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    Not to be confused with Jack.png Jacobinism.

    Jacobitism is a Religious.png religious, Monarch.png monarchist and Sec.png authoritarian ideology based on the ideas after of the Glorious Revolution of 1688 (Mainly supporters for the senior line of the Stuarts).

    The main doctrines of Jacobitism are the Divine Right of Kings, Anti-Unionism and that the king can not be deposed no matter what. Though the ideology varied throughout the UK. For example: In Ireland it meant tolerance for Catholics, as well as autonomy (Which James Francis Edward Stuart opposed). Jacobites also believed that Absolute and Arbitrary powers are separate and that the king must use his powers, ordained by the oath to God himself, to benefit the people and to provide law and justice.


    After the Glorious Revolution of 1688, The Jacobites argued that due to the Divine Right of Kings, the king couldn't be deposed, therefore making the line after 1688 illegitimate.

    In the 1880s and 1890s there was a brief revival which led to multiple clubs and societies forming, but ended after the first World War started because the Jacobite heir at the time, Maria Theresa of Austria-Este was queen consort of Bavaria at the time which was part of the German Empire and her son Rupprecht, later known to the Jacobites as Robert I and IV, was a German Field Marshall in WWI, though in the summer of 1934 he did have a lunch with his distant cousin George V where he confessed to him that he consider Hitler to be insane.

    Due to differing laws of succession between Bavaria and the Jacobites, the Jacobite claimant will soon be Sophie who is the Hereditary Princess of Liechtenstein with the Bavarian claimantship going to Prince Luitpold. Unless if the rules of succession to the Bavarian throne are change which will enable us to have a United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Bavaria and Liechtenstein.


    Speaks in the Scots language (or some form of Scottish English), and acts like a stereotypical Scot. He tends to be socially conservative and is a diehard believer in the divine right of kings. He is also Catholic and likes parties, but is absolutely fierce in battle.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Jacobitism
    1. Draw a red ball
    2. Draw a white square
    3. Draw a blue outline in the rim



    • Catheo.png Catholic Theocracy - Aye mate, tisth ese sumthaing d’hat ei luv’th. (Aye mate, this is something that I love)
    • Monarch.pngMonarchism- All hayl Bonni Prens Chairlie! (All hail Bonnie Prince Charlie!)
    • Nrx.png Neoreactionarism - Ohhhhh a fan of maine, ai laique yeer blog. (Ohhhhh a fan of mine, I like your blog.)
    • Carlism.png Carlism - We baith rammy fur oor legitimate heir 'n' he git yin o' his claimants oan his throne. Ne'er mynd th' fact oor laws o' succession ur totally different 'n' ah ainlie hae yin hier 'n' nae lik' 15 claimants. (We both fight for our Legitimate heir and he got one of his claimants on his throne. Never mind the fact our laws of succession are totally different and I only have one hier and not like 15 claimants.)


    • BritFash.png British Fascism - Ahprreshiat’th Tahe autthemphtant laddie, beut yeee nevur raelly jot sohmewehar. (Appreciate the attempt lad, but you never really got somewhere.)
    • Germanophobe.png Germanophobia - Keek, th' hail na germans oan th' throne wis juist rhetoric, an' a' howfur wis ah suppose tae ken ah wid end up wi' germans in mah ain line o' succession? (Look, the whole no Germans on the throne was just rhetoric, also how was I supposed to know I would end up with Germans in my own line of succession?)


    • Jack.png Jacobinism - Nohet oenlee arhe wee noyt thi saem, yehw aerh souhme ooth tehe fourhtest apaerte ideoeliegies imaaeginable! (Not only are we not the same, we are some of the furthest apart ideologies imaginable)
    • Nazi.png Nazism - Ye nearly arrestit Robert I an IV an imprisonit his entire family, aw because he callit ye oot on yer bluff tae restore him tae the Bavarian throne along wi yer anti-catholicism, Awa' an' bile yer heid, ye insane closet pagan. (You nearly arrested Robert I and IV and imprisoned his entire family, all because he called you out on your bluff to restore him to the Bavarian throne along with your anti-catholicism, fuck you, you insane closet pagan.)
    • Orangism Icon.png Orangism - Pumpin Williamites (Fucking Williamites)
    • Conmon.png Constitutional Monarchism - Doon wi' th' german pretender, th' hanoverians ur usurpers. (Down with the German pretender, the Hanoverians are usurpers.)

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