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    Not to be confused with Strato.png Khakistocracy.

    Kakistocracy is a non-quadrant ideology. Kakistocracy itself is the proverbial "Rule of the Stupid" or more literally "Rule of the Worst", and while the concept of Kakistocracy has existed for as long as stupid people have ruled, the concept of Intentional Kakistocracy is a newly created phenomena.

    Whether it be Protest Voting, Political Kneecapping, or Awaj.png Anarchist/Primitivist Anprim.png, Accel.png Accelerationism, there's all sorts of reasons to intentionally put stupid people in positions of power over the state. Alternatively, you could use Kakistocracy as a kind of "Stress-testing" for a political system, making sure that even when the dumbest, laziest people are in power, that everything holds up alright. Looking at you, Dem.png Democracy! And sometimes, you just want to watch the world burn.

    Of course, Kakistocracy wouldn't know what you were talking about if you told him all this. He doesn't know the dark and terrible power of Political Cynicism that he wields, and is happy to just play around with his ideology-pals.

    Currently being practiced by the current wikia moderators and in every country. Yes, even in YOUR' country.


    While there have been rulers of questionable intelligence since pretty much the beginning of the concept of ruling itself, the term for it (Kakistocracy) has been only begun to be used around the 15th century, with the earliest known use of the term being in Paul Gosnold's "A sermon Preached at the Publique Fast the ninth day of Aug. 1644 at St. Maries".

    The term has then occasionally appeared in various texts through the centuries, particularly in the 19th century.

    In the early 21st century Kakistocracy has become the subject of the sci-fi comedy film Idiocracy in which stupid people have outbred the smart people, leaving the year 2505 an absolute hell-hole (Won't spoil the rest of the film because it's actually funny).

    The usage of Kakistocracy in the Polcompball community started with the post by the user ErinsHere on the r/newwackyideologies subreddit called "Kakistocracy, A Real Actual Word With A Real Actual Definition", the ideology later appeared by the comic on r/polcompball by the same user titled "A New Ideology Gets Some Advice (Kakistocracy. Look it up)".

    Moderators and Fandom have been accused of being Kakistocratic. This has been in response to deletion of PCB and the seemingly arbitrary bans by the moderator team.


    Kakistocracy is to be portrayed as an absolute fool in pretty much all situations, he is often very immature going beyond the realm of just being an imbecile (having the mental maturity of a teenager) into the realm of being an idiot (having the the mental maturity of a prepubescent child). He speaks in the heavily cringeworthy dialect of Temspeak*, as he is not illiterate, just absolutely brain-dead.

    *(I.e. "Hello, my name is Kakistocracy. becomes "HOI!!! I'm iz KAKISTOCRACY!!!11!!!!")

    His idiocy is often shown with him wearing a propeller beanie, adoring immature and crude memes (like "Big Chungus", "Doin your mom", etc.), and generally lacking any proper experience on any subject.

    Huw to Drah

    Flag of Kakistocracy

    The design for Kakistocracy is based on this flag by the user u/ErinsHere on the r/vexillology subreddit.

    1. Drah a ball.
    2. Drah a stripe of light-gren.
    3. Drah a white silhuette of head in profile.
    4. Drah Omega symbol on the face's forehead, also in light-green.
    5. Drah eyes and you're done.
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Light Green #00D560 0, 213, 96
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255



    (Note: the friendships are mostly one-sided)


    (Note: Kakistocracy is usually too stupid to intentionally make enemies. Most just hate him.)

    Furfer Infrumatishun



    Videeoz and Songz

    Online Cumuniteez



    This list is NOT supposed to be for every world leader or a political figure you hate, just ones infamous for general incompetence and/or anti-intellectualism. (Except the User and Others sections)










    1. Just join the PCB Discord server (If you hadn't already join it) and look at Cream Man's messages, you won't regret it.
    2. He changed the national motto to "There is no other God than Macías Nguema"
    3. Nguema admired Kim Il-sung, and was reportedly friends with him.
    4. Tried for embezzlement of public funds.


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