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    Interculturalism is a cultural ideology that holds that while different cultures should be able to co-exist, they should also engage in cross-cultural dialogue, interactions, and cultural fusion with one another. The government should promote common values and ideas between different cultures to hold them together and create a common but diverse identity. Another way to see it is akin to a milder form of "cultural-assimilation" or "globalization", where people of various backgrounds focused less on their cultural backgrounds and more on how their value can help the community's well-being as a whole. However, this varies much as Interculturalism represents a broad umbrella of different movements based on cultural unity, with some motivated more by nationalism/patriotism while others see it as a way of implementing more cosmopolitan ideas.

    Despite the similarities with Multicult.png Multiculturalism, Interculturalism rejects the former's identity politics. Additionally, Interculturalism criticizes the way many multicultural societies have a tendency towards self-segregation, division, and lack of communal identity and cohesion instead of proper integration.


    CivCultNat.png Civic Cultural Nationalism

    Civic Cultural Nationalism is a form of cultural nationalism that shows none of the ethnocentrism that's often associated with cultural nationalism and monoculturalism. Although civic cultural nationalism varies, it usually supports immigration so long as it's legal, but will allow for multiple different cultures in society to exist so long as they engage in cross-communication dialogue with each other.

    Polycult.png Polyculturalism

    Polyculturalism is an ideological approach to the consequences of intercultural engagements within a geographical area which emphasises similarities between, and the enduring interconnectedness of, groups which self-identify as distinct, thus blurring the boundaries which may be perceived by members of those groups. As such, it opposes assimilationist/monocultural ideas, but also opposes traditional multiculturalism, which it sees as focusing too much on pointless identity politics and needlessly dividing people.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Interculturalism
    1. Draw a Ball
    2. Fill it with Light Grey
    3. Draw three pawn figures in the center of the ball
    4. Color the figures Red, Green and Blue (RGB)
    5. Add the eyes

    You're done!

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Light Grey #C3C3C3 195, 195, 195
    Red #ED1C24 237, 28, 36
    Green #1A863A 26, 134, 58
    Blue #2B339F 43, 51, 159



    • Civnat.png Civic Nationalism - Our people must be united by common values and a shared national identity.
    • Pan-Nationalism.png Pan-Nationalism - Different peoples coming together to create a greater national and cultural identity? Based!
    • Cultural Nationalism.png Cultural Nationalism - A shared collective identity is my end-goal.
    • Modnat.png Patriotism - Though we might have our differences, we all swear allegiance to the flag.
    • World.png Globalism - Immigrants contribute to the cultural identity of the nation as long as they assimilate.
    • Neighborstan.png Neighborstan - Hey, I know a lot of people don't like you, but I do! As long as you abandon your identity and assimilate to become me that is...
    • 3princ.png Tridemism - A unified Chinese identity with Han being the leading nation and 56 other minorities is great!
    • Antisjw.png Anti-SJW - Down with identity politics that promotes segregation instead of unity and cohesion! Though some of you do say some kinda questionable things tbh.
    • Cball-Brazil.png Brazil, Cball-US.png United States and Cball-Switzerland.png Switzerland - I can't even count the number of Germans and Italian immigrants in your countries,Based.


    • Multicult.png Multiculturalism - You have some good ideas, but you're too focused on pointless identity politics and putting people against each other for you to really work. We need to actually unite people, not divide them.
    • Prog-u.png Progressivism - Similar to the guy above. I don't hate you, just wish you'd tone it down with all the idpol/culture war stuff, especially in regards to groups of people who aren't even ethnicities. I do really love Nussbaum though.
    • Ethno.png Ethnocracy - While cultural unity is good, you need to take into account all peoples, not just those in power. Also apartheid was pretty horrible.
    • World Federalism2.png World Federalism - I like that you want to unite all people, but focusing on the whole world is too broad and vague as to work, a nation is better to unite many peoples into one.
    • Spencer.png Spencerism - Alt-right is not cool.


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