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    Jewish Theocracy is an Authunity.png AuthUnity ideology that believes Judaism should be the state religion of the country and the law of the Tanakh should be the law of the state It could be ruled with the help of a court of rabbis rabbis, a Monarch.png king, or even by Krit.png judges.


    According to the narrative of the Hebrew Bible, the Israelites were led by Moses who delivered laws to them from God directly. The word "theocracy" was coined by Josephus to describe this system - "our legislator [Moses] had no regard to any of these forms [of government], but he ordained our government to be what, by a strained expression, may be termed a Theocracy, by ascribing the authority and the power to God" (Against Apion, book II, chapter 17). The Bible records that Moses governed Israel in the 40-year period (Deuteronomy 29:5) that the nation lived in the wilderness until his death. When Moses died, the Bible records, it was Joshua took up his banner (Deuteronomy 34), and ruled religiously over Israel (Joshua 24:31) until his death, followed by the time of Krit.png the judges when observance of the religious law was rare (Judges 2:16-19). This period was itself followed by the Monarch.png kingdom of Israel under Saul, who was followed by David, described in the Hebrew Bible as a man of faith (II Samuel 5:12). After David the kingdom of Israel was divided between the northern kingdom of Israel-Samaria and the southern kingdom of Judah.

    It is only in the period of the divided kingdom that extra-Biblical sources regarding Israel begin to appear. The Hebrew Bible describes that very few kings of Judah were faithful to the religious law. This changed under King Josiah, who's priests (depending on your interpretation) either discovered or composed the religious laws of Judaism, and the king began to implement theocratic laws across his country (II Kings 22:8-13, II Chronicles 34:14-21). Regardless of the view taken, the fact remains that the kingdom of Judah under Josiah was the first state known outside the Bible that could be called a 'Jewish theocracy'.

    Eventually, years after Josiah's reign, the kingdom of Judah would fall to Babylonian invasion. Babylon itself would be conquered by Persia, who would be conquered by the Greek king of Macedon, Alexander the Great. Revolt against Greek rule would begin under Judah the Maccabee, which would lead to an indepentent Hasmonean kingdom, which would be replaced by a Roman-installed Herodian kingdom, which would be abolished and integrated into the Roman Empire. While some later states such as the Khazars and the Himyarites would adopt Judaism as their state religion temporarily, but generally speaking there would be no Jewish state founded until the founding of the State of Israel in 1948, which is legally secular.

    Personality and Behavior

    • He likes to call non-cubes goy/goyim/gentile
    • Him and Zoroastrian Theocracy.png Zoroastrian Theocracy like Cyrus the Great
    • Likes Debating and Prayer

    How to Draw

    Flag of Jewish Theocracy
    1. Draw a cube,
    2. Draw a thick line of blue on the top and bottom,
    3. Draw, in the centre, 2 grey tablets with some scribbles or Hebrew letters on them (which symbolises the Ten Commandments),
    4. Draw the eyes then you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Blue #0087BE 0, 135, 190
    Grey #CCCCCC 204, 204, 204


    Kosher (Friends)


    • Tribal.png Tribalism - Not that type of tribe goy!
    • Zio.png Zionism - He's culturally too liberal and excessively violent.
    • Revzion.pngRevisionist Zionism - He's conservative & charitable but violent.
    • Kahan.png Kahanism - He's culturally acceptable but he's too greedy and even more violent.
    • Bundis.png Bundism - He's culturally ambivalent and charitable but too much of a pushover.
    • Labzion.png Labour Zionism - He's culturally ambivalent and charitable too, and is a bit stonger.
    • Monarch.png Monarchism - Some of our kings were good leaders but others sucked.


    Further Information




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