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    Integral nationalism is a Monarch.png monarchist, React.png reactionary, Nation.png nationalist, moderately Sec.png authoritarian and economically Corptism.png third positionist doctrine.

    Integral Nationalism posits that the state ought to be centered around a strong Monarch.png monarchy wielding executive power, and that Dem.png democracy, Parl.png parliamentarism and electoralism at a country level are a hazard against the national interest.

    Due to his adherence to Catholic integralism, integral nationalism is highly traditionalist, and believes that Catheo.png Catholicism should play a central role in structuring society.


    The genesis of integral nationalism comes with the very late XIXth century, in which French thinkers such as Charles Maurras and Maurice Pujo aimed to reconcile the ideals of French Nation.png Nationalism (which had previously been heavily tied with Jack.png Jacobinism and Lib.png Liberalism) with React.png Reactionarism and Catheo.png Catholic principles. The Action Française, Maurras' and Pujo's new party founded in 1899, quickly grew with the influx of French Royalists, Nationalists, Traditionalists, and Synd.png Syndicalists. A newspaper - also bearing the name Action Française, was created in 1908. In 1911, a reflection group called the Cercle Proudhon was formed, named after the famed early socialist thinker. The objective of the group was to combine Georges Sorel's Synd.png Syndicalist thinking with reactionary thought - the end result was a doctrine which later became Sorelia.png National Syndicalism.

    This newspaper, in the beginning, was violently Anti-Semitic.png anti-semitic and Anti-Protestant.png anti-protestant, though these characteristics eventually waned with time - as main party personalities and activists begun to see them as irrelevant. The basis for these were the AF's insistance upon Catholicism as the principal pillar of French identity - and the Action Française was always opposed to biological racism in all its forms, and found the theories of Nazi.png National Socialism and Racenat.png Racial Nationalism to be barbarous and uncivilized.

    During WWII, AF members were heavily over-represented in the Early Resistance, as demonstrated by Simon Epstein's book on monarchists in the French Resistance. However, many members also chose to collaborate with Vichy, especially Charles Maurras. This betrayal on the part of the party leader leads to the AF's banning and extinction, though it still exists today, in greatly diminished form.


    The state, according to this doctrine, should wield strong Sec.png authority and decisiveness for decision-making. However, integral nationalism does not support a Hegel.png Hegelian or Totalitarian.png totalitarian state (this is the central doctrinal difference with Fash.png Fascism) and believes that there are tasks and duties that the central state should leave off to other traditional structures and authorities (family, Church, commune, the trade corpus, et caetera). In addition, the integral nationalist state would work to promote these Trad.png traditional structures. Integral nationalism therefore believes in a good degree of decentralization, and is not opposed to Dem.png democracy at a local level. Integral nationalism also believes that the magisterium of the Catholic Church and Catheo.png Catholic Theocracy should serve as pillars of social cohesion.

    Integral nationalism also believes in Corptism.png Corporatism (though not Fash.png Fascism's state corporatism). Maurras and the AF were critical of capitalism and its proletarianization of the working class, and preferred an economic model in which independent tradesmanship dominated (sort of like Distributist.png Distributism) and in which each corpus would allow for democracy within a trade/profession.


    He has a very snobbish artistic taste. He started out quite racist and anti-semitic - but both of these characteristic waned over time, and now he's quite ashamed of his early days. He is very, very, VERY, Germanophobic. He is, quite simply, very French.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Integral Nationalism

    Integral Nationalism's design is based of the logo of the French political party Action Française (A.F.), which is the main party to follow the principles of the ideology.

    1. Draw a ball with eyes.
    2. Around the outside of the ball draw a golden outline, and fill the inside blue.
    3. In the middle of the ball draw with gold a Fleur-De-Lis and around the two sides of it draw two cloud-like shapes.

    And you should be done.

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Gold #EED733 238, 215, 51
    Blue #203F82 32, 63, 130



    • Monarch.png Monarchism - Votre Majesté, it is with you that France was made, and without you, she is undoing herself. I shall restore you to your former glory!
    • Catheo.png Catholic Theocracy - Votre Sainteté, France must be Catholic, otherwise she is not France! Sainte Jeanne d'Arc, priez pour nous!
    • Nation.png Nationalism - Vive la France!
    • Sorelia.png National Syndicalism - Fondé et rougepillulé! Too bad you came to be associated with fash later on. Sorel was great though, and our Cercle Proudhon cooperation days were ze good old days.
    • Monsynd.png Monarcho-Syndicalism - Fondé! Like Natsynd but even better.
    • Consocf.png Conservative Socialism - Fondé! Socialisme without ze cosmopolitisme, it iz perfect for France!
    • Corptism.png Corporatism - René de la Tour du Pin essentially wrote all of ze AF's economic doctrine.
    • React.png Reactionarism - You were right! Ze Révolution was a désastre!
    • Bonaparte.png Bonapartism - Votre Empereur, you restore France to her former glory, restore ze monarchy.


    • Fash.png Fascism - Imbécile! Why do you like ze state so much? Why do you make everyzing about ze state? Is always, l'etat, l'etat, l'etat! Totalitarisme est merde! But, vous say lots of zings right I guess. You did well to get rid of democracy. But why did you ally with ze Nazi Germans? Imbécile!
    • French Fascism.png French Fascism - A German puppet, but it's better than democratic France.
    • Paleolib.png Paleolibertarianism - Unlike ze fasciste you don't worship l'état, but why du are so capitaliste?
    • Mutalist.png Mutualism - You too like ze author proudhon your plans are géniale but why do you fear ze state?
    • ML.png Marxism–Leninism - Imbécile! You want to get rid of ze state? Pas l'état? Pas classe? Pas l'monnaie? It iz all gone? Non! Ah, but you have ze strong state now, ze socialisme without ze democracy? Fondé! And ze strong leaders? Fondé! It would be géniale for France if not for ze stupid plan to get rid of ze state as ze end goal. Merci beaucoup pour defeating ze Nazi scum!
    • Korwinism-Pikselart.png Korwinism - Fondé! Your hatred of ze democracy, it iz wonderful! And to bring back ze monarch? Fondé et rouguepilled! But alas, you support a system of ze goverment that gives all ze money to ze merchant class! Ah, if only we could take ze best parts of vous and of ML.png Marxism–Leninism it would be ze perfect system!
    • Reactsoc.png Reactionary Socialism - Fonde! You bring back ze monarchy with ze feudalisme et bring ze socialisme without ze democracy. It is a system zat could work for France! Ah, but vous want to turn ze clock back a bit too much for mmoi! Ze middle ages? Non crusades for moi, zank vous very much.
    • Muslim 2.png Islamic Theocracy - I support ze rights of West and North Africans to practice their faith as long as zay don't build any mosques in France.
    • Lysnoir.png Black Lilyism - My... anarchist son?


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