.


    • Guevara.png Guevarism - Look I really like what you've done but stop calling me a revisionist bureaucrat please.
    • Tito.png Titoism - We were off to a good start but you had to support Nagy.
    • ML.png Marxism–Leninism - I thought we had something good going. Now you call me "revisionist scum" and generaly take it too far.
    • Dengf.png Dengism - Fellow revisionist! But going cappie is too far. And why do you hate me?


    • Stalin.png Stalinism - Haha Stalin cult goes bye bye!Ignore that I helped set the cult up in the first place and participated in his purges
    • Mao.png Maoism - Sino-Soviet split time.
    • Hoxha.png Hoxhaism - You too? Ffs.
    • Polpot.png Pol Potism - Looks like I made the right choice with the Sino-Soviet split!
    • Luxem.png Luxemburgism - How exactly am I destroying what Marx planned by getting rid of Stalin.png him?
    • Marketsoc.png Market Socialism - Still mad at me that I've banned worker cooperatives in USSR.
    • Cap.png Capitalism - About the capitalist states, it doesn't depend on whether or not you like us.
    • Conserv.png Conservatism - Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will bury you.
    • Nagy3.png Nagyism - *Tank noises*

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